Three UTIs in 2 months

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I have never had a UTI before and then in June I got one (confirmed E coli). I was given a three day course of trimethoprim and it went away for four weeks and then hit again. Yet another three day course and I was ok for 10 days and now it is back yet again. I am so down. I have had two major ops this year and have basically not left the house. I am crying all the time and I honestly am just at my wits end. I am terrified that this now is going to be my life. I just want to feel better and be a good mum to my kids. I am terrified I will lose my job as I am always ill. Can someone help, I just want to be well again and have my life back.

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    I'd start with a different antibiotic.  Trimethoprim alone seems to be a widely used antibiotic in the UK.  Here in the USA, we give Tirmethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (brand Bactrim) and others.   I guess you need to again go back to your doctor and see what he/she gives you or else seek out another doctor.  Certainly I would try to get more than 2 days worth and not use just Trimethoprim again.  

    Also, why not read through some of the other discussions here and see what advice was given to others and what they did for a solution.

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    Sounds like me. They had me on antibiotics so long it messed up my tummy and I now have trouble with diarreah and constipation too. Anyone else dev this too?  I hope u find relief just be careful with taking too long. ❤️
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    I've had 2 similar experiences. The antibiotic I was prescribed that worked was Nitrofurantoin. My GP the first time, and my urologist the second time, prescribed the same capsules that had initially worked, but one a day for 3 months. I've just started after the second episode, so can't report on the outcome yet. However, after taking the prophylactic (preventative) course the first time, it got rid of the infection for nearly 2 years. It might be worth you asking your doctor if they could prescribe a prophylactic dose for a longer period, it certainly seems a normal thing to do in these circumstances, although it may depend on the reason for the UTIs. (In my case, due to prostate problems, I tend not to empty my bladder fully enough.)

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      Did you have any constipation or diarreah after such a long time
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    I know how you feel  Since the 10th May I have had repeated UTI and am so tired of it  LIke you I would have a course of Antibiotic and a few days after it was complete back it came again  I have had 8 courses of different antibiotics during that time  I was put on one a night Furadantin 50 mgms at night when I had another flare up  I was then prescribed it 50 mgms 4 times a day  However when the bacteriology report came back it was resistant   I was then given a 7 day course of Amoxicillin which I finished on Wednesday of the week  So far so good  My urine is crystal clear for the first time for many weeks'  This time the bacteria was proteous previously I had mixed bacteria and also in the past E Coli  

    I have now got a referral to a Urologist and will see them on the 5th September so just over 2 weeks ago  

    I have been so miserable for the past 3+ months so understand how you are feeling In my case this has actually been going on for about 2 1/2 years but I did have a spell of about 6 months where I was free of it   There seems to be very little idea of why I am having these recurrent infections  My Mother had a history of it and eventually had to have a kidney removed  One Sister has also had a major problem for several years and is no on regular antibiotics which she takes but when it flares up she then goes on a 7 day course of antibiotics   I think like me you just have to keep going back and speaking to them  Ask for a referral if you think that is indicated  I had very cloudy urine with a lot of sediment laterally.

    You say you have had surgery and I am wondering if you have had an indwelling catheter as that can predispose to infection  Mind you I have had a lot of surgery and often had a catheter and didn't develop infection 

    My concern is that about 4 years ago I had the prolapse surgery with TVT and this is causing problems so some people  I hope that this is not the cause in my case  I think you just need to hang in there go back to your Dr.  Tell them how concerned you are about your family and your job and the implications that would have for you Don't despair just keep strong and let us know how you get on  Sue


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      Susan, does  your doctor have any idea why the type of bacteria keeps changing?  I am surprised to hear that the Furandantin was not suspectible to the Proteous as it seems to be sensitive to all the bacteria involved in a UTI.    

      Like, I've had 8+ courses of antibiotics this year.  

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      I have had furodantin previously too but this time it was resistant No idea why there are different bacteria cultured from my urine specimens Have had E Coli and next specimen said mixed bacteria Just don't know what is going on Suspicion that I may not be emptying my bladder completely Having a bladder scan on Tuesday by nurse at clinic I am seeing Urologist in 2 weeks hopefully that will throw more light on things

      Had a lot of UTI first pregnancy 50 years ago which resulted in a stillbirth Until 2+ years ago had no further problems

      I just feel so miserable So far so good Now 4 days since last antibiotic course was completed

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      Interesting Susan, my urologist says that urine retention is not that common in women.   But yes, the bladder scan will show that.

      Since your pregnancy was 50 years ago, are you in menopause?  If so, perhaps some estrogen will help.

      Each of my UTI's presented different symptoms.  I must have been really fortunate because I was not that miserable.  Scared though and worried about why they won't go away and having to live on antibiotics.

      Please update us if the Amoxillin works.  That will be the next one I get on if my Enterococcus wasn't killed with the last dose of Nitrofurantoin.  

      Any side effects from the Amox?  I've not been on that one yet as it usually is not senstive to E-coli and all mine were E-coli until this last time.

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      I am well beyond my menopausal symptoms so don't think that is the problem

      I didn't have any problems with the amoxicillin I had been on other antibiotics which were sensitive but did not clear the Infection It was due to this that I was given amoxicillin So far so good fifth day now My urine is now crystal clear for the first time Despite courses of other antibiotics my urine remained cloudy The dip stick showed leucocytes protein nitrates and blood I didn't ever have a negative result

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      Do you get any bowel issues with so many antibiotics? I.E.  constipation or diarreah ? I do. 

      Thank you

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     Many of us are going to the same thing. Do they culture your urine samples?  What is growing? Because  that will make a difference  in which antibiotics they prescribe. Here in the US, the most common is nitrofurantoin (Macrobid).  But you must make sure that it is not a resistant strain.   If you're having that many in a short period of time, ask your primary care doctor for a referral to a urologist.  He can also prescribe you prophylactic low dose antibiotics to be taken around when you have sex if they are sex-related.  And he can do other tests and imaging to see if you have stones and anatomic abnormalities.  I am going through the same myself now.  Also trying out D-mannose, a type of sugar supplement that is supposed to prevent certain UTIs by making E coli (which cause 80% of uncomplicated UTIs) unable to adhere to cell walls.

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