Tired Coz I'm Depressed or Depressed Coz I am Tired??????

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I hope someone out there can advise me. For the last couple of years i have had a pretty lousy time stress-wise. You name it, it has happened. Job issues, personal issues, selling a house, illness etc etc.

At the same time I have been feeling completely exhausted all of the time and extremely low. I could cry at the drop of a hat.

Don't feel as though I want to hurt anyone (even me) but have low self esteem.

So finally I went to see Doc (as dad has suffered from depresion for YEARS) who said I was \"low\" because I was tired and diagnosed post-viral syndrome.

So no help there then. No treatment, no cure. Just have to get on with it.

But I don't seem to be getting any better. I am not convinced I have PVFS. I am more lilely to believe Depression as I also have an eating disorder (too much not anorexic) and I won't even look at myself in a mirror as i hate everything I can see.

Any ideas?

Lelly xx

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    Hi LellyM

    You should really go back to your doc. Did he/she know that your dad has suffered with depression for years.

    I've wandered into this forum from the fluoxetine forum (a drug taken for depression). Your post caught my eye.

    Is there maybe another doctor you could see in your practice? I didn't see my actual doctor when i was prescribed the drug.

    Another avenue you could try is counselling. Either put yourself on an NHS waiting list (i had to wait about 6 weeks) or privately. If you can get a counsellor to understand then the doctor may take your symptons a bit more seriously. I've found couselling to be worth every penny (even though mine is free, if you see what i mean!)

    Sleeplessness is a real pain, have been suffering with that for months. Have been on this drug for 10 weeks now and things have levelled.

    Good luck and best wishes. Let me know how you get on. x

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    Hi Meganpooch,

    thanks your reply. Even knowing someone out there cared enough to comment has made me feel a bit better.

    I will be going back to the docs and will have to see a different one as the previous one has left!

    Mind you, if I see my \"official GP\" he is about as sympathetic as a serial killer but he has the advantage that he is also by dad's doctor so that may help.

    I think part of the problem is that I saw the difficulties my dad went through - the stigma etc as he had a full breakdown and it scares me. I am very like him in personality (we both tend to bottle things up) and I don't want to end up the same.

    He actually commented a few weeks ago that I was \"different\" so I guess I should take the hint.

    I'll let you know what happens.

    Lelly M :P :wink:

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    Hi Lelly M

    I also am really scared that I am going to end up like one of my relatives. My grandmother was bipolar and I have suffered from depression for years. Recently I have begun to be more hyper on some occasions and I am worrying about the possible genetic links of mental health problems. My grandmother is dead now but I was very much like her and have been told by an older relative I 'am just like her'. That is a compliment cause she was a remarkable woman but it does scare me that I might be like her in more ways than the obvious.

    Seeing another doc at the practice sounds like a very good idea. Something that may help them realise is for you to keep a mood diary so they can see the depth of your feelings etc. Don't know about you but can't seem to remember much when I finally get to see someone.

    Hope it gets sorted soon. Keep posting and let us know how it's going.


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    Well, had a bit of a breakthrough on Friday.

    Had a good chat with an old friend (who also has had gallstones and depression) and found out that everything I am feeling/experiencing could all be down to the stones.

    She described it has running on 20% of your normal levels.

    So I am feeling a lot more positive.

    Thanks to you all!

    Lelly. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Hi there Lelly,

    May I start by saying what a lovely name 'Lelly' is, I really like it!

    I would advise that you have your thyroid function tested as an underactive thyroid may be the route of your lethargy.

    For now though, why not take a walk? Wherever is beautiful, peaceful, busy, fun...whatever makes you happy...take yourself to that place. The time-out will do you good as well as the endorphins naturally released by the exercise. (I know you said you feel tired so try not to leave this too late in the day)

    Another activity that works for some (but not for everyone) is as simple as writing. Keep a journal for a week. Write down anything you like. Talk to it, name it, treat it like the most trustworthy of all friends. Try to write daily for one week without peeking back. Then at the end of the week take a look at what you wrote each day. I personally find that it puts things into perspective and rationalises thought patterns. I enjoy writing before bed as the time tossing and turning over thoughts is now wasted - because I've already written them down and talked them through, if that makes sense...

    I hope that you can find some use in this 'little' post and all the best Lelly.


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    Hi Jo Jo Jo


    Lelly is a nickname given to me by my oldest friend and one I have stuck with. I like it too!

    Definitely feeling better as some major bad news this week (dad with cancer) didn't send me into a downward spiral and I am managing to be philosophical and pragmatic.

    Changed my diet a little and that has helped incredibly. It was as simple as changing my toast breakfast to cereal. The little bit of sugar has made all the difference. I no longer feel as though I am about to keel over.

    Still plan to go and see doc next week as I am not 100% sure i dont have Depression but certainly don't feel as bad as before.

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    Well folks, I did it. Went to see the doc. OK, I had to got o get other tabs renewed but still finally told doc how I feel. AND [b:d67c859dab][u:d67c859dab]she[/u:d67c859dab][/b:d67c859dab] was wonderful.

    OK, wasn't usual doc but I think that made a difference.

    It is official. I do have moderate depression and anxiety and she has prescribed fluoxetine. So I am 4 days in to the dose and waiting to see if i get any of the lovely side effects. Don't usually so maybe I will be lucky?????

    It is just nice to have someone confirm you are right about how you feel and you are not imagining it. it really IS all in yr head. :lol:

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    Hello Lelly,

    Good to read that your last visit at the doc was finally positive! Good lick with your fluoxetine.

    I am taking Citalopram, a \"sibling\" of fluoxetine. My experience was: the side effects were there immediately, the desired effect did need a few weeks. Drinking more than I used to kept the side effects down to practically none - apart from having to get up in the night to go to the loo. :-)

    I hope it works for you. I was messing about for years with low moods/motivation/energy level and was trying to kick myself into gear, to no avail. Kicking yourself all the time certainly doesn't help your self-confidence, but getting little done and pretending it doesn't matter is no solution either. The tablets helped me loads, though I just have started therapy as well.

    They say, nowadays there is a trend to \"if anti-depressants help, it was depression (whether it was or not)\". If you are an academic, this may be an interesting problem to ruminate. But for us patients, this'll do, I feel. What do we want the diagnosis for? To know, what may help, of course!

    As for your fears to have a break down like your father, I would like to calm you. I think depressions come in different forms, and it seems that there are less virulent but more chronic forms and the more drastic, acute versions. Like with a lot of illnesses, really. According to your first posting, you ahve been struggling for years now. Sounds like the chronic, more subdued version. So subdued, that you weren't even sure, whether it WAS depression. Not nice, but now you can tell yourself, that you obviously have managed to handle your emotional illness well enough not to completely falter. Hence a total breakdown is less likely for you, I think.

    All the best for your future path and as said - I hope the fluoxetine does the trick. If not, you may try another SSRI. And stick to the wonderful doc, you saw the last time. A good doc is always a good find, isn't it?



    P.S.: Do you know how to import the emoticons into a message? Thanks.

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    Hi Heidi,

    well I am now even more pleased I went to see the doc. I have just had my fluoxetine dosage increased and I am starting to feel a little more positive.

    Also started going for walks during the day if I start to feel lousy - just around the outside fo the factory but in the sunshine does it matter where you are?

    I am also a regular participant on the fluoxetine pages and the people on that forum are amazing. OK, they don't let you get away with self pity ( as I have found out) but if you do need support they are there.

    Sometimes that is all we need!

    Lelly xx

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