Tired out now with SVT

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hi everybody

Well i have been suffering since i was 17 iam now 46 and had a really bad attack two days ago which has left me drained

My first one was when i was 17 i was in the hairdressers having streaks put in my hair when the hairdresser accidently caught a mole on the side off my head with the hook she was using therefor after that for many years i thought it was panick attacks i was having and i just called them pallpy attacks !

I have had many more nasty experiances with them but wont go on iam sure everybody who suffers knows

Infact many ocasions when i have had SVT it has been because off some panick or other eg: enclosed spaces etc but in saying that i also have them when iam in bed relaxing or just sitting watching TV.

I had a major one just after an operation and by that time i knew what it was so when i came round from anastetic i told the staff not to worry as it was SVT !

I used to get them one in a blue moon but have recently realised they are becoming a lot more frequent and iam tiring off them now .

I need to ask people some questions and would apreciate some input as iam going to the docs on monday as iam seriously considering the abilation i was offered 3yrs ago but refused as i was scared.

Does anybody (after a severe attack ) need to pass lots off urine ? is this because every organ is worked harder during an attack ? thats the only reason i can think off

also i have found for days after an attack (even although the worst off the svt is over i still have mild flutters ) i burp lots which seems to help put my heart rate back to normal.

I started a new job and on new yrs day whilst at work i took a major attack and apart from the humilation and embarasment i just felt i have had enough as i had to walk home whilst in the middle off it and i was worth nothing by the time i got home

I couldt lift a finger all day as i was totally tired out

At some stages i was able to controll it with breathing in and holding then slowly breathing out or pinching my nostrils etc lol tried and tested every method known but these no longer seem to work !

Iam terafied off the operation but will seriously have to consider it now , iam taking inderell LA but these have no effect either.

Thank you for reading

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    I hear ya......I havent looked at a SVT article for along time on the net. But today i had \"the startup\" happening, so I came home and found this forum...Im sooo drained, I need to go to bed.......anyway, I have had it for the last 23 years with all the embarrasing, frustrating, tiring, pain in the ass experiences..from work worries like yourself, to having my little 4 year oldkids holding my hand in the emergency waiting room on some accasions…anyway, I went on many tours with rock bands and only told people I trusted, I used to scan each new town we drove into to see where the local hospital was just incase…….anyway…..I had enough about 8 years ago and had the ablation..it was a sucsess, but the offending pathway was very close to my main pathway….so the doc only gave it 70% of the small burn that they do, to damage the tissue….I was awake, but drowsy, I was scared, I cryed before I went in… but Id had enough of this controlling my life and driving my anxiety……….Im now 42 and Im 6ft5inch……people used to freak out if I looked like I was going to pass out…no one wanted to have to pick me up>>lol……….anyway now{after ablation}, I still have the flip flap jump skip hop that feels like its one gone off, as it used too… however after 5-7 seconds, it dies off and loses its power…which isn’t enough to “capture” my heart rate…Im left tired, and for those split seconds, I panic still…it’s a horrible feeling and never gets easier after all these years….anyway, ….so it DO IT…….the place in my head where I was before, was more painfull than facing the fear of having it done, does that make sense?……..Im having further tests this coming year, as I feel I might have trouble within my heart{plumbing}….hope this helps, talk to docs, talk to others….dont let it rule your life…….my girlfriend said the other day”don’t go driving all that way, you are tired from the svt and you look pale”…so I said “life goes on and so I got in the car and went anyway…..f*ck it…………………..Pete
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    Hi pete

    Thanks for the reply

    Has your ablation not worked properly then ?

    Iam going to call my doc for an apointment first thing monday morning to discuss options because its takin over my life now , i have already been offered the op but iam scared as hell

    When you had the bad ones did your bladder go into overdrive ? its exausting enough ! and i have to lie down during it but iam forced to get up continuosly , because i have to pass loads of urine (sorry for the sordid detail )

    Has these svt's ever takin anybodys life ? is it possible ?

    Hope you are resting today


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    Hi there guys,

    Do any of you not take any medication......I have had svt for 8 yrs and on medication for that time also.

    The meds have kept it in check for most of that time and have been tweaked once or twice.

    I only ever got an episode while sleeping but had a biggy(worse yet) 3 months ago......lasting 16 hrs with overnight a&e visit to calm it down.

    I am 43 and cycle a few days a week so I feel fit and looking forward to getting this ablation done and life without meds and svt.

    Read all the posts on here as it has given me much enthusiasm about getting this done.

    all the best guys

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    Hi mags1472

    in reply to your experiences I also have been suffering SVT for many years. I am now 49 years old and have had enough of the dreaded attacks. As of the toilet I regards myself with a strong bladder however during attacks I need to empty my bladder every 10 minutes. I have spoke to consultants about this and they say that all your organs go into overdrive during an attack. I have only attended the hospital once during an attack which was 2 years ago and have tried and tested most of the drugs available to no avail. My cardiologist has now recommended me to have the ablation which I am due to have in less than two weeks so fingers crossed thay can ablate the necessary. I can go without an attack for two to three months then can have two attacks in a week for no apparent reason. when an attack occurs I feel worthless and waht makes matters worse is the frequency in which I have to urinate but have to climb stairs to go to the toilet which then leaves you totally knackerd. Its a catch 22 situation. Anyway I have had enough and I am going for the oP. hope this is useful in you making a decision as I have made mine.

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    Hi Gman

    i have been on and off beta blockers most off my life , i actually dont take them untill i start having bad attacks ! i know its like closing the gate once the horse has bolted but the thought off swallowing them evryday :roll:

    As off the past 4 days ( had a bad attack new yrs day at work ) i have been taking my half inderal LA 80mg but fluttering as i type waiting for tomorow so i can call docs.

    Gman did you find your medication was enough and its maybe worn out now and is this the reason you have decided on the operation ? iam scared but seriously considering it


    thanks for your info

    Yes i know what you mean having to get up from the sofa to go pee is a nightmare and bye the time you get back to lieing down its racing again & iam so laboured , the urge to pee is strong.

    i wish you both well on the ablation xx iam seriously considering this now too.

    I sometimes can feel the racing pulse just in my upper stomach is this familiar to anybody ?

    scared to go back to my new job again on tuesday incase it happens again its so humiliating and people think you are having a heart attack and i am trying to tell them its not and i feel like screaming at them to shut up !! and to get out my face lol

    hopefully i will have takin a build up off inderal before tuesday and i will be covered :roll:

    thanks all you guys


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    Hi there guest,

    Yes I felt the meds were enough as I had a good 5 yrs without any big problems and in that time i reduced my dose to one flecainide 50mg a day instead of 2.

    On the weekend of my biggy in October, 2 nights before I had been on a night out so drinks were consumed and ended up having a couple of red bulls and vodka but that was about 36 hrs before the episode and I drink probably twice a month but not binge.

    There seems no rhyme or reason and I have a healthy heart so I am told but the wiring is abit overactive sometimes.

    Since my last biggy I am on 3 pills a day now - 2 flacainide and 1 cardicor(beta b) and had a 2 hour episode a couple of weeks after coming out of hospital.

    Now I just want to be normal and not have to take this medication so to not have to worry about getting episodes.

    I have spoken on the phone to two guys and they have had it done twice which seems quite common too to just get a bit more area eliminated that may activate the palps.

    I am hoping to get my letter shortly to go to the hospital to speak to the consultant about the ablation.



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    searching the net looking for help - it was \"comforting\" to read these posts and realise that the panic and anxiety i feel with the attacks is felt by others too. :?

    i dont get attacks often but i ended up in emergency department at hospital on cmas eve as my medication didnt seem to work. ( i take it on a prn basis). i said to the nurse i needed to go to the toilet and that a bed pan wouldnt suffice. they didnt listen so i ended up filling the bedpan and overflowing onto the bed and floor -really embarrasing. :oops:

    i was left exhausted and my panic didnt ease totally for a few days. i find now that i am in an almost continual state of anxiety and it is freaking me out even tho i havent had an attack since cmas eve.

    i am only 49 and it upsets me to imagine that this might dictate my later life. but am going to a cardiologist wed - so maybe she will have new meds to offer and wise counsel to give smile

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    Hey all,

    As I wrote in a previous blog, I also have svt. Had it since I was 17, now 21. I went for an ablation in Oct, told huge success and that I wouldnt have any problems. But my experience was not the best. However in end of Oct I started a new job and during my induction my SVT started again, so I also have experienced the unfortunate embarrassment of having an attack at work. Lucky enough for me I work in a hosp and most people knew what was happening and I have had quite a few attacks since. I was told to go back on flecainide which I was on before the ablation pointless being on it tho as it doesnt work for me. I have just got the date for my second ablation for the 12th feb and although my first ablation experience wasnt the best I am definately going for the second as I want to get on top of my SVT.

    I am still scared of going back in for my ablation. A lot of people would be scared to go in for an operation. I would just like to seriously advise to anyone offered an ablation to take it. As it is better to get on top of your SVT than have it ruin your life.

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    [b:9bb9abea42]Hi there, :D

    Had my ablation last Thursday at the Jubilee in Clydebank and was told it was a success.

    I believe I have had fibrillation and flutter in the years past and they performed the ablation on my flutter.

    I am not on flecanide now but still 2.5 mg of cardicor once a day and a low dosage aspirin.

    I feel fine though and I do feel rumbles and blips as though it is going to start but it doesn`t. I have a check up in 2 months and if everything has been ok I will be off the meds and then it will be interesting to see how I get on without any meds but If I have to go back in to get it done for the AF then No Problem.

    All I could think about when I came out of the theatre was to get on my bike for a cycle...I think it gave me that sense of relief and drive.

    If anyone is thinking about getting an ablation........just get it done....these profs/docs are superb and at the top level of knowledge and expertise.........I couldn`t recommend it enough. smile

    All the best. [/b:9bb9abea42] :P

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