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Hi there, I am new to this group, I'm looking for some help or answers! I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis about 4 years ago and have been on antihistamines ever since along with montelukast, inhalers for my asthma and avamyss nasal spray every night! Now I feel stuck taking medication every day and still feeling like I have flare ups every single day, it comes in waves, I feel ok for a while then I feel congested, exhausted, just general allergic symptoms and I never feel quite right, always feel knocked off or like I have a permanent cold! The tiredness is the worst with me and the stuffiness, I wonder if it is a good idea taking these strong antihistamines every day when I really don't feel like they are working and maybe even adding to my problem and they could be the reason I feel so tired most days! I chop and change from fexofenadine 120mg - 180mg but I'm sure they make me feel weird taking a higher dose, sometimes cetirizine or leva cetirizine! I feel stuck and don't know what to do for the best but I have also heard that stopping an antihistamine can be quite difficult too causing really itchy skin etc for the first 2 weeks! I have been on this medication so long I have forgot what it feels like to be normal without them, sometimes I'm unsure if the antihistamine is making me worse with the way I'm feeling! I would continue to take all other medications though! How will I ever know how I am without it if I don't try! Any help or advise would be great thanks. 

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    Hi Melissa

    I understand your problem well, as I suffered chronic hayfever, rhinitis, and sinusitis for over 50 years, before discovering a miraculous cure.

    I used to take antihistamines, sinutabs, nasal sprays, nose drops and inhalants on a daily basis, as well as analgesics, to try and overcome the problem.

    I found the cure for my problem was simply taking Evening Primrose Oil.

    Evening Primrose Oil desensitises the nervous system, so that it does not react to normal irritants.

    It takes about 4 hours to work, and it is effective for a further 24 hours, so one 1000mg Capsule daily is normally adequate.

    It is not a drug, so it has no adverse side affects, and does not affect mental ability.

    Try it and be as surprised as I was that such a simple product could cure such a devastating problem.

    Kind regards, Ray.


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      Hi Raymond, thank you so much for replying to my comment as I am at the end of my tether with all this! I shall go and buy some primrose oil after work today and will start taking it asap! Some one also said to me bee propolis so I went and ordered some of that yesterday too, actually I'm on my break at work so will go and order some from eBay/amazon now and I will let you know how I get on!  Thank you so much once gain I really hope this works for me smile 

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    Hi Melissa, 

    there are natural antihistamine that you can take in place of the chemical one. One which I tried was quercetin. It worked for me but I had to stop it because it draws down on estrogen. I am taking hormone therapy so couldn't afford to have my estrogen level reduced further so I stopped. But I found it very useful for allergies. You can do more research on it and read of people's testimonies on how quercetin helped them.

    By the way, do you know what you are allergic to? I am allergic to dust mites and am now taking sublingual immunotherapy to get my body used to it so that it doesn't react so aggressively. Only been on it 3 weeks so I can't quite tell effectiveness. But many research have found it effective. 


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      Thank you so much for replying to me smile I will go do some research on quercertin and read some testimonies! Some one also mentioned bee propolis so I've ordered some of that and another person said primrose oil so I'll order in some of that too! I've been tested for dust mites, few different pollens but all came back ok, I'm getting more bloods done on Tuesday for food allergies so I'll find out in another week if I'm allergic to any foods! I'll try the bee propolis, primrose oil and I'll also look in to the natural antihistamine too! Thank you so much for going out your way and replying to me! I hope I feel better soon once trying these natural products 

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    Hi Melissa

    Funnily enough i'm in the exact same situation as yourself. I was diagnosed around 3 years ago and my symptoms seem to only get worse by the month. Mixed Rhinitis and Fatigue are my main issues. I'm allergic to House Dust, Mould, Birch/Tree pollen and Cats/Dogs. The best routine I've found is:

    1. Neilmed

    2. Dymista 

    3. Montelukast

    4. Fexofen or Citrizine

    5. Inhaler

    6. Opatonal (Eye Drops)

    I also use Ipratropium Bromide as my nose runs all day, after eating, exercise, laughing and so on.

    I agree with your that sometimes you feel the Antihistamines do nothing, however whenever you don't take them you will definitely feel awful. 

    I've currently just started SLIT for House Dust and Birch Pollen. The cost for House dust was £900 for a 6 month supply and the Birch Pollen was again £900 for a 6 month supply.

    Did you get a chance to try the Primrose Oil?


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      Hi tommy, 

      I have stopped taking fexofenadine and cetirizine for about 2 weeks now and feel much better for it, it was awful stopping them to start with as my skin was so itchy for over a week but that has eased off now, my nose doesn’t seem to be half as stuffy as it was being on the medication, I honestly believe that I was on the medication far too long (years)  and they were doing the opposite effect and making me worse. I don’t feel half as tired  anymore and don’t feel like I’m living in a bubble if that makes sense. I have also stopped taking avamyss nasal spray but only stopped 2 nights ago and surprisingly I am coping absolutely fine with out an antihistamine or a nasal spray. I think we get so wrapped u in taking medication we don’t give ourselves a chance to see what we are like without it! Instead of prescription antihistamines I bought bee propolis a natural antihistamine and I was taking this for a few days but then realised I didn’t need it and I’ll start taking it again before hay fever season, the evening primrose oil I have literally just started taking yesterday so it’s too soon to see if there’s any benefit from it, my allergies don’t appear to be half as bad as they were being on the prescription antihistamines so I’m going to see how long I can go with out any effects from allergies/ hay fever although I am still taking montelukast but I may stop this in the future too to see how my body gets on with out it! If I was you I’d decinitely eat something natural as the side effects and tiredness from the medications along with allergic rhinitis is just awful, I was so fed up feeling tired all the time but surprisingly feel “normal” again. If I can be of any other help just let me know! I hope you get to the bottom of your rhinitis/tiredness as it’s horrid living like that every day. 

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    Having good humitdity levels will help massively aswell as using a steroid nose spray before going to bed.

     I  originally removed carpets, rehomed my cat for two months, altered my diet - non of these worked, then when I went to bugaria for a week my symptoms improved a lot. Come the end of September my symptoms worsened - I realised I never had my windows open, I don't have central heating only storage heaters so often didn't have any heating on, also I was drying my clothes on maids in the home. Since I've realised what the cause of my allergen rhinitis is ive been able to improve my health and I'm hoping all my congestion will go in the next year.  High humidity plays havoc on your health!!  Opening windows, and having heating on is so important. 

    I have noticed that too much dairy doesn't help and if I get stressed or over tired I seem to get worse too, obviously these three effect my immunity. 

    Good luck. 

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    Try a plant based/vegan diet and probiotics I was a sceptic but it got rid of all my symptoms no more pills now and no more pain 
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