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I have a THS level of 2.36. Is this bad?

I was put on Levoxyl last week. 75 mg.

Is there a reason for me to be concerned?

Will I forever need to take this, or like

Cholesterol can you get off them once at a normal range?

Thanks, Maggie

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    Hi Margaret,

    Your Tsh is within the normal ranges (not sure of the exact ranges but I think it's something like 0.5-4.5) I'm sure someone else will confirm this.

    It depends on your situation, some hypothyroidism can be temporary but for a lot of people it's for life. Do you know the cause of yours?

    I was put on levothyroxine eight years ago and now coming off it after they failed to identify any definitive reason for me to take it. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my thyroid.

    Even things like viruses/pregnancy/hormone imbalances can cause it

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    Hello Margaret:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease since 1987.

    TSH should be between 0.45 to 4.50 and at 2.36 you are doing very well.  Most doctors like the TSH above 1.0 to 3.0.  Was your TSH higher before?

    Thyroid meds are for life unless it is a thyroiditis which is caused by pregnancy or a virus.  We have to have proper levels of the hormone or we eill experience bad symptoms like weight gain, sleepy feeling, cold feelings, muscle aches and pains, brittle nails and dry skin, bruising, depressed feelings.

    If you have not been feeling symptoms then you may ask your doctor why you were placed on the hormone.  Most of us have had symptoms first and then they draw the blood.

    In time say 3 months they will draw more blood to see what your TSH is.

    If you feel fine then ask the doctor why you were placed on Levo.

    Any questions just ask,


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      Mind if I ask you a few questions?

      If someone is put on treatment for hypo then are they on it for life? At what point if any would the dr or endo consider stopping any treatment?

      If someone has varying tsh then do you know which one(s) d the drs take notice of and at what point is treatment initiated?


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      Hello Cindy:

      In the case of thyroiditis due to infection or pregnancy some people go Hypo and some go Hyper.  The Hypo person may recover in time say 3 months to a year and not be on medication after the thyroid is better.

      For some of us, who have Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's we need the hormone for life. People who have a TSH above 4.50 for 2 consectutive blood draws have to be on thyroid replacement. 

       If the TSH is low which would be Hyper they do not get hormones but they can try carbimazole if it is causing bad symptoms. This lowers the thyroid glands production. The person must be examined and monitored while on this.

      I hope this helps,



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      Thank you for explaining this. However I am still very puzzled as to how it is possible for the thyroid to be controlled by carbimazole if it is not a thyroid hormone. How does it work?

      I understand the logic behind not prescribing a thyroid hormone if the level is already high but what does carbimazole actually do?

      I have heard that thyroid hormones can lift the annxiety and depression so often experienced by people with a thyroid disease but I do not know the reason behind this.

      Does it mean that the thyroid gland is completely wrecked if the person has a lot of serious signs and symptoms? Is it a lost cause to treat in some cases? 

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      Carbimazole is only for Hyperthyroidism and it works by being absorbed and certain enzyme activity slows the hormone.  it is it was designed to slow down the hormone production and that is all it does.

      It is only for Hyper or over active patients and the person has to be fully watched and monitored.  It can not be used in Pregnant women.

      The thyroid can recover if the thyroid was damaged from an infection but thyroid hormones if they go haywire can make it go Hyper or Hypo. The blood work that shows low or high thyroid hormones is normally done and then repeated to have at least 2 abnormal results.

      If the thyroid is badly damaged the person will need to replace what is missing like insulin is for a Diabetic person.  There are many medications for this available today.

      We all need proper levels of thyroid hormones and if the level goes under active by replacing the hormone you will be stable. This can help stop and reverse bad symptoms .  It is never a "LOST CAUSE" as we all must have proper thyroid levels so our bodies can function,

      I hope this helps,



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    Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for the info. I am also on HRT n Wellbrutrin .

    I have not been able to lose weight, depressed, (but that's getting better). Brittle nails (big time) , tired all the time. I had all to do to get out of bed.

    I am doctoring now for about 2 years with menopause.

    I am 53 years old.

    I have never been on anything in my life as far as prescription meds.

    But they have been helping me.

    Got into major depression after my cousin ( like a sister) took her life. I am devastated

    I was looking at level and thought it was kinda in a normal range, but I guess that's why Doctor thought she would try this.

    I absolutely love my Dr! She really cares for her patients .

    New on Thyroid, what can I expect ?

    loss of appetite ? I hope. Possibly some energy.

    Thanks so much for your time, caring and input.

    These people on this site are awesome!!!!

    Maggie xo

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      Hello Maggie:

      Major stress (like a loss of a loved one), on you can also cause the thyroid to act up and cause  it to go Hypo or Hyper.  Hypo is low and Hyper is too much.

      Now that you are on thyroid meds you can see an increase in your metabolism and that can help you lose weight.  You will still have to watch the diet.

      If you can do some plain walking!  Nothing fancy, just walk for up to 30 mins. I lost 32 pounds doing diet control and walking and every step helps.

      It takes the medication about 6 to 8 weeks to build a proper level.  It is slow, and we all wish it was faster.  You should also get more energy and feel more alert.  Of course watch the carbs as they zap energy and do it slow when you walk.  Try 5 or 10 mins for a week and then up the walking until you get to 30 mins. No soda and or junk foods and avoid gluten foods as they are bad for the joints and thyroid.

      Wellbutrin is for depression and a side effect can be lose of appetitite so that can help make you feel less hungry. That can help you also to lose weight.

      I am sorry to hear about your cousin, but I am sure she would want you to be healthy and carry her spirit with you. It is normal to feel depressed after such a loss, and you do need to grieve.  So allow yourself that time.

      Take it one day at a time and set small goals and you will reach them .

      Yes, this forum is awesome and if you have a question just ask,


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      Thank you Shelly,

      Thank you for your kind and caring words. Also, very informative!

      I hope this medication helps. I'm so out of whack. I am also on HRT. It really has helped me immensely .

      I will take your advice. Yes, I need to move and watch my diet.

      Once the meds kick in, and my metabolism is where it should be, will I start losing weight afterwards? And hopefully have more energy?

      Good luck with everything on your end.

      Maggie smile

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      Hello Maggie:

      You are welcome and give the meds a chance to help and eat healthy no fried foods and ready made.  Eat fish and lean meats and chicken, and please drop us an update when you feel better.

      Stay well,


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