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Tinnitus after Colonoscopy/endoscopy procedure?

I dont have any tinnitus earlier, i had a colonoscopy/endoscopy procedure around August,2017 with general anesthesia and then had colestipol to stop diarahea and around october mid i went for a movie which was very loud and also in october had lot of indigestion issues did ultrasound and it showed i have gallstones  and one or two days i can feel the roof spinning feeling,after that i had a shot for b12 . Around mid November, i started to noticing the ringing in both of my ears at night and when its very silent.I cannot relate at which instance it might have started, but these are the series events that occurred before the dizziness.I went to the oncologist, he say its not due to ear wax, i dont have any hearing loss. All he said is to do some excercise,avoid caffine and keep a fan near by while sleep so that sound masks it, but no real cure.I'm not getting enough sleep due to ringing in sound,also when i concentrate on it, the ringing gets louder.I do understand if you deviate in to some other action, it is less. But while sleeping its very tough.

 If any one can help/share with their experience on when their tinnitus started and any medicine helped to stop it,appreciate your response?

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  • sarah39400 biliarydyskines

    I don't know if the colonoscopy can cause Tinnitus, if had it for over a year now from a bad cold, Tinnitus talk is a great fourm to ask for help on sleep, but I know how you feel I struggled for months trying to sleep but eventually after months I just got used to my T and ignore it now, there is no cure yet for Tinnitus , I'm not sure which medications you could try but I know the people on Tinnitus talk fourm have loads more knowledge than me.

  • martin31040 biliarydyskines

    Hi, events you've listed I'd say it's more likely the loud cinema movie caused tinnitus, I've had Tinnitus for 23 years now noise induced in both ears, but it's really in the head, a brain thing, phantom noise, I don't think there is any medication that would directly help or stop the ringing, some take medications like amitriptyline etc, white noise machine might help at night, another noise to concentrate on, it's all about mindset try not to hate it, it seems get worse when do, just ignore it, I know easier said than done.

  • c75239 biliarydyskines

    It may be the meds or something that you took that caused the T. I've had T for a number of years and certain drugs worsen my T. Recently I had to take a laxative and it spiked my T and it still hasn't gotten better.  

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