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Hi I am 65 and had my first (and maybe my last!!) TKR on 13th May, after initial agony due to bad pain management and v low blood count I feel I have made good progress although I have good range of movement I don't seem to be able to get past a 90 degree bend but I think thank is due to swelling and scar tissue. The thing is some days I feel like I've loosened everything up then the next everything is rock solid again - is anyone else experiencing this? I find it rather dispiriting. Cheers Su

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    You are very new and yes what you are feeling is very normal! 90 is great for where you are! This is not an easy surgery and everyone heals differently. At their own pace. I too said I would never get my other knee done! But now I'm 10 weeks po and it is now when I get it done. My rom is 108. I had manipulation done at 6 weeks because I was stuck at 65. Hang in there. Do your exercises. Ice and elevate. Take your meds. As hard as it is to believe now it does get better. And the people on here are awesome. We are all in the same boat. Good luck and ck here often. There really is good advice here. ..
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      So good to know how other peeps are managing well done you getting your other knee done. Thanks for your encouragement😃

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    Hi Suki!

    All you are experiencing is part of the healing process! At nearly one year post op I STILL have occasional days where I can actually feel where the prosthesis joins my bone. I'm guessing that complete healing goes on into the second year post op, maybe longer.

    I find THAT if I just take it a day at a time, I realize that there are many more good days as time goes on. I try to look out for indications that something MIGHT be wrong, but mostly I focus on all that is going RIGHT!

    Weather, overuse, not drinking enough water, sitting too long without elevating...the list goes on for what can cause a "bad" day. It IS upsetting because we want all to be well and to be able to get on with our lives!

    You are still very early in the game!

    Be patient and stay calm.

    Think positive, healing thoughts. The endorphins your body will create as you think in a positive way will help with pain and will put you in a better mood, too!

    Hoping that each day brings more calm and contentedness!😊

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      Thanks for your words of encouragement Cheryl it is a hard road definitely and so difficult to know what's what great to have this site and contacts with other people good luck with yours
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      Thank you, Suki!

      Yes, it is surely helpful to be able to come on this site anytime day or night and find others who REALLY understand what we are going through no matter what stage we are in!

      Connecting with others and hearing that what seems WEIRD is really NORMAL is very comforting!😊

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      Hi Cheryl I'm nearly a year on now, where you were when you kindly answered me, and things are good, I still have pain on rising from sitting but I am very overweight and really don't think this is helping. I also stil,have that tightness everyone talks about. Those are the nags the rest is all good, I have a constant reminder in my right knee of how much worse the arthritic pain is so I am more than happy with outcome.  I was wondering how you are now, being that bit further on in time, hopefully good Cheers S

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      Hi Suki!

      So nice to hear from you!😊

      Glad to hear that things are going well for you! Yes, there are times when we all have stiffness, some weird pains as the nerves wake up again, and challenges from time to time, but overall progress is good.

      I've been doing well! Our son and I laid mulch a couple weeks ago, I've been out reseeding parts of our lawn, set out the furniture on our deck, and carried bags of potting soil from the car to the backyard to prepare our flowerpots yesterday. My knees feel good. I have other arthritic body parts that sometimes SCREAM and YELL, but I rest, take Ibuprofen, use a heating pad and/ or IcyHot roll-on, and then I am ok again.

      I'm just SO THANKFUL that my awful knee pain is GONE! It was making me feel so bad!

      Stay in touch, OK?

      I love to hear how my KNEE BUDDIES are doing!😁😄😊😄😁

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    Hi Sue. Yea I recognise everything you wrote because I too had TKR 29 April and suffer the same. It's all part of the recovery process and apparently it gets easier. I'm an emotional bag with the pain and sleepless nights and so my surgeon told me to take Solpadol 4 times daily which I started yesterday. I woke this morning after a better sleep and little or no pain although these pills make you dries! ! Best we stay with the programme of recovery ( difficult as it is) try stay positive and keep our eye on the prize. Take care we're all in this together.


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      Sorry got your name wrong Suki. The pills I'm taking make me drowsy. !!
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      lol no worries about the name either works for me...sorry the drugs are making you woozy but it is important to get a rest from the pain and get some healing, good luck x
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    Hi Sue,

    I think 90 degrees is fantastic since May 13th. At 6 weeks I am at 100.

    There will e good and bad days, but be under no illusion, 90 degrees after 14 days is great, there are a lot of people on this site that would be very happy with this.

    Take care


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      That's nice to know, I have been worrying that I won't get full movement back....thanks for the encouragement
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    Hi Suki, 90 at this stage is brilliant, you are going in right direction, I am 11 weeks no and at times I found it 1 step forward At your stage keep taking your meds, drink plenty of water, keep doing your phyio, ice and elevate. A good exercise someone on here said when knee felt it ws stiffening was put it on first stair and lean into it and hold. do it a few times but dont overstrian it. You can also massage your leg, just gentl rubbing all over the knee, thigh and top of leg, I found this good and then when my scar complately healed started using bio oil which hellps the scar, but only when scar completely healed. Best wishes for your continuing progress, S
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      Cheers Sue, I am string with a bag of frozen peas on my knee as I type lol. It's great to hear everyone's experiences and to get courage from you all thanks
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    Hi! 90' is brilliant! I'm six weeks post op today for my latest TKR and on Saturday the physio measured my bend at a poor 75'🙁 He pushed it around,(excruciating despite the pain killers!) massaged it and I did my exercises and then it measured 85' but apparently it's still not good enough and he's sending a report to the consultant who I see tomorrow to get "signed off!"

    Hang in there, as it takes a good while to actually feel happy with your TKR-6/7 months with my left one so roll on Autumn/Christmas!


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      Hmm like you my right knee is badly in need or a TKR too, I can't bear to think about it yet though so well done you! I do hope your exercising and Physio work for you cheers for the encouragement and good luck 


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