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Has anyone been offered any sort of surgery  for their Tinnitus??

I have a six monthly appointment with a consultant, My first words are

always ""any cure yet?"" and her first words are always  "not yet ""

This has now been the situation for over  four VERY long years

I have come to a mental and physical state of  screaming,with

frustration,with the  24/7  noise. 

I had to resort to a low dose sleeping tablet, to get me to fall asleep,

which is O.K up to a point ,but I usually wake at 2 or 3 in the morning

and stay awake because of the ringing

My G.P who obviously has NO concept of lack of sleep, has decided to

stop the sleeper, and  my sleep is reduced to "cat Naps " during the day

The reason for the stoppage was ,that "they" were addictive, hardly

likely to become addicted to something that doesn't work .

What  wouldn't I  give for an 8 hour sleep

I had heard that there was a surgical procedure that could be done,

maybe it's just for people with a damaged inner ear, and not for the

brain damaged amongst us 

PLEASE don't suggest singing pillows to send me off to sleep'

I just need an understanding caring, kind G.P who recognises that

lack of sleep just makes Tinnitus worse .  

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    Hi! I don't have any answers, I'm afraid, but I do have heaps of understanding! I could have cried when I was told I would just have to live with it. I've always been sensitive to loud noise so my tinnitus is the worst sort of torture that could have been inflicted on me.

    I do agree with those who say you can get used to it - up to a point! I've had tinnitus for years and it's always been manageable before, but recently it's got ridiculous. I did find it helpful to play the 'tinnitus sounds' to my husband from the Tinnitus Association website. I get each one of those, but louder, and I think he was a bit shocked when I said that to him.

    It must be frustrating for the medics as well as for us as they must know that, for some, it can be very depressing to wake up day after day with no relief to the horrible sounds that make you jump like someone with a tic, or stop you hearing intermittently which makes others think you are putting on your deafness.

    Like I say, I have no answers for you, but join me in my boat and we'll try and weather the storm together if you like.


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      Hello Moy,Well, that's two things we have in common, good start,we both know nothing,and not had the pleasure of meeting anyone who

      knows something,I will gladly join you in your boat, but only if the water

      water is not"  lumpy",I don't look good in green !!!!!!

       2-30 am was wake up time this morning,with no chance of any more

      zzzzzzz's so it was good old Radio 4  to the rescue. My tinnitus

      person is brilliant, I had one of those Sudden Deafness incidents

      so I rang her at the hospital. "Come in NOW "" she said. so I did 

      I had all the tests and she had a word with the consultant who was

      doing clinic, and he said if I didn't mind waiting he would see me.

      He did,, eventually, and looked at all the results, and said that I was

      fine ""Nothing  Growing " Then my mentor, had been patrolling the

      corridors, waiting to see me, and she was so relieved when I told her 

      the good news, we had a big hug ,as I only had an infection

      .I have one of those White noise "earole " machines, but it is so 

      fiddley trying to set it.I'm afraid it sits in it's little box .probably

      with a grin in it's battery

      Thank god Iv'e got a sense of humour to deal with ALL my nasties

      Glad to come aboard, and don't sail off without me 

      Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz J  


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    Hi Jacqueline

    I understand your frustration.  It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that you can never have 'quiteness' especially when you are trying to get to sleep.  

    It's so interesting to see you describe it as 'brain damaged'.  It does feel as if something has gone wrong with how the brain functions.  I have two permanent sounds, one a high pitched ringing and the other a deeper motor like sound. There is a third sound that comes and goes, which is like a whoosing sound. Getting off to sleep is difficult and like you, when I wake up in the middle of the night its so difficult to get back to sleep. Stress can make the tinnitus worse and the lack of sleep is likely to make you more stressed, which excerbates the problem.  

    Your GP is likely to be aware of the effects of you not being able to sleep but is probably applying caution to prescribing medication long term, knowing that the tinnitus is a long term problem.  Have you been prescribed Amitryptyline?

    I hope it helps you to know that you are not alone and that people on this forum understand your pain and wish you well. Let's keeping looking to the future hoping for a break-through to end this condition.


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      Hello Veemae,had to check twice to see if I had spelt your name right.

      You are soooooooooo on the wavelength, regarding lack of sleep My 

      G.P well ,one of 4 is/are being a tad over cautious ,the sleeper is the

      rock bottom ,3.75,  hardly puts me in the "junkie" league.

      I have just recently heard that night nurse is an option,  which of

      course is non addictive. (yet) 

      I did get whacked on the top of my head with a large metal bridle 

      rack,  which needed stitches ,and turned my hair a nice shade of red.,but , that was over 15 years ago.

      Don't know what Amyt-------- is but the sleeper is called Zopiclone.

      Catch 22 situation with the stress---sleep----no sleep---more stress

      Just need someone to REALLY concentrate on finding a cure to 

      remove the Philharmonic out of my head. Nice to hear from you  

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      a good chiropracrer ajusts the whole body thus alinging the skelton which includes the neck and head .some people get very good results 

      i got titnus thru injury and having a spare rib that that presses on nerves .

      worse when i am tired .and i found that when i had regurlar ajustments it improved . 

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