Three years suffering with chronic diarrhea and pain, please help!

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I didn't really know where to turn and I'm sick of getting fobbed off by doctors so I'm hoping someone can help me on here as I have no idea what is happening to me. 

I've always had a bit of a funny tummy ever since I was little, and was told I had IBS when I was 7. As I grew up it relaxed a bit but when I was 18 I was admitted to hospital as I had gallstones and there was infection near my liver and pancreas. Since I left the hospital (before having the operation to remove my gallbladder) my stomach was in bits but I just put it down to the amount of medication I was on. A few months later I had my gallbladder removed which was great and I still dont regret it however, for the past 3 years (I am now 21) I have been going through absolute hell with my stomach. No matter what I eat, it goes straight through me, it could be a salad, fruit or something fattening- don't matter what it is but I'll need the toilet immediately after. 

I can handle going to the toilet but sometimes I'll go to the toilet up to 16 times a day, and it'll be pure acidic diarrhea which will make me bleed after a while. I had what the doctor called a 'flare up' a few months back where I came over really cold and clammy, my joints were aching, I couldn't eat for days and I felt really sick. My abdomen was so swollen I couldn't wear jeans and it resulted in me almost passing out twice. I was signed off of work for a week and sent away to  do stool samples, they came back normal. My doctor didn't send me for anything further and It has got to the point where I'm scared to leave my flat for long periods of time, or go to work when it's busy... The pain and overwhelming urge to pass out or throw up is too much now and I am getting sever pain in my lower back.

I fell pregnant a few months ago and it made me really unwell so I had a termination because I don't really know what is wrong with me and would rather get myself sorted before having a baby. I've had 2 incidents in the past 3 months where I have had an accident seconds away from my door and before hand I had eaten beans on toast. My appetite is small and I eat a balanced diet, but now I've stopped eating during my shifts as I don't want to need the toilet. 

When I had a scan at the hospital for them to view my ovaries they couldn't see a thing because there was so much bowel movement in the way.

I have changed doctors and been sent for more stool samples and some blood tests. The stool samples came back normal again but the blood tests came back showing there is infection and inflammation, it shows that my liver and my pancreas are high but everything else is fine. I am not intolerant to food or celiac, I have been tested for Crohn's and colitis, I don't have either and I am getting more and more unwell by the day. I have days where I am okay and days where I feel like I physically can't move because my body feels drained and exhausted. I don't know what else to do, can someone please shed some light.

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    No.  Something doesn't add  this sounds like coeliac or a lactose or wheat intolerance.  Insist on more tests. 

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      My blood tests included tests for celiac, gluten & lactose. They came back clear, could be wheat or something else, but it's not really just a problem with going to the toilet frequently anymore. Blood and mucus in my stool & almost passing out even when I haven't eaten is why I'm worried, some stuff doesn't add up, you're right. I went to the doctors today and I've been referred to the gastro unit finally so hopefully it'll get sorted. Thanks for your comment!

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    Mine is a little bit different cuz I believe I have more constipation then diarrhea so I have ibs-c instead of D and I think you may have ibs-d for that there should be medication that your gastroenterologist should be able to give you to calm down the diarrhea symptoms but try looking online that's what I had to do there are digestion charts that tell you how long and how long it takes for food to digest and there are also combination charge that tell you which foods you should combine together I did all my research online so maybe you should start a food diary like I did and write down everything you eat and after a couple hours how you feel after you eat that so if you eat a banana in the morning and after two hours you have the squirts then you write that down bananas cause this there are there have got to be some foods that will bulk you up and help out with the relief of your diarrhea I would definitely talk to a gastro doctor though because they're the doctors that know all about the stomach issues everything but as far as my diet plan and everything that I've gotten it's all came off the internet by the way I've got gastritis IBS and gerds hope this helps a little I know it's rough just know there are people out there going through the same thing that you're going through so don't be so down on yourself and don't feel so bad that you're the only one going through it cuz you're not I promise you it's always better if you can come to these threads and talk to people that are going through the same situation cuz a lot of people don't understand the situation that we have to go through every single day of Our Lives so when you talk to people that go through it it makes you feel better about yourself makes you want to do better and makes you want to get healthier basically

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    Sometimes after gallbladder removal, Bile acid Malabsorption can start which causes diarrhoea.  A SECHAT scan detects the condition.  If you have it, it can be successfully  treated.  Ask your doctor for this test.

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