Thyroid check up after 2 years (Hypothyroidism/Stomach Bloating)

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After 2 years, I went to my endo to get checked again.

For 1 yr and 10 months, I didn't take any med for the thyroid. Here's the result of my initial check up:

>thyroid cyst size didn't increase nor decrease. As is.

My endo scheduled me for lab test to get:


-Serum Creatinine



-Prothrombin time

-Free T3



On friday night I'll go again to my endo with my test results. I will get back once I'm done with it.

PS: I asked about the connection between my thyroid and this stomach bloating that I have. She says there is NO connection between them. I told her it's a different bloating, that it looks like I'm pregnant. However, she insists that it's about my lifestyle and eating habits (boo for fried food).

Here's what I'm planning to do with this bloated stomach: Light exercise (sit ups, crunches and stretching which my endo also approves), gluten-free diet and some probiotics, plus I'll continue drinking fresh veggie/fruit blended juice wink

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    Hello PinkuNeesama:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid disease since 1987.

    Some other tests your doctor Endo should do are: TPOA and TGab antibodies tests, and ANA direct.

    Many of us can have antibodies or the early phases of autoimmune disease and if certain tests are not done it can be missed.  Autoimmune thyroid disease can cause bloating and fluid retentsion in the body.   Also Lupus is known to cause stomach problems, bowel problems and bloating, and they have a blood test for that.  It can run in families and be inside of you and doing the few extra tests above, can give you peace of mind, and rule out this.

    I agree with checking the above blood work but I would ask for the tests above I mentoned.  Good news is your cyst has not changed, you say. 

    Avoid Gluten as it does bother the thyroid and will cause other problems with the bowels in some people.

    Please let us know how your blood comes out,



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      Have been dealing with hashimotos hypothyroidism for years.  Seems when something else goes wrong, the thyroid issue becomes unstable again.  Other important labs my endo checks are cholesterol, calcium, vitamin d, magnesium (along with other chemistry tests as magnesium is not typically standard on that panel), cortisol, HGB A1C (glucose) etc & sometimes an EKG to check the heart.  In my experience, the true sign of my hypothyroidism aside from typical symptoms is a lack in patellar knee reflexes when the doctor uses that rubber hammer.  Bloating can be from lots of things including gut infections, parasites, hormonal imbalances and adrenal issues just to name some.  Best to see a specialist to evaluate. There have been numerous documented cases and testimonials of patients diagnosed with other disease processes who were later diagnosed with lyme/co-infections and those other disease processes resolved or improved after lyme/co treatment (including MS, Lupus, Parkinsons, ALS, dementia, cardiac issues).  There can also be underlying genetic issues or mutations, allergies, problems with gluten and a gamut of things so highly suggest you discuss this with your doctor(s) or health care professional.  Wish you the best!

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      Oh no. I think I'll die of starvation before Im bloating & thyroid problem free. Lol all these other possible diseases and their test will cost me my life saving and medcare in my country isn't free yet XD

      Thanks for the reply! I'll do some more reasearch too..

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      Hello PinkuNeesama:

      In addition to the tests above TPOA & TGab & ANA direct which can show Lupus and other autoimmune problems ask for a 24 hour cortisol urine test.

      This test is covered by all forms of insurance and Medicare.  All lab work is normally covered 100%.  You collect your urine on a 24 hour basis and it can show high levels or cortisol.  Cortisol is made by the Adrenal Glands and  can cause bloating and a condition called "Cushings Syndrome".  They also have a blood cortisol level test that can help.

      The urine test falls under Endocrinology which is glands in the body.  So ask for all of these tests for peace of mind and to rule this out.  Also take a picture when bloated and show the doctor.


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    Hi Pink, unfortunately, the statement by doctors if, "there is no evidence to support..." Is a common one. Doubly unfortunate, because this is said in the face of patients, handing doctors evidence on a silver platter. I am so sorry this is such a typical response!

    The GI tract cells are responsible in large part for conversion of T4 to T3, which by definition, makes the thyroid and gut intimately connected. If you look at it, there are about a million reasons why the thyroid and stomach bloat are related and few reasons to support why they wouldn't be connected. 

    So, yes, you, me and others on this site have said that we have thyroid disease and horrible stomache bloat. THIS IS EVIDENCE, period.

    So, yes, it's have it, I have it. Others have the problem. It isn't dietary or about exercise. 

    I have also tried everything,mans still horrible bloat,mexacerbated by the meds.

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      Hi Catherine!

      Have you consulted a gastrointestinal doctor or other doctors with stomach specialization? I really feel horrible about this bloated stomach of mine. I'm not just too sure which doctor should I go to for a stomach check up. Any suggestion?

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    I just had to post my experience after ready this.....upon testing, my thyroid has not been functioning for at least 9 years...thought at first I might have thyroid cancer....ruled out....put on Synthroid...take daily...BUT...all of  a sudden, I started having extreme bloating, burping and sever pain all over my stomach.  Tests were run..found nothing...specialists...IBS, incorrectly...special pills, diets, etc.  Started having huge kidney stones that had to be surgically removed....Still same problems....finally went to another hospital...scan showed the SMA blood supply from my aorta in stomach was blocked...largest vessel totally gone...second blocked...vascular surgeon inserted for about 4 days..then...back full blast....doctors tests, etc. still not showing the cause....finally had a heart attack and had stent place in my heart vessel, the big vessel that carries the most blood from your!  Stomach stopped hurting, bloating went away and all is well!  Been since April 2016!  Dealt with the stomach for 18 months trying to get any doctor to figure out what was wrong!  Never heard of this and I'm not sure the doctors have issues obviously was blood deficiency to the intestines and colon also kidney.  I don't know if this is rare but this is my story.  I feel for the people who deal with the pain, belching and bloating because it was so horrible and trying to get doctors to do something.  Please know, this is just my story...I don't want to scare anyone....but...all info we can help with one another the better.

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      Hi Pink, yes, connection with heart... Thyroid disease is also liked with heart problems...

      Untreated hypothyroidism leads to exactly this: a whole bunch of non specific symptoms where you're chasing your tail trying to stop one while another manifests. In the end, if the thyroid is low, it slows your metabolism to that of a very old person. Your body ages rapidly and experiences premature geriatric conditions. While we're all chasing the symptoms,spending time and money on more and more tests, our lives are going down the drain and the symptoms worsen until the thyroid disease is addressed in a holistic way.

      Pink, this link keeps deleting posts. Feel free to PM me,

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