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i had a spell recently of about 2-3 months where i was panic free all symptoms disapeared! Was bliss

Now in the last few days / 1 week

Every thing has come back and come back hard.

Im at work feeling dizzy, i got to the toilet to check myself over heart is beating nomrally but very strong pulses it feels like.

Give it 5-10 mins and it goes but im left with the feeling of like i have been smacked with a baseball bat over my body (aches and pains) which i presume is from the stress/tensing of my muscels.

The scarey part is the dizzeyness even when i go outside to walk to get lunch i feel like im going to fall over then it passes and comes and goes even sitting at my desk. Some days is worse than others.

I'm consistantly woundering what is wrong with me, the worst time is when im at home sitting with the wife.

My mind will race and i will think about possible sitatuations of me dying or having a heart attack or something bad going to happen - will i wake up in the morning etc.

I know the above is pritty much 99% crap as i have periods long and small with nothing at all.

For me the dizzyness and aches on muscels get me down

Hopefully i can blow this mental loop away for ever at some point!!!

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    Hi Thomas I am sorry to hear how you are feeling, it is awful I know, I go to the toilet as regular as clockwork at work and home to check my mouth.  I get so stressed and tense I grind my teeth and this has caused them to break and chip, dont know what to do.  I expect the dentist will give me dentures which is not what I want at 57.

    Is your wife supportive.  I had a great husband who was always there for me but sadly he passed away two years ago in August.

    Do you take meds for your condition?

    Try and keep strong


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      yes wife understands she calms me down.

      I work in a semi high profile job but not one of these people who gets bothard by projects or stress. So not sure what it can be that triggers the event. Im also not stupid and i know when they happen - its just frekin scarey when it does.

      A freind of mine gave me a few pills of Xanex 0.25mg which i have used 3 times i find these help BUT i hate taking meds hence why only taken 3 pills in 2 years.

      I would rather understand the root of the issue.

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    I know exactly how you feel. I haven't had a proper anxiety attack for well a year and over the last three weeks it's all come back too - just like you. Aches and pains all over but especially in the areas of my body that I'm worrying about - shoulder aches, arm aches, feeling if lump in throat, chest tight etc. I've been so down and yes get dizzy and feel that it can't be anxiety..... I absolutely hate myself like this and am soy happy that I have let it comeback. You are not alone.
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      yea i feel like i have taken 50 steps back.

      I can cope with the attacks now been suffering for 3 years, went to DR's and they told me to read and listen to material on the NHS website which doesnt help at all.

      I also have been to AE in the begining few times as didnt know what was going on but least i know what to expect now. I had 6 ECG's in one day no heart issues!

      There must be a type of trigger, i can deal with the attacks i just hate the dizzy part of it all.

      Also tested myself for blood sugar and diabaites which came back normal and blood pressure etc which is all fine....

      hopefully i will have another clear spell coming up but right now im in hell.

      As i said i work in a semi high profile job, which doesnt stress me. I have a nice lifestyle and 2 kiddies. Monday for me is always the worst, the muscle ache from the tensing is mental.

      Xanex helps but i dont want to take these i only use these on a COMPLETE meltdown mode.

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    I've now been put on betablockers and Valium to help calm me down - my ha centres on cancer..... Can't stop googling which makes me worse. I go into a major panic and feel like my life is over....

    Like you, I don't know what the trigger is but agree there is a trigger.... I've wondered if mine is something to do with terrorism and over analysis of awful news stories as mine came on after the attacks in Tunisia and seemed to get worse on the 10 year anniversary of London tube bombings. I have no work stress - zero so it's not that! Were you a worrier when you were a kid? If so what did you worry about?

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      i dont worry about anything never really bothard me this has only been going on for 3 years though excatly or near the date of my first born maybe i worry more about them etc.

      i also stopped watching the news 2 years ago as its all triggers for me

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      if it was sinister it would be all the time

      my thought process is well i didnt have them for a 2-3 months now there back. Not all the time but at least few times a day.

      Apperently they are common with anxiety, coupled with aches, leg aches, tight chest, retricted breathing and a whole other range of issues.

      Ive had 6 ECG's been to A&E couple of times all negative. Also had blood pressure checked at doctors and home machine and diabates tests all negative.

      the mind is a powerful tool - sometimes too powerful !

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      Dizziness is one of the most common anxiety symptom along with lump in throat, chest tightness, muscle aches, zaps, twitching, tingling, cold hands and feet etc etc. you have nothing to worry about. Every time you get them try to stop, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself it's a physical symptom of anxiety.
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    Reading this made me feel I wasn't alone, I had an accident last July, I passed out what caused me needing to have an operation in my left leg, at first I was fine. And I never affected me, then feb this year this is when it all started, I now struggle to leave the house, I've been to see a doctor and they started me on something for my anxiety!, what I don't feel is helping very well, feels when I get somewhere am knocked right back down again!, you are definitely not alone
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      i have noticed a direct relationship with coffe and acholic drinks.

      I used to have a coffe every other morning just 1 caffe nero.

      Mianly drink a couple of beers on the weekend.

      I decided to stop coffe and beer to see if it made any difference

      Since i stoped the coffe its made a noticible difference to my anexity - im less panic'd and over all feel better.

      Maybe just didnt agree with me or something although been drinking it for years.

      I will test what happens when i drink wine/beer next

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