Time to up my dose ???

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Hi all 

Well I'm almost 8 weeks in taking 20mg of Cit and have had ,as I've already posted on here, in this time 4 brilliant back to me weeks before suffering a set back a couple of weeks ago which threw me completely!

After a bad week crying again and shaking this last week has been altogether better but still not like my good weeks....I'm still a little jittery and unsettled and have internal shakiness 

I am going to see the Doc in the morning....I'm having a blood test for thyroid ....so I'm wondering if I should ask about upping my dose?

I really don't want to.....but I don't know if at 8 weeks (almost) I should still be feeling like I do??!!

I'm scared and confused!

Did anyone else still have this sort of thing 8 weeks in?

Is there still time for it to stabilise .....should I give it longer?

Any advice please ?! x


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    Hiya Pam

    If u remember u had a big set back at 7-8 weeks. All anxiety symptoms returned. I to thought about upping it, but the Dr wouldn't , in fact she was considering taking me off it. I said I wanted to carry on and pleased I did. Iv pushed through now at 12 weeks and fingers crossed I feel like a new women! Even managing 2 weeks ago to move house!! Something I only dreamed about before. 

    If I was you give it another 2 weeks or so then if no better then think about upping it. Push through Pam


    Liz xxx

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      Hello Liz

      thanks for that .....I do remember you posting ........so glad the outcome has been positive for you...that's great news and gives me hope that I too could still have time for the 20mg to work fully?!

      i think I am just panicking a bit because of the backward slide......I felt soooo good and this has made me sad to have symptoms return 😒

      Don't get me wrong .....this week I have been much better not crying like the week before but still jittery and restless.....I just don't seem to be able to fully relax and I yearn to 😕

      You have helped to make me see that perhaps I am being too impatient and hopefully I can push through this as you did and get back on track!

      im going away at the back end of Sept so am desperate to be feeling the good way again by then

      Liz ......thanks again .....you are a tonic! x

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      Hi Liz

      just thought I'd give you an update......I'm just passed the 9 week mark now and like you after my 'blip' I have slowly over the last two weeks got stronger again and am now feeling much calmer and more relaxed 😊

      thanks for your message to me at the time I needed it .....you really helped me to put things into perspective and gave me hope.....and it did indeed work! 

      Im going to the Docs tomorrow so will have a good talk to him about what he thinks may have happened?!

      hope alls still going well with you?

      big hug x

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    Hi Pam

    Sorry to hear that you haven't quite nailed the jitters yet .I am on my own now til Thurs evening and so a bit jittery too.Going to try and busy myself but thought I would have a chat to you first.

    Glad you are going to the doctor and its coincidental but I am going to talk to my doctor about too to talk about thyroid and my progress also have the BP checked.

    Like Elizabeth I think you may need to give it 12 weeks and then if still not righr either upping the dose or changing it to something else. In Australia 20mg is the highest dose for anyone over 60years.

    I was interested in what deborah had to say about Remeron google it and see what you think.It is a different type of anti depressant and makes you sleep well. but one side effect may be weight gain but then cit can do that too. I have also read that inositol is a great natural remedy which helps with sleep and settling anxiety but don't know whether it can be taken with anti depressants or not.

    Bottom line Pam give it another month and take your tranquillizers on hols with you and after 12 weeks reassess the whole thing with your doctor re meds either upping or changing. Make up a list to ask your doctor and let us know the outcome .I will be posting what my doctors say after Wednesday.

    I am up to 4 weeks next Wed and better than I was but still not completely myself yet either.

    Good luck at the doctors and hope s/he can come up with a resolution.

    Big Hugs


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      Thanks Viv

      been for the blood test this morning...Doc says he doesn't think it's anything physical just general anxiety ....but doesn't seem to have any answers as to what to do to ge rid of it apart from carrying on with the Cit and getting therapy ?!

      im seeing MY Doc next week who is older and I have more faith in so will have a good chat with him

      I so hope that it is just a case of giving it more weeks and it will start to work again .....🙏

      I want calm and to be able to relax to return desperately !!

      Glad you're sounding as if you're on track....brilliant! 😍

      Nice to hear from you xxx

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    Felt the same as you now I take 30 mg .and I feel great. Not that I can come off, and I don't want to. I say up your dose and hold it there for at least 12 weeks. Its a battle what ever you do. Just remember tiny steps. You are not going to get there in one big leap.
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      Hi gawen thanks for the reply 😊

      I'll have a chat with my Doc who I have faith in next Wed and see what he says?!

      I just get freaked out by the physical symptoms ....mainly the shaking which I even feel in bed if I move/turn over!!!!

      How long were you on 20mg before you increased ?

      im glad it worked for you and things are going well 



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    How are you Pam? 

    Liz xx

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      Hi Liz 😊

      lim doing fine right now thank you ......after the blip I have improved again and am feeling relaxed and happy 

      I still have the shakes ......told Doc yesterday and he has prescribed Propranolol 80mg slow release. I've taken my first one today and no adverse effects thankfully?! 👍

      Going on hol with my brother&sis in law to their villa in Turkey at the end of Sept so determined to be right for then!!

      Hows things with you ....hope alls good for you too?!


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      Oh that's great news! 

      I'm ok, had a up and down couple of days I suppose, felt a bit out if sorts after 5 weeks of feeling great! It's to be understandable iv moved house and iv been super busy! I'm sure things will straightened out. Iv only been taking cit for 14 weeks and mental health issues take a while to develop and even longer to cure. 

      I think a holiday sounds great! Do u mind me asking if u live in North Yorkshire?? Just u mentioned your brother to me in a town near me?


      Liz xxx

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      Oh dear...hush your mouth.....North YORKSHIRE ....my husband would choke 😜

      No we live in Lancashire....although we are so near the border we are practically Yorkshire .....shhhhh don't tell my husband I said that!!😁

      My brother has a caravan in West Witton ......I love it around there it's so beautiful and some great walks!! 

      We have been to stay a few times and had a lovely time! 

      Unfortunately I think this will be their last season.....they are talking about looking elsewhere and having a change 😕

      Sorry to hear your not quite up to par .....prob the move like you've said...it's well documented that it's one of the most stressful things that we go for so for you to even consider it after your recent probs was very brave and quite an achievement ......you should be very proud of yourself and realise that you must have lots of hidden strength ....well done you! 👍

      your probably just pooped and need to recharge your batteries .......then you'll be raring to go again! 😊

      Our holiday is much looked forward to ....we've been once before...the villa is beautiful .....look up villa Katmar Kalkan Turkey ....it's amazing!

      Look after yourself and keep in touch .....here's to happy days for us both xxxx

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