TInnitus, headaches, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue-I am scared!

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I have been having terrible, but vague symptoms for at least the past month. THESE are: severe tinnitus (a high pitched ringing in both ears), headaches in the temples, extreme fatigue where i stay in bed all day, dizziness (not vertigo, where things are spinning around me, but more like a lack of balance), the most horrible brain fog with inability to concentrate and almost confusion, vision defects- not double vision, but just cannot see well. I feel as if my brain and eyes are wrapped in a thick wad of cotton, and im trying to see and think through that. its horrible, and it also is scaring me that it could possibly be something bad.

IN November i moved back to my home state of Wisconsin after living in northern CA for 31 years-I DID it to be with family again. So I do not have any doctors who know me, which makes everything harder.

But i know i don't have LYME's disease or anything endemic to WI.

One thing i thought could be the cause was that i had all my chronic pain medications changed from old ones to the newer ones. One new med, NUCYNTA, has many side effects similar to my symptoms, but i stopped taking it over a week ago, and i have not become even the slightest bit better.

If anyone has had similar symptoms and knows why and has a solution, please let me know.


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    Hi has vestibular migraine been considered? Its a a type of migraine that may or may not cause a headache, but can include a number of symptoms affecting the ears, vision and balance.

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    When I have the symptoms you have described, I was Diagnosed with labyrinthitis . I get this any time I have a cold or sinus infection. I would

    make an appointment with An ENT to get a your symptoms diagnosed.

    I have also had one of my crystals get loose which created the same symptoms.

    I hope you feel better. 🌼

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    hello, started woth same symptoms almost yr ago to the day...was told labrynthis, seen ent and he told me no, but he couldn't help me. went to a dizzy clinic and he ran a bunch of tests, that also included nystagmus test (eye flutter) and ear pressure test, everything fine. I've had 2 mri of head and neck, a ct scan of my head to rule out stroke because of the swaying off balance feeling I was having. came clear. ran full blood tests, and have seen a neurologist. all clear. funny thing is when my old doc ran my blood work, she never checked my iron. my new doc noticed and said it's low. meaning my hemoglobins were good, but me ferritin was low. so I'm at 28, and apparently normal is between 20-200.....so she said people can be normal low tange, but if symptomatic to start an iron supplement. it hasn't helped all my symptoms. but has helped with the ringing in ears...my other symptoms come and go...I've been through so many tests over the past yr, and that caused anxiety. I used to hate when ppl told me anxiety, because there must have been a reason behind how crappy I was feeling. I'm still working on the anxiety part, but I'm not nearly as dizzy amd my eyes have gotten 10x better...my symptoms were

    extremely tired (on couch daily)

    Eye issues (driving was difficult sometimes, and crowded places)

    sensitive to light

    brain fog...hard to even make coffee in morn..

    dizzyness but swaying back and forth type. amd off balance. taking corners too wide etc...


    heart palpitations

    walking on sponges sometimes...terrible out of body feeling..hard to even walk down steet some days....

    I'm even working with a therapist now because I've been at my wits end, and if it is only anxiety, I'll do anything to get rid of it. look up iron deficiency symptoms...I was surprised that tinnitus was even a symptom for that. just get your doc to add ferritin to your blood work...I'm not as bad as I used to be, so if you can try to relax (I know how hard it is) you may notice some difference. I'm also takin Calm magnesium powder at night because I get leg amd body twitches now too...but it seems to belp, and it calms nerves too and helps sleep.

    I know how frustrating an scary it is, but all these tests made it 10x worse for me. it was the waiting in between for results that messed me right up...I hope you feel better, and let me know about the ferritin levels....I'm curious if half the people on here have something minor that their doc missed...and it's a 10$ fix...just takes a few months to adjust levels ...

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