Thyroid results help needed

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Thyroid levels

Nov 2013 TSH 3.02 (04.40)

Feb 2014 TSH 2.16 (04.40)

Jul 2014 TSH 6.74 (04.40)

Jul 2014 TSH 2.56 (04.40) 

Aug 2014 TSH 2.56 (04.40)

can anyone shed any light on these reults please.

first diagno dback in 2011 with hypothyroidisum was given levothyroxine 50 mg, not seen a  endo, not felt any better since going on it.

Sept 2014 TSH 2.10 (04.40)

Nov 2014 TSH 0.33 (22-42)

Feb 2015 TSH0.21 (27-42)

Nov 2013 free T4 13.8 (12.22)

Feb 2013 free T4 15.6 (12.22)

Jul 2014 free T4 15.1 (12.22)

Jul 2014 free T4 15.7 (12.22)

Aug 2014 free T4 15.7 (12.22)

Sept 2014 free T4 16.5 (12.22)

Nov 2014 free T4 22.9 (12.22)

Feb 2015 free T4 19.8 (12.22)t

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    Hi Scampi, I'm no expert on thyroid matters but your TSH is looking on the high side at the start but latterly your TSH drops to the bottom end of the scale.  Meanwhile your free t4 levels started off miserably low before rising, just at the time your TSH levels were dropping.  Was your medication increased at any point?

    i'll give a wild and random guess that despite having 'normal' blood tests you are still experiencing many symptoms  associated with under active thyroid.  'Normal' refers to the GP's medical conclusion based on blood results alone.  

    A second wild and random guess is that your body, for whatever reason is not processing the synthetic thyroxine replacement as well as it is assumed in GP land.  There may be a number of reasons for this and I am way not experienced or knowledgeable about it to say much more but I will give you an example.  Thyroxine (t4) is largely inactive in the body.  If things are working properly t4 gets converted to t3 in the body and then is used in every single cell throughout the entire body.  If for some reason, t4 does not convert to t3 it's game over, well, it just feels like it sometimes.  Blood test will NOT show this, there is no definitive test for this, just good old fashioned medicine such as focusing on clinical symptoms not just biological symptoms.  But there is hope, and alternatives to thyroxine only.

    I would beat a path to your GP and in the politest manner insist on a free t3 check. Your doctor will probably refuse there and then, so be expecting this.  Use all your assertiveness skills to tell the GP that while you are aware of his refusal you are demanding a thorough investigation into the reasons why you are not back to 'so called normal' despite 'normal bloods'. Tell GP you want his/her refusal in writing.  Then if GP agrees, be prepared that the lab might then refuse to carry out the test.  (Is it starting to sound like a conspiracy yet??????). Just keep on the assertive road.  It's your health.

    i have found a great website, just google thyroid patient advocacy and start your recovery now. Best wishes, kerry

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      Thank you Kerry for the reply, I have asked for T3 test four times now, I have asked to see a endo a few times now, and yes you guessed it no.

      i am not very good at being assertive, and I can't afford to have testing done from on line or go private, I gave up working four years ago when all this got worse.

      i am at my whits end, menopausal as well.

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      It's not easy.  The lovely people at thyroid patient advocacy have been campaigning for years to get the medical professions to rethink the guidance on treating this issue.  It is way more complicated than just going on a range from a blood test.  I gave up work a couple of years ago.  I only worked 12 hours a week but I found i was too tired to manage that and my little one.

      thanks to TPA and t3 I have got my life back on track.  When I first experimented with t3 I had amazing results with an hour.  Self medicating and going against the 'professional' way of dealing with hypothyroidism was not easy. I had lots (months) of worrying about using t3 but over time, and I have to say, reading about other people's experiences gave me the confidence to try something different.   I seem to be very lucky in that t3 has done the job for me so quickly and without a single side effect.

      i order my t3 from abroad, it costs me £15 roughly for a month's supply.  All the information I have on t3 came via the TPA website.  I have never had any private testing done, like you I can't afford it, but I bought a cheap thermometer and I monitor my basal temperature often.  Prior to t3 it was 36.2 with a range of 35.8 - 36.6.  Since t3 commenced, my temp is often 37.1 and my goodness I can spring out of bed in the morning. I have energy, lots of it, mind you if I sit too still for more than 30 mins I’ll be sound asleep. I don,t know much about t3 but I take it three times a day, on wakening, in the middle of the afternoon and when I go to bed.  I sleep within minutes of taking and feel refreshed on wakening.  I try to have a clean, gluten free and almost sugar free diet.

      sadly doctors are refusing to listen to success stories, maybe it will be the threat of legal action that gets them to be at least curious about all the people like us that don,t do well on t4 only.  Please don't give up just yet, I'm not the only success story.  Hang in there, warmest regards, kerry

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      Hi Kerry 

      thanks for the advice,  I am going to try some t3, little bit scared because some weeks I seem to be very hyper and others really hypo.

      i am 51 and menopausal, my symptoms are very dry hair falling out, hairy lip and chin, tiredness hyperactive, depression,  confidence, buzzing in ear, joint ache then I could run a marathon, my body and hormones are so mixed up, so frustrating, can't get to the bottom of it, what if I start the t3 and my body doesn't need it, what would happen, I take a lot of vitamins as well.

      thanks carol

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      Hi ya, I didn't realise you were experiencing hyper symptoms too!

      i would definitely run your plan past the lovely people at TPA first.  The vitamins you are taking may be having an effect but like I said above I don't know enough about thyroid issues.  I just know what has helped me.  I've never experienced any hyper symptoms before or since using t3.  Also, I'm not menopausal yet either.

      when factoring in the other hormonal imbalances going on for you right now, I would spend time researching what others have done and why?  It's not a quick fix I know, but taking t3 may not be the right move either.  Kind regards, Kerry.

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    Hi Scampi,Once again I think you should put your results on the Thyroid UK forum,before you do anything.  That's the forum for the best help.

           Good luck. Take Care

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