This Made My Bartholins Cyst Completely Painless!!!

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I had to share this NO ONE deserves to experience this kind of pain. Not even my worst enemy.

I'm a 37 years old woman from LA- currently on my 4th Bartholins cyst. The first one came when I was 23 and it was a horribly tragic situation.

Little me I had no clue what the bulb forming on my right labia was so I went to my OBGYN just to check things out. She said I had a bartholins cyst. Cool- never heard of it. She told me it was too early to drain so she gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics, some Vicodin (?) and told me to do 15 minute sitz baths everyday so it can get bigger. Maybe it'll pop on it's own but if not, come back in oh saaayyy... 5 days and we'll lance it. Okay Great! I Got it. Easy enough.

NO. no no no no....NO

As the days went on the pain got more and more unbearable. " Oh thaaaat's what she gave me vicodin." and it worked only a little but. By day 5, the day of my sisters birthday party- the pain made vicodin her b***h and at this point, I was popping them thangs like candy trying to take the edge off. All it really did was knock me out sleep. Shiiid, I'll take that! So vicodin and I agreed to let me sleep 2 hours legs sprawled open across the couch for a little relief but after that, the pain slid right back in like it was time to cut the cake and she wanted the biggest slice.


I hobbled upstairs to take a sitz bath with the hottest water I could find- I'd rather feel the burn on my skin than that horrible searing scalding pain down my entire leg. Turns out I took 6 vicodin that day trying to knock myself out and by the time my Mom came to check on me, I was half drunk bobbing my head, shaking, and slurring my words with tears in my eyes.

When we got to the ER- I threw up all the cake, chips, bbq and vicodin from the party right there in the lobby. The nurse took me back immediately. Me and my Mom. At the time I was a 23 year old Black girl. When the male doctor came to examine me, he grabbed my cyst hard and started turning it to open up my vagina. I'm laid out on the bed twisting and screaming under his hand begging him "Please be gentle, it's my private area and it's sensitive and I'm dying already... PLEASE it's my vagina!" He looked me in my teary eyes and said "Nope- she has an attitude, I'll come back when you calm down" Walked off. He let me lay there with no painkillers for an hour. He came back and said "Are you ready?" I said "Yes but Pleeaseee be gentle" He said "Nope, you're still talking" and walked off. Didn't even acknowledge my mom holding my hand.

I said "Mom, this isn't fair he doesn't even care about how I feel he's just trying to control me and I'm dying right now" She's from the South so she's used to this treatment. She said " I'm sorry Pie...I know, but you just have to let the doctor treat you so we can get out of here." 30 minutes later he came back and just looked at me. "You ready?" I just said "yeah..." He beat me at a game I wasn't even playing.

Snip. Slit. Drain. aaaahhhhhh. It was over.

Over the years, I got this B***H 2 more times and both times it was Hell, Hell and more Hell. BUT THIS TIME I WAS READY.

LISTEN- as soon as you feel it it coming on go get

CBD Edibles with THC This made my pain almost non existent. I've had Vicodin, Oxycodone, Ibuprofin 800mg- and NONE of them worked like CBD EDIBLES.

I recommend PROTAB-THC-a Extra strength. I don't know what witchcraft they put in them little tabs but mine is the size of a golf ball and I went to they gym yesterday free and clear you hear me??? I should be Under the Jail by now but I'm NOT. I can feel a little sting from my skin stretching but that's nothing.

Also Cheeba Chews CBD with THC for pain gummies are good too. I'm taking both because I'm NOT taking chances. Its been 3 days and even though it's getting bigger- I HAVE NO PAIN.

Honey Pot Herbal Panty Liners- The herbs keep the duct open and protected from the swift onset of infection. the cooling sensation will calm the inflammation.

Coconut Oil- massage the cyst throughout the day with coconut oil to soften the bulge, moisturize and help alleviate the pain as your skin starts to stretch

This is the HOLY GRAIL- Get Matico leaf tea. An anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial South American Healing herb. I got mine off Amazon.

Boil the leafs to make a tea- let it simmer in the water for about 10 mins after boil

Drink the tea raw- no sweetener

Take a good piece of leaf and put it on the inside of your vagina next to the cyst

Take the wet leaves and muddle them with some Tea Tree oil and jojoba oil to make a paste

spread it all over the cyst, each side

Use a Honey Pot medicated PAD to hold all of that against the cyst.

Leave the leaf/ past on at least 24 hours or until something happens. Change regularly so have enough for when it falls off when you gotta go pee.

For now, My cyst has gotten softer and less inflamed/ swollen over night. As far as popping it goes- mine has never popped on its own, Ive always had to wait out the 4 days in agony then crawl to the doctor.

BUT THIS TIME???? Walk in the park. I'm even okay with lancing as It's probably gonna be the most pain I'll be in with this thing- otherwise I'm sitting her right now day 3- leaf paste on pad, CBD's taken, writing this blog post, feeling dandy.

I KNOW THIS WILL HELP BECAUSE I HAVE NO PAIN. and that's the worst part. Take the pain away and this obstacle is completely bearable. GOOD LUCK LADIES!

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    First: I'm so sorry you had a such horrible, traumatic experience with a racist piece of trash doctor.

    Second: THANK YOU FOR THIS. I live in CO and I never thought to use CBD.

    I'm 36, and a week into my 3rd BC in 8 years--and the fear of the pain is almost the worst part. The first 2 were because of STIs my damn cheating partner gave me, and this most recent one is because my current wonderful partner and I had a little too much sex with not enough lube.

    It's at the point where it's large-grape-sized--not big enough to burst itself, but big enough to make my life miserable with loads of pressure and stinging pain from the skin? duct? stretching, and feeling like I can't dance or go to the gym, which are my biggest stress relievers. I had been taking Ibuprofen for the discomfort, but on your recommendation I picked up some 20:1, and OMG I feel NOTHING.

    My past 2, like everyone else's got to golf-ball sized before draining: the first one through the original duct, and the 2nd burst through my skin (ugh). Not to mention the excruciating pain.

    I'm hoping this one doesn't get to that size before draining, but if it does, it'll be MUCH easier having CBD on my side.

    Tangentially, I have a gyn appointment a week from tomorrow, and I'm wondering if she drains it, if she'll insert a word catheter (do not want), or if it's actually better to put up with it and let it burst or drain on its own.

    Thanks a million for your advice Eugena!

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