TKR - 6 weeks - pain across front of knee..

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Hi, I had my TKR on September 11th 2014, and have been regularly doing the excercises. The problem that is really getting me down is the painful 'bends' (my physio said I was 'just over 100' the other day).

BUT the bends I do cause quite serious pain acress the front of my knee. Is this normal/to be expected? I am getting about on one crutch outdoors and mostly without crutches indoors.

But I keep worrying about what is or might be 'normal' or to be expected and what might be a sign of a 'problem.'

Can anyone help please?

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    Hi, I'm at a similar stage to you and still have stiffness and pain acroos the front of my knee. My bend is 115. From what i have learned from others on this site who are further forward this is quite normal and I think we are doing very well so I don't think it is a problem, just have to keep working on it. Good luck.
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    i'm just 1week further on than you and my bend is only 88% it's the straightening that's my problem...and yesterday doing the exercises I too got an excruciating pain across the top of the knee so I presume it's just the nerves and muscles strengthening

    i wouldn't worry if I was you as I think you're doing great 

    keep up the good work


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    I expect its just another phase of healing. Keep exercising. One that helped me most. Sit on bed or table that's high enough to get feet off the floor then hook the bad leg with the good one and slowly pull back as far as you can without real pain...... Hold for count of 10 repeat 10 times rest and repeat twice. Then ice. You might even want a pain pill an hour before starting. This doesn't overdo the streatch as you are the one in charge. You'll notice the muscles giving slightly each time. Of you have a stationary bike, use it for 10-15 mins before starting. Hope this helps a little. I've used it All 3'-4 tim
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    Thank you all so much for those reassuring words. It is difficult sometimes to keep a sense of what to expect when you exercise in isolation. But I feel a lot better for posting. What a great forum.

    Thanks again for the reassurances, and the inspiration!

    All the very best with your own journeys!


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    hi jb ... well, i had mine a couple of days before you and i congratulate you on your excellent bend.  i wish i had 100!  on a good day i have a bend of 80 and have, in fact, been given a date to go back into hospital and have it bent under anastetic.  my surgeon and physio tell me that once you get past 90 it gets easier so my suggestion would be keep at it!  you are doing great.

    like you, the pain over my knee (where the ligaments are attached to the thigh bone, go across the knee cap, and then attach to the calf bone) is feels like a really tight rubber band has been tied around it.  i keep getting told that i have to work past that pain but it has been so horrendous.  am now on new meds to help with the pain but i don't think i am going to get around going back into hospital.

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    Thank you for youe encouraging words. The pain has been so difficult to come to terms with, especially at night. Even knowing that you have to 'persist' it is hard to cope with. But it has been the only way forward.

    I must say the last coup-le of days seem to have turned a mini-corner. The pain is still there but at least I am feeling some improvement.

    I do hope your own knee goes the same way. All the very best with it anyway smile

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      Hi jb, sounds like what you're experiencing is perfectly normal, as others have said. All I'd like to say is not to give up on the exercises. I think they're the main thing that will get us through this successfully. It's that fear that the pain means something's wrong that gets to you isn't it? That's where this forum is so helpful. There's usually someone who's experienced something similar. Glad you're feeling a little better. I'm afraid some pain continues for weeks! I'm 14 weeks post op tomorrow and still get some discomfort and tightness when walking and when doing certain exercises but I haven't had any real pain when sitting or lying down for weeks now. So, take heart, it does get better. Jen x
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    Hi JB

    I am 8 weeks + 3 and at about 90 the last time the physio measured my bend.

    For those of us who have had our first TKR it is very hard knowing what is / could be a problem and what is normal which is why this Forum is so fantastic!

    Doing the bending exercise has always been difficult for me; it feels like my new knee is too big for the inside of my knee and when I bend it the pain goes across the knee - horrid! Generally my knee feels very solid and although I can straighten my knee into the bed when I stand I cannot straighten it so it looks quite bent.

    I have been doing Oldfatguy's exercises for the last few days and will persevere. Have my next exercise class on Tuesday and will check with one of the physios.

    What does your physio say?

    All the best, Tracey

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    Hi, All,

    I am feeling much better about the knee, and over the last few days the pain has decreased dramatically, and I am getting around the house without crutches and going out with just one. I am now more accepting that there will be good days and days that are less good ones.

    Physio says I am doing well, and saw surgeon last Friday who said that I was doing 'brilliantly.' So a lot calmer now. (Other a little blood from the scar this morning - see other thread...)

    Thank you to all respondents for holding my hand! smile

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      Pleased to hear you're feeling better. It's sensible to accept the good and bad days - but hard when you're having a bad day 😊 Keep up the good work. Jen x

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