Tinnitus and cervical spondylosis

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Can anyone tell me about experiences with tinnitus accompanying more usual symptoms of cervical spondylosis. I was diagnosed MRI with spondylosis of 2-3 cervical vertebrae on the left side only. This is associated with left sided neck pain that sometimes affects also my left shoulder and left arm. Also when I have these symptoms I have tinnitus (high pitc) in my left ear. When real bad there are symptoms from the whole left of my face. Would really appreciate some answers

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    Hi Icelander,

    I can relate to your tinnitus and your CS. I have had CS since 1991 diagnosed after many many visits to the hospital and managed to get an MRI scan in 1997. but just to say that yes I have had tinnitus constantltly for the last eight months and the last 2 months pain on left side of throat ears and cheek.I am at present attending ENT and am waiting for an appt with the audiology dept for a noise inhibitor to help. But I can sympathise with you. I also have a serious reaction (allergic) to anti - inflamatory medication so apart from painkillers and muscle relaxants I am limited as to what can help.I have had vertigo for many years and limited movement in my neck and shoulders Hands and so forth.But yes I can sympathise with you.I find playing music into my right ear when I go to bed sometimes help me get to sleep. But wake at least 4-5 times on average becuase of the tinnitus. Mine has gone from a high pitch ring to a low drone but as with yourself its constant.I will keep you posted as to what if anything I am advised to try.

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    I too have bad tinnitus with my CS. Also bad balance problems.

    Have had various scans and tests and seen hearing consultant but seems nothing can be done.

    It is worse when I am having bad pain.

    Sympathy to all sufferers.


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    Hi. I know this posting is over 5 years old, but I have only just found this web site.

    I am 54 years old and have Cervical Spondylosis. I also have spinal stenosis in L4/5/S1 which causes me a great deal of pain.

    Back to the Spondylosis though, I have tinnitus, I don't know when it started but over the last few years it's gotten worse, or more noticable. I have it constantly. I have noticed that if I have a nap in the afternoon and don't have a neck support on, when I wake the tinnitus sounds much louder.

    I have an appointment, in January, with an audiologist and I intend asking them if my tinnitus is caused by damage to the ears or problems with the nerves in my neck. I do wear hearing aids because of deafness.

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    Hi Guest,

    sorry I haven't been on for a while, I suffer from bouts of depression.

    Way back in 2004 I had an accident at work. At the time I thought that I'd pulled a muscle in my lumbar region, so I carried on working for a couple of months. It was getting worse so I went to my GP who sent me to the hospital for, wait for it, physiotherapy. I couldn't understand this at the time but I went for weeks of physio involving back stretching and bending. After each session I was worse than when I started. At the end of 2004 I got to see a an orthopedic specialist who did some x-rays and agreed that I had a prolapsed disc at L4/L5 and was put on a waiting list for surgery. I went back to work and struggled through.

       In December 2005 I had problems with my bladder caused by 'Pre Corda Equina', pressure on the nerve root known as 'The Horses Tail' and was taken in for an emergency partial diskectomy and decompression. This relieved me of the problems and the worst of the pain.

       Now I had some other problems with my lower back which gradually got worse but I started getting pain in my neck and shoulders which also got worse.

       I had x-rays and a CT scan of my neck which showed that the spacing between the vertibrae was ok' The pain got worse and I asked to be referred to the Chronic Pain Clinic. I was seen by a very nice doctor who looked at the CT and x-rays. He told me that when I had the lumbar surgery I would have been positioned in such a way that my head and neck would be 'Pushed, Pulled and Twisted' and this could have damaged the nerves in my neck.

       The pain got worse and I had more scans and x-rays and was told by the doctor that I had Cervical Spondylosis. He started me on Gabapentin and Oxycontin and Baclofen, (for muscle spasms), and told me to stay off work and rest.

       Over the next few years I had Facet Joint injections, RF Denervations, Botox injections into the nerves and all sorts of treatments from pain releif to accupuncture. Some didn't work and some worked for a few weeks or days.

       The doctor was really trying to help me, but he retired and I had to wait for 2 years while the Pain Clinic found a replacement and I was referred for what I thought was my neck and turnrd out to be for bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel Decompression.

       The CPClinic decided to concentrate on the pain in my lower back and 18 months ago was offered surgery to install a Spinal Cord Stimulator. A little over a week ago I had a call to tell me that there had been a cancellation and would I be able to attend. I went for the pre assessment last Saturday and I am booked in for the two week trial on the 25th of this month.

    Meanwhile. My neck has been clicking and grinding for a few years now, the effect causes pain like electric shocks down my arms and into the hands, it also causes numbness and tingling and spasms in the hands and fingers, (parathesia).

    I can't remember when the tinnitus came on but it was after December 2005. It has got worse to the point where it is driving me bonkers at times, to the point of depression. I have tried all kinds of tinnitus therapies but they are NOT a cure they are to try and help you to cope with it. I am convinced that the tinnitus is caused by the CS.

    I now hope that the SCS 2 week trial will be successful and that I can have one fitted permanently, then I can try and get the CS sorted.

    I would love to be able to help other people with advice but I can only advise on what I know.



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    Hi I can really understand what you're going through. In 2001 I had a head injury I was hit in the face with a brake caliper whilst repairing a car a week later I lost my eyesight for a few seconds then it came back then this horrible noise started in my head. I've never heard before .drove me absolutely crazy .thought I was cracking up. Pain started to affect the left side of my neck into my head and down into my collarbone shoulder and left arm. I was told I have spondylitis as well as intracranial hypertension as well as a bulging disc in my neck affecting C4 C5. That was 15 years ago and still today I am having problems the noise is horrendous it affect my balance and my ability to concentrate . It's a loud ringing hissing sound. And it makes you feel like nothing on Earth. So my friend I really do understand what you're going through. I've tried everything to fix myself but I feel like I can't move forward with my life . No matter how I try to control my life I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back. I really hope you find some answers to get your life back on track jan

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