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Threadworm is almost like a phantom disease. Unless you have one wriggling as proof you're almost at a loss and complaints come off as crazy rants, that arent really taken that seriously if the other person it's currently suffering alongside you. I have had them for over 6 months now, but been in a state of denial on and off for this enitre ordeal up until now.

I had itching throughout the day, sometimes I would even get days of relief and overall nothing too major at night if anything at all, the normal nights sleep were enough for me to come to the conclusion that I was worm free as I suffer from constipation and have a habit of getting anal fissures when I AM able to pass stools, both of which can cause itching.

Never had a difinative sighting of a live worm, nothing in my stool and my family and housemates seemed fine and still do (I know that 1/3 of people do not produce symptoms but can still be infected) But it is a tad suspicious that none of the people closest to me experienced any kind of symptoms. I have seen something, but from the photographs on google what I have seen is miniscule in comparison to what TW's are supposed to look like, they're barely visible, mostly white specks but the eggs are not visible to the naked eye which only confused me further, sometimes I would wish to see a worm just so there was no more doubt, but would go to check and I would be clear. Other times I was just too scared to look, in fear I would see hundreds emerging rolleyes offering confirmation of my nightmare.

Went to my GP and she assured me that it was not worms and that I should just put a thin layer of sudocrem there whenever I got itchy. It helped, but it didnt solve the problem, only masked it. Tw seemed the most logical explanation. In all honesty I had my doubts especially during the bouts of discomfort but I desparately wanted to believe her. It takes a huge toll on your mental health, I am constantly paraoid now. Any sensation down there "WORMS." and no sensation doesn't neccesarily mean your out of the woods. It's no exaggeration to say this is ruining my life.

Drove my girlfriend at the time and her family insane with it, all convinced I was paranoid as none of them had symptoms they even began refusing medication. Ended up paying to treat 15 people as I travelled bewteen multiple households, not forgetting a minimum of two doses are required, so it wasn't a cheap or an effective investment as I sit here with the infamous tingling months later. I got everyone treated the first time, but upon realising that not everyone was following the anti-worm protocol (not bothering to shower in the morning, or not washing/changing potentially infected sheets and laundry) I figured I would save my money and energy and just focus on curing myself. (Paid out of guilt.) Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't contagious I could probably live with it if it was just a 'Kate problem' but it has the potential to become everyone's problem, because once the itching starts that's it, explaining it away can only go so far.

Constantly on the lookout for any signals of infection from those around me. Not only riddled with worms, but also riddled with guilt at the thought of burdening someone else and dragging them down with me, especially when you read posts on here and read stories about infections lasting decades. Makes me think I'm better off staying single forever, or better still never interacting with anyone again in an attempt not to pull someone else into the rabbit hole with me. I wouldnt say I'm depressed (yet), but I won't speak too soon. All I seem to do is cry or complain reccently. Now I am expeciencing noticable discomfort in the evening/night I can safely say it is indeed worms.

Threadworms infect the gut, if this was soley a intestinal issue perhaps more would be done to sort it properly. Worms and eggs alike. Less stigma attached, but association with the anus makes it seem like a gross issue. One that no one wants to talk about, including myself, especially when talking about it takes the form of informing someone that they need to get treated, and even worse than that, having to tell them they need to be treated again....and again. Probably easier to keep quiet, let them figure it out for themselves, they'll take themselves to the GP eventually, but my conscionse wouldnt allow me to do that.

One thing I do not understand though, is the claims that putting cream on the anus encourages the worms to lay their eggs inside of you, but also read that the reason the female lays the eggs outside the anus is because they need oxygen in order to then if that is the case how do the swallowed eggs hatch??

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    The long post is fine. I actually like reading long post but I did find a way to treat my threadworms and so my long hours of searching paid off but it was quite hard to find. I was looking for homemade remedies and I came across Baby Powder. Threadworms live to about 6-7 weeks(I’m think so, I forgot sorry). I read that Baby Powder can kill the eggs only and stop the itching but as they females lay there eggs you can kill them before they hatch and the females and males can die. I put the Baby Powder on my anal area and after a couple weeks, I never felt any of the symptoms and I stopped crying my heart out since I knew I had gotten rid of these worm parasites that had been bothering me for months. So I can suggest Baby Powder for you. 

    To answer your question I honestly don’t know and that scares me even more but I’m not gonna think about that now otherwise I probably gonna have nightmares o.o . I hope that you’ll get better sometime. 

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      Omg thank you so much! I honestly never even considered baby powder, was just so bogged down with claims that the eggs are supernatural. From these threads and the information provided by NHS and so forth the only thing that seems to kill them is sunlight, so I leave my curtains open every day. But I will definately try that, not got much to lose either way at this point and thank you! me too ;P
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