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Ive had tinitus for 32 weeks now and its sometimes unbearable any advice please?

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    Hi Michelle

    I have been suffering with tinitus since April so quite similar time to yourself. At first I was very worried and frustrated with this and really did not know how to relieve the symptons, over time I have nearly come to accept that I may have tinitus for life. I find getting anxious makes it worse so I try to keep as calm as I can. If it is bad over night I play natural sounds CD or meditating music very very softly as if I have to slightly strain my hearing to actually hear the music this tends to mask the tinitus. I do have days when it is really bad and nothing will help on these days. I have had hearing test which showed no signs of any problem and I am having an MRI scan next week to hopefully rule out any major problems. Only advice I can offer is as I have already mentioned stay as calm as you possibly can and remember that there are many many sufferers of tinitus.

    Hope you find some relief.


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      Sorry getting used to the group think i replied to same person twice !thanks for sharing with me your journey really is unpleasent isnt it.thankyou for your advice its greatly appreviated

      Kindest regards michelle

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    So sorry you are suffering with this. Iv had it since May 2016. At first I panicked. It was horrible and I felt so aline. Many I tried to talk to just didn't seem 2 want to hear about it. So I suffered alone. My head feels like it is buzzing 24/7 and it makes me lightheaded and actually feels like my body is buzzing as well. Some days it's horrible but iv learned 2 try to relax and put my mind elsewhere. I get busy. This helps. At night, awful. So I keep a fan running or whn able a bedroom window open. I find open spaces I do ok but closed spaces get 2 me. Hope u can roll with this terrible condition because fighting it makes it worse. Triggers 4 me are: eating sweets, dairy, overly tired, stressed or upset. If u can eliminate stress, it helps. Take care

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      Also, testing showed I had slight hearing loss. So they say it's from this but it started right after I was ENORMOUSLY stressed over a catscan I had 2 take. Wonder if dye from that or the stressful situation I went thru..no telling..

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      Mine also started after a stressful event. ENTs say I have mild hearing loss and that's what caused it, audiologists say I'm within normal hearing limits, only one said it's possible I have hidden hearing loss. 

      The only tips I can advise you is to use white noise. I bought a white noise machine but I never use it. Instead, I bought myself a used iPhone 5s from ebay (small and thing) and installed a few white noise apps which I play at work and at home when needed. I bought this clamp I placed over my bed head rest and I attached the iPhone to it and I fall asleep with white noise. For the longest I would use the beach wave sound but for some reason, I discovered my ear prefers the camp fire white noise better and that's what I've been using.It's weird, it doesn't matter how loud the noise is, just by playing the camp fire sound even at a low volume, my ear shuts up.

      I bought these LG Tone Active+ Wireless Stereo Headset. They come with external stereo speaker on the band that rests on your shoulders. I connect it via Bluetooth to my the iPhone and play white noise through them. For a while I would only play the noise on my bad ear but I was told to play it on both ears because its' like training, if you only train one arm, only that arm will get stronger. If you neglect the bad ear, it can result in other issues. I forget the exact working but the recommendation was to play noise so that both ears get the same level of noise. 

      Also, I started doing a lot of Photoshop as a hobby and I noticed that kept my mind occupied and the tinnitus would disappear for the most part while doing it and would last for quiet awhile after. 

      When needed, I take clonazepam. That helps a lot too. I only take 0.5, I find that's enough to make a difference.

      I was taking Ambien 10mg to sleep but I would feel all drugged up during the day. I cut down to 5mg and, while I don't think it puts me to sleep, it does quiet the noise down, a lot, sometimes completely.

      My doctor said I could be on 5mg of Ambien for life if needed, the 10mg of Ambien, he did not recommend. 

      I had not idea such a terrible thing like tinnitus existed until I got it. Talking to people, friends and family etc. I now know people or I have friends who know people that have it. Last I counted, it was 21 people. Of course, all with different levels of  it. 

      My exes mom developed it and started taking Lipoflavonoid  and she says it has helped her a lot. She's almost back to normal levels.

      I took it only for like 1 month but I didn't feel a difference, so I stopped.

      I've been taking Azelastine for mild ETD and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like that helps me too. 

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      Thankyou and sorry u have it too, thankyou for your advice its much appreciated im of to buy a hearing pillow apparantly its helps at night and im going to start a food diary to see if i can elininate foods.just came out of the blue under a specialist whos prescribed gabapentin for the migraine that goes woth it but insure i want to go down that road ! Take care kind regards michelle
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      Yea, I can see why the campfire app would work. I will give that a try. I also thought about trying lipoflavonoid, but then read where it can make it worse too. So is ambiance a prescription? What is it? I read in another forum a yr ago, how someone took a muscle relaxer and it stopped their T. I even thought about seeing if my dr. Would give me one. Yes, I too was told by an ent I had slight hearing loss and yes, an anxious time I believe set it off..I pray for a cure soon. Does yr head feel like it's buzzing sometimes? It even gives me light headed Ness at times. But I am learning to deal..it takes time

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