Tinnitus : My bad situation was the best experince of Life time.

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Tinnitus Cured.


Few years back one bad morning when I woke up I felt one sound coming from my left ear. Generally if  water enters into ear same type feeling. I was under the impression that while having bath water might entered into my ear. So it will go away in one or two days. I didn't consulted doctor. But after few hours during day time the noise level didn't turned off instead I felt something "wrong". Then I searched on the net and found new word "Tinnitus". I didn't know that word earlier or I have no experience of any patient suffering from this problem.

Then after 3  days I consulted ENT Dr. who I know very well and treated me without consultation charges. Initially he doubted about this sick and told me to take audiogram which confirmed it was nothing but tinnitus. The Dr told me there were NOT available medicine for this! When I browsed I could see so many people suffering from this problem.

Then I made research on this (not being a Doctor, but being a patient !) If I say that I am cured sometimes it happens that I am still having tinnitus ! So I never say that I m cured even though this is false statement for me.

But I have spent huge amount for this. All are healthy things. I will disclose it those really needs and  can afford for this.

If I publish my research work no one will give credit to me because I am not a  Doctor. So I m not publishing it here.

I am thinking to give some personal suggestions for those who badly needs it. I knew this is pathetic problem since I had very bad experience on this. If one who is having tinnitus cant work, cant sleep, cant feel to laugh also. This bad experience really took me challenge to cure it. I did it. Thanks God for this.

Some of my experiment to cure myself might not be "medically proved" but this method should help the Tinnitus patient. I have written a long Log book on my "problem and Treatment on Tinnitus" since my problem started  to the Cured.

I wanted to post this msg long time back but because of other works I could not done so far. Now Im getting free time so started thread.

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    So Abiyan, what is your secret cure?

    I have constant tinnitus in left ear as well as 30% hearing loss in that ear. Have been to ENT, had all the tests, tried upper cervical chiropractor as well as traditional chiropractor, and several acupuncture treatments, all to no avail.

    Care to share your cure to those of us still looking?

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      What influenced Dr to do chiropractor ? any problem/pain there? How many days/months/ years having been irritating with tinnitus ? I have so many questionaires to study and give suggestions. Must be having bad days .. I can imagine your position. What is tinnitus frequency ? Any audio gram / hearing test printouts ? If you feel comfort to share welcome. All will not be share elsewhere.

      Each of my reply and your answer will be demodulated in several manners to come to a conclusion. It will test your Patience, faith with me, really interested to cure or not etc., All based on my personal experiences which had given +ve result. Hope for the best for you also. Keep in touch with me.

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      I too suffer from tinnitis and would love to know what you did to cure yourself by God's help. I have had in both ears for 16 months. Iv had hearing test which showed I had slight hearing loss in ears. The hearing loss was if high pitched sounds, which won't be missed but in the place has come this horrid screeching, buzzing of my ears..Would be ever so thankful if you really did have a cure..

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      HIgh pitched sound. Really pitty on you. Dont worry. Even my reply might be delayed due to other ocucupation wait for my reply.

      16 months living with tinnitus. Let me know your age/gender/married etc., where you are from ?

      It took more than 18 month for me to solve this. will c

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    My primary care physician did not recommend chiropractic; he referred me to an ENT who was probably the least helpful of all the professionals I have seen regarding this condition. But he was able to say I did not have Menieres Disease based on my tests, and that my hearing loss and tinnitus was most likely due to a viral infection. Beyond that, he could only recommend a hearing aid as he shrugged his shoulders.

    I went to an upper cervical chiropractor based on recommendations on this forum. After 8 adjustments, I could not justify continuing treatment as I found no improvement, especially since the cost was out-of-pocket. 

    In response to your questions, this condition descended upon me unexpectedly last December. I woke with a plugged ear and tinnitus in my left ear. I have chronic congestion as a result of living with a dog I am allergic to, so was no stranger to earaches and such. But after a week or so when the condition didn't improve, I went to an urgent care center and found I had an ear infection, so antibiotics were prescribed, which were not effective in alleviating my symptoms and returned to my PCP who prescribed another round of antibiotics which did not alleviate my symptoms, which is how I was referred to an ENT.

    Bottom line, hearing loss and tinnitus are still here 24/7, which brings me back to your cure. Care to share?

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      As I guessed about Cervical chiropractor your primary Dr didnt' recommonded that. It was not needed unless any physical damage there. Ok dont worry nothing can be done for that. will focus what we can do now.

      I think Steroid treatment not done. It is not useful unless a Viral attack.

      I have series of questionaire. I dont know where u live. etc., for some support like medicines.  For me it took more than 18 months  to solve this. Imagine it happend suddenly and tested my patience for 18 months to nullify !

      if you are more than 60 years it is difficult. Since all the other parts of the body getting weak because of age.

      Yes living with dog is not good. Even me like pets like dog,cow, cat etc., but I take all precautions.

      Learnt lot about health and importance of health.

      Mention your age/gender/place etc next time.

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    Some folks on this forum said upper cervical chiropractic had helped with their hearing loss and tinnitus which is why I tried it. Some things work for some and not for others.

    My PCP did prescribe steroids to treat my hearing loss and tinnitus to no avail.

    I am a 68 year old male living in Florida in otherwise good health.

    And I'll let you tell my wife her dog is no good. I have chosen the next best thing and practice avoidance, looking forward to being dog-free. To be honest, problems with congestion and earaches began when the dog moved in 10+ years ago. I take allergy medication daily including Flonase and employ air purifiers to help but remain congested.

    What helped cure your tinnitus? I remain hopeful but am prepared to live with this condition indefinitely. Please enlighten us.

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    I am 26yrs old girl from India hvng tinnitus since last November with no hearing loss can u plz share ur cure
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