Thyroid weight versus too much thyroxine

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Since the Dr reduced my thyroxine dose,in October from 125mg to .088,I have gained 20lbs and I am the heaviest I have ever been apart from when I was pregnant.  I have been to the Dr several times and complained about the increase plus losing hair from my arms and legs, eyebrows and constant fatigue. The first time she put me on verapamil and said it was due to depression, as my blood tests were in the normal range for thyroid.  She has since increased the Verapamil to 120mg twice daily and would like to increase it further to 3 times a day but I have fought against it.  Yesterday I asked her if being overweight was preferable to too much Thyroxine and she said too much could cause Arrythmia and this was a life long condition so being overweight was preferable and to do more exercise (at least 2 and a half hours a week) and to cut out sugary foods etc. my TSH is 1.32 , T3 2.5 and T4 1.1 and she will not do blood tests again until I see her in a couple of months.  I have been to the other Drs in the practice and they stick by the blood test results also.  Does anyone have any thoughts? If I am depressed it is because my clothes don't fit, I feel awful about myself and I am so tired.  I start yawning each afternoon about 1.30 and again at 5.30, really yawning like I have been awake for 24 hours.  I am also having weird dreams.  My husband is fed up and wants me to stop taking the drugs.  Please help.

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    Totally understand. Im gaining weight by the day, just waiting for blood results. Was exercising over 6 hours a week, and stil gained. Im looking out for your answers too! X
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    Hi Ali, were you feeling OK on the higher dose? A TSH of 1.32 is within what doctors would call a normal range (.4 to 4), and, as you have already experienced, most doctors do not like TSH to go outisde the range. However, there is room for manoevre with your TSH at 1.32, it could come down quite a bit more. My TSH is .1 for example and I feel well.  And your T3 and T4 should be at the higher end of the scale. What was your TSH when you were on the higher dose of levo? Also, 88 mcgs of levo sounds like an odd amount as most levo tabs come in multiples of 25. (25, 50, 100). You should not have to choose between being overweight or depressed. Depression, as far as I know, does not cause loss of eybrow hair. You need to find a decent doctor who will listen to your concerns and act on them. If you can't find one in your current medical centre, move on. 
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      Hi Ali, your T3 and T4 are both on the low side. You need to let your doctor know that you want to stay on the dose which made you feel well. Take someone with you who knows you well, who can support your arguement. Keep a diary of symptoms. Let us know how you get on. 
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    Hello Ali :

    I am an RN -Nurse and live in the USA.  When you are on a larger dose and reduce it, symptoms of low thyroid will return. 

    As you state, you gained weight fast, feel sleepy, etc....We all have the right to REFUSE any change in the meds up or down!!!  You need to call up your doctor or write a letter,  and say I am feeling awful, explain your symptoms and say nicely, I want to go back to dose blah-blah and will sign a release  or any paperwork needed.  I understand the side effects of too much and will monitor myself.  You can mail him or her a letter or do it in person or by phone.  I would mail a letter.  Doctor's  are worried about litigation these days.   Also you may need a better doctor with a good bedside manner.

    Having an arrthymia's are rare to happen unless the dose is given to close together or the person has a heart problem. 

    If you have heart disease it woul be better to stay on the lower side. Verapamill is for a heart problem or it is also used in cases of HIGH Blood Pressure.  Which one do you have?  Did you have any arrthymia's while on the higher dose?   

    Now gaining weight is very easy when your Thyroid is on the low side and you will need to exercise and watch your diet.  I suffer with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and I do walking to help me keep the weight down.

    It is not recommended to do stressful exercises, but gentle things like walking will help shed some pounds.  I lost 30 pounds doing it.  It helps move your metabolism and it makes you burn the calories better.  Work up to 1/2 hour of walking.

    I know you feel awful, please take your meds and come to an agreement with your doctor. Feel free to ask any questions you have.    Be well, Shelly

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      Thanks Shelly.  I don't have any heart problems.  Sorry I meant venlaflaxine not verapamil. I took verapamil to try and reduce chronic migraines but it didn't appear to make any difference.  I'm worried about going against the Dr in case they refuse to treat me/prescribe the higher meds or those I need in the future.  Changing Drs isn't an option without big problems, we only have one surgery where I live. Maybe I should look at alternative options.  How do you feel about Thyroid supplements available from Amazon etc.? Can acupuncture help? Looking forward to hearing from you. Ali
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      Dear Ali:

      I know how you feel, however you can always say to your doctor, I felt so much better on blah blah dose, and it helped.  "I would really like to be on that dose so please consider it for me" have the right to ask and if needed refuse a treatment.  Another thing you can do, is buy online thyroid meds.  Some places do not ask for a prescription.  I would just tell the doctor kindly how you feel and explain why you felt better on the other dose.  Doctors are people and they do not feel the symptoms you feel and you must convey that.

      If you do not have a heart problem, than having an arrthymia is unlikely.  I know people on high doses and they have not had any problems like that.  Of course, it is listed as a side effect but it hardly happens.  Some people can get a faster heart rate (PULSE), and that is common. 

      As to acupuncture, I do believe it helps in some way.  My hubby used it for severe nerve pain and it helped.  He had all the pain killers and western medicine,  and they did not work. LOL.   It can help some but you still need your thyroid hormone.  Acupuncture is also been helpful in reducing weight in some people and it has been around for thousands of years.  I live in Hawaii, USA and we have a heavy influence of Chinese meds here and I read an article on it and knew a lady who did it for pain control reasons, so I said we would try it and it worked!!!  Took 3 treatments and he was able to use his arm again!!!  I was amazed.

      As to supplements, I think it can't hurt.  You need proper levels of minerals in your body for the Thyroid med to work well - I suggest a very good one with iron and B complex of Vitamins.  A good muti-vitamin or supplement can be found online or in a vitamin store. 

      I hope this helps.  Shelly

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