Tingling in hands, then 2 weeks later feet, now fact too sometimes

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and hoping to get some input and help here. I didn't know what group to post this in as it covers a few areas with lab results. First I'll say it started off with tingling in hand, then 2 weeks later tingling moved to feet, and a week after moved up to legs and even had moved to face area sometimes. This has been for 6 weeks or so. I also noticed my BP was high and my cholesterol. I went cold turkey and stopped everything, no carbs, no alcohol, nothing but fruit, vegetables, fish and exercise. So far, I lost 15 pounds and my BP is in much better ranges, and I'm still working to get it lower and to lose another 15-20 pounds. With all that said, I have been baffled by the tingling, no doctors so far have answers for it.

I saw a cardiologist he just did an EKG and said I was healthy, and MD's said it was carpal tunnel but when I told them the tingling also moved from the hand to other areas they have no answer. I was going to see a specialist to check my nerves, and possibly check with a specialist who can check my circulation (if there is such a Dr). I shared my story with someone else and they told me they went through almost the same thing, also saw several doctors for tingling in hands, feet, and sometimes face, and after seeing a homeopathic doctor they suggested getting the metal fillings taken out, as they had a high metal count from some blood work and urine sample that was taken. I too have old fillings and a couple of crowns that were leaking and had decay underneath. I had three removed today. I am getting the rest taken out this week. I'll also notice I feel the tingling more when I am sitting in a chair or laying down at night, and my mouth has been dry when I wake up for the past few weeks or so. This could be because I sleep with my mouth open, and due to the dental work I needed done..not sure. I also use the bathroom frequently but even with that I am reluctant to use it as something to gauge what's going on since I have been drinking a lot of water, juicing, eating clean, and also have always used the bathroom a lot since I was a kid, so hard to say if it is related to anything.

I still however, have had multiple blood tests and want to take care of myself and saw online that low iron, vitamin d and e, can cause tingling in the body. If you could please review my lab work, as I am confused as to how much more iron, etc. I should take. I am not sure if 16% iron is low enough to be taking S.S.S iron supplement, or SlowFe or some of the higher doses, or if I should see a doctor and get an infusion then keep taking supplements. Also, I got results back today showing low Vitamin E, but not sure if it's low enough to be taking 400IU per day or should I take even more based on the levels? I am in between insurance and have spent a lot of money over the past month paying out of pocket to see Dr's that haven't really giving me any answers. I'm finally going to see a primary care doctor someone referred me to that says he is a good doctor and should be able to give me some answers, but he is booked for a week and a half. Below are my test results. Your input would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!!!

Ferritin = 60

Hemoglobin A1c = 5.0

Magnesium= 2.2

TSH Reflex to Free T4= 1.400

Glucose= 99

Uric Acid= 3.8

Sodium 142

Potassium 4.4

chloride =105

carbon dioxide= 25


Phosphorus= 3.6

cholesterol= 183

triglycerides= 68

HDL Cholesterol = 36 (low)

CALC LDL CHOL= 133 (high)

Risk Ratio LDL/HDL= 3.71

Protien= 7.0


GGT= 56 (high)



LDH= 137




CALC IRON SAT= 16% low

WBC= 4.2




NEUTROPHIL= 30.9 (low)



EOSINOPHILS= 21.9 (high)



T-UPTAKE= 30.2


T4= 5.2




VITAMIN B12 = 588


Vitamin E(Alpha Tocopherol)= 13.5 NORMAL

Vitamin E(Gamma Tocopherol) = 0.3 . (low)

Vitamin B6 = 32.4 NORMAL

Vitaminn B1= 115.7 NORMAL

Vitamin K1 = 0.63 NORMAL

Vitamin C= 1.2 NORMAL

Carotene, Beta = 45 NORMAL

ZINC, plasma or serum = 65

Vitamin D, 25 OH = 23 (low)

note: 35- Hydroxyvitamin D Assay includes 25- Hydroxyvitam

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    hi I've had the same feelings mostly when I lie down tingling in my face then arms I saw the nurse and she reckons its anxiety but I've look anxiety up and it says no where were tingling feeling all over your body like

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      Hi gemma11749,

      You should get blood work done. So far from what I have been reading it can be a vitamin deficiency, or something else like nerves, so far my doctor is addressing the vitamin deficiency and simultaneously I am going to see another doctor as well for checking my hand, etc. I had anxiety many many years ago, and I have never felt this type of tingling before. I think that's an easy way to dismiss it. We have to be our own advocates. Get blood work on all your b vitamins, vitamin e, vitamin d, iron, and get a hemo A1c, and CBC checked to rule out other stuff. Hope this info. helps.

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