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Google how to stimulate your Thymus Gland. I started doing it, it stimulates your immune system and it releases killer Tcells your soldier cells. I'm hoping they'll kill the b*****d ebv --trying everything to get well....

I do it 4x/day....

any input?



I'm on month 13 and working hard to heal.....its very daunting.......

I pray for all of us here....

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    9 months here starr..still struggle at work and at home never know how i will feel still have trouble eating most of the time i go to bed feeling bad and wake up feeling bad. I get hot i feel worse the more i think about it i feel worse nothing makes me happy or satisfies me anymore. I am to the point i just dont care anymore ive been to so many doctors and had so many test no one can give me a definite answer of what it is. No one has done anything that has helped. Doesnt really matter what i do i either feel bad or worse and nothing makes a difference. At this point i just sit and wait and wonder if i will be like this forever and if so how am i gonna cope with it and at least try to be productive. I am very unhappy at this point just work and sit at home. Going and doing things does not sound fun at all. Everyone has the same basic thought in my life which is just get over it or its not that bad or just go back to your normal life or my favorite is just play it off like they do not even hear me talking about it. I have exhausted all options trying to find an answer to being the way i am and figuring out what is wrong. I am what i am which is almost nothing of what i used to be which is ok but i just feel sorry for anyone i let down and cant do anything for anymore i am not a selfish person i am a giver but that part of my life is in the pastas of now it is and will continue to be just me my body and mind. There is nothing else i can do.

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      so sorry

      i dont know either JOSH

      my body is getting stronger but still beat up

      im at 13 mos

      i eat perfect

      heres what i do daily


      BarleyGreen/Amazon (DrHagiwaras kelp free w/ br.rice)

      steel cut oats

      ground flax



      1 egg

      1/2 grapefruit




      2,500 mg vitC

      1,000 mg B12 RAW


      1,000 mg garlic


      im also on Acyclovir 800mg/day

      ~had to start Lexapro 5 mg only for the anxiety (its calming body & promoting healing)

      but i still get p***d irritated & sad and cry but it helps dreadful anxiety feelings

      being all natural & anti drug i cannot stand drugs

      but as a moderate intake and resort we gotta do what we gotta do~ its also helped my appatite(misspelled who cares)


      ezekiel bread (look it up-powerful)

      4 slices cheddar cheese

      grilled cheese or ezekial tomatoe sandwich/spinach cheese mayo

      whey protein shake

      raw almonds all day

      before dinner

      i press 2 ounces of RAW wheatgrass*

      huge impact on healing-

      huge! google it

      50 reasons why wheatgrass is so healing!

      i bought a press and have a juicer too( Breville/amazon)



      peanut butter at times*

      water water water water 6/16 oz glasses day or more

      raw pressed carrot ginger juice

      daily_ ginger antiviral

      carrot juice kills cancer so why not?

      4-5 teaspoons raw coco oil all day-anti viral deep penetrating cells rids body of virus

      anti microbial and anti fungal too

      use it externally too-


      second dose of barleygreen

      2 teaspoons

      (my mom sold this when i was little people swear by it- HIV clients of hers loved it and it cleans your lymph system all of it good stuff!)

      i grind up raw flax for my omegas in coffee grinder

      add second dose of the day to three oz water shoot it-


      sweet potatoe or baked


      apple / or a little juice

      ezekial toast before bed helps me sleep /carbs~

      avocados too when i can get them-


      cream moderate dairy

      thats it

      im a vegetarian my whole life so- i dont eat fish no meat

      just eggs

      a little dairy

      flax for my omegas

      as i dont eat fish

      i stay away from legumes


      white flour

      white refined sugar

      anti inflammitory diet


      i like junk food -:)

      its fun

      but im serious about my body and healing

      if i can get my stress under control id be good which im getting more masterful with it

      ive made mistakes and have had set backs! ugh

      got hit hard with this last August 14,18


      doing yoga working

      life changer


      ive wanted to give up daily for the first yr

      but now

      im getting stronger

      i eat good but when youre in the thick of it you feel nothing helps it just has to work through

      but im still dealing with a lot

      and wonder when ill be me again

      or all the scary chronic stuff


      i too have been to dr after dr i mean its crazy

      all the imaging to rule out the bad stuff the tests bloodwork

      just ugh nightmare and draining

      who knows at this point

      i know we all have same symptoms and story


      im just eating good healing listening to my body

      thats where im at


      the only control we have is what we eat*

      i do my own version of physical thearpy daily

      had a set back too


      this is hell hell & hell

      and family they say the worst things

      they know nothing if this world

      i hope this helps u

      its daunting



      sh•••• that there is no cure

      A Jets football player in US Just got Mono

      maybe there will be more awareness if someone famous has it

      they are working on vaccine

      we need a cure this is just plain stupid

      im tired of it

      the whole scene

      please keep in touch

      try to eat good

      i figure if we flood our bodies with goodness mother nature will reset eventually?


      pray if you believe

      i sleep with crucifixes

      if i struggle

      i pray

      helps me relax and sleep


      faith to you.....

      let me know if u want more info

      on my past year mistakes or any questions on diet?


      have a strong day

      Craig is the godfather here

      talk with him too

      hes seen it all -:-)

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      hey josh hang in there im 9 months into it too now and still feel pretty horrible too for the most part... i also have that feeling of doing anything at all just doesnt sound fun i try to push myself to do something sometimes but it doesnt really help maybe mentally a little but obviously doesnt get rid of any symptom...for a couple of days i almost felt normal the dizziness and weakness had got better but yesterday and today feel weak and the low blood sugar thing happened again making me feel more anxious once again...have been thinking of you and everyone struggling on here and have been praying for us all... feel free to message me at any time or anyone else who is reading this i literally never have anything to do and it honestly feels good to rant about this and get that awful down feeling off my chest im sure yall feel the same exact way

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      Hi Josh,

      Oh I really do empathise and the hurt and pain you are going through comes across so much in your message. I just want to really reiterate that at 9 months I was feeling in a similar way Josh, feeling frightening and thinking that this was the new 'normal' I would have to adapt to, that my body had healed as much as it was going to and I was just going to have to somehow manage feeling the way I did.

      But honestly Josh hard as it is to see now, most people who are still struggling after this length of time still get back to full health. As I've said before it was 10 months before I really started to feel like things were changing, at 9 months I was feeling heartbroken as I had another set back, was having joint pain and just feeling so discouraged and weary.

      Everyone's recovery time scale is different, but please hang on and know there is hope for recovery still - from being on this forum for a few years, I would say out of all the recovery stories a very common timescale for recovery for a lot of people is between 9-15 months, when something seems to change for a lot of people. And remember too with this thing recovery can come very quickly after struggling at the same horrible level for a long time, I found and a lot of people I've read have found that a big step forward can happen in a short space of time when least expecting it.

      Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and a reminder to hang in there - I still believe you're going to get fully better Josh. Also recently I've been learning more about a British herbal specialist called Phillip Day, he talks about taking much higher doses of some vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D, it's definitely worth looking into think there is something in it - his website is Of course as ever be cautious and careful with anything to do with vitamins, do your research first.


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      Definitely not any godfather Starr, I just want everyone to be well because I know myself how horrible it was to go through the virus - really enjoy reading your insight into diet / vitamins, etc, I will need to pick up on a lot of the things you have said for my own health.


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    This is something new that you have taught me Starr, thanks very much something I will look into and give a try - maybe a very simple think that could help!!


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    hey starr let me know if this helps any for you i am eager to try anything at this point too!! i take vitamins and eat pretty healthy and nothing seems to help...ugh this has been a living nightmare

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      yea i think combo stuff helps

      i started doing this

      two weeks ago

      just start...cant hurt

      i do a ton and still get things cropping up

      but at 1 yr started getting normal hours closer together

      first time ever

      have made mistakes

      had set backs

      still fragile

      but i just keep eating good

      message me private if you want

      ill give u my info on what been up too with this sympttoms etc

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