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Tiny bump in neck and behind ear (guessing lymph node)

prayers needed! This all started a year ago with just a little knot on the back of my neck to maybe having cancer! Started off as a knot on the back of my head right where necks start on the bottom of head.. then I noticed I had a tiny knot in my neck. Did some research and cancer started to pop up on the Internet.. I freaked out and anxiety went into overdrive.. doctor examined me and thought it was due to allergies.. got cat scan and the side with knot the lymph nodes and glands was bigger but they said they didn’t see anything wrong .. started to get headaches and ears was clogged up with some numbness in face.. doctor told me to take some Flonase . And said I might need anxiety meds.. he told me he would run blood test just to see if he found anything there.. he said everything was good.. and he really thought I was crazy.. after a while symptoms died down and now they have came back last month.. now I’m freaking out.. knot in my neck and behind my ear never gets big at all then goes away especially the one in my neck.. does this sound like cancer or could it really just be something else and anxiety? I been getting headaches just on the said on the side of my head like tension headaches which have me freaking out more now thinking I might have some kind of head or throat or salvia cancer.. I have a MRI Monday but I’m scared, because I don’t know what else it could be

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  • john64968

    Ok John, stop panicking. What I will tell you is what I know from personal experience. I found a small lump behind my ear which turned out to be non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Firstly if it was cancer any lumps would not come and go. The lump would either get bigger or, as in my case, one lump turned into two and then into three. Cancerous lumps do not come and go, they either enlarge and/or multiply. The symptoms would not "die down". You are probably suffering from health anxiety (more common than you would think) and your doctor is doing all the right things to reassure you. If the actual process of having an MRI is scaring you stop worrying. It is very noisy but is pain free and not uncomfortable. I have had many and they don't bother me at all. If the result shows, as I suspect, that everything is fine believe what they tell you. An MRI picks up anything untoward, whether it's cancer or some other problem. So, sleep easy, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • JoyKF53

      Thanku for the reply I appreciate all the info I can get ! Do you know if cancer lumps have to be pronounced or knots you can see or can they be underneath the skin? Because my doctor couldn’t fill or see anything but I can feel it.. also by my ears it’s a couple little knots I can feel but you can’t see it .. they did ultrasound on neck and found out they lymph node and gland was a little bigger on this side but nothing to worry about and blood test was fine.. I’m just scared that ultrasound missed the lump behind ear 

    • john64968

      It appears to me that despite all the information that I have given you that you are determined to find that you have something wrong with you. Ultrasound, CAT, MRI and PET scans are incredibly reliable so for goodness sake listen to what your being told and find something to keep you busy to stop you over thinking about your health.

    • JoyKF53

      I got my mri today.. omg it was scary 😕 that had my head locked in with plastic cover over top of me inside mri.. but thanks for the reply , I’m just scared I’m sorry.. just looking for support on here

  • john64968

    Also cancer usually shows up in the blood tests too.  I would suspect that your anxiety is causing a lot of issues for you from worrying about it all.  Go ahead with the MRI and if something shows up on that there will be a plan of action.  Try not to google things though it can make you feel worse!

    • stephie2

      Thank you for the respond! I got it done Monday and I still haven’t heard anything back from the doctor 😢 they got my results back Monday too.. this is making me scared.. my doctor wasn’t in on Tuesday but he was there yesterday, do this mean he is trying to make a plan for me? Because if it wasn’t anything wrong I would have thought they would have just called me and told me already 

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