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I'm 7 weeks post op and whilst Ive made some progress I'm still not where I'd expected or hoped to be in my recovery-the main thing is that whatever I achieve through exercise and determination all just goes the minute I stop-I'm unable to maintain any bend-each day I'm starting from the same point regardless how well I'd done the previous day-its so frustrating and there are times when I wonder why I'm bothering with the exercises as they seem to be getting me no where, obviously I do keep on with them. I can manage to walk with only a slight bend but I cant maintain this for much longer than 10/15 minutes or so before the knee swells and I stop being able to walk without swinging my leg-peg leg walk. Any one out there experienced anything similar or any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Watty.

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    HI 7 weeks is still very early days! Keep going with the exercises and pain meds. Also make sure you use ice for 20 mins every 2 hours. Eventually all these combined will make a difference. I was 3.5 months down the line before I realized that I had made progress!

    Its not an easy journey and one that most people have found much harder than expected! Be patient you will get there!

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    you are doing very well im 5 1/2 down the line lots of problems due to complications

    don't stop your exercises and continue with your medication don’t try and go without it

    you are doing really well stay strong keep positive read up on Chico on this site he has some sound advice to give you also find lots of other people will have great advice and will help you to keep going good luck

    what part of the world are you from

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    First, the word "expected" is banned from the TKR lexicon. That one word alone will get you into worlds of trouble. Here, in TKRville, there are ZERO expectations...only time, work and patience. Those are your keys to success. Sweep everything else out the door and especially DO NOT compare your recovery to that of anyone else. OWN your recovery. Don't even listen to your doc...they are frequently delusional.

    Seven weeks is waaaaaay early in a year-long recovery. That's right, it usually takes a full year to get past everything, rebuild your strength and feel like your old self again. Understand that you are NOT in control of this...the knee is. The key is to listen to the knee. When you do too much, it will swell like a balloon and set you back. Do just enough and you will continue moving forward. Get a pedometer and track your steps...not miles, not time...just the steps. You can then see your advancement.

    Click on my name and then Discussions...See All. Lots of topics (about 30) for you to browse...most of your questions will get answered. Good luck and welcome.

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    Thank you all for your encouraging replys-guess I'm basing my recovery rate on the physio and surgeons comments in that I'm a little behind in reaching the required bend as this flits from week to week -its a bit like a rubber band in I can pull and stretch but once I release the push it collapses back-same with maintaining the bend in my walk. I acknowledge that I have made the BIG mistake or measuring myself along side others two of these were walking driving 6 weeks post op and both are in their 80s but onwards and upwards I will get there. I'm writing this while I wait to see the physio-lets see what the outcome is for this session-fingers crossed folks . I'm in the UK by the way. Once again thank you everyone-its great to know I'm not on my own. Watty.

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      hi watty yes the pain is vile i myself thought it would be a run in the park how delusional was i I believed the consultant / surgeon who said to me oh after six weeks will be fine u will be doing all the things that u was doing b4 all these problems started!! he was bloody delusional its been vile i wished i had done more research i have found reading the posts off other people very helpful especially the post's off chico he has a lot of back ground info and knowledge that has helped us all

      i also live in the UK GOOD LUCK stay strong keep positive x

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    gm watty,I had my TKR in march before that I had arthroscopic surgery. u really can't prepare urself for this knid of pain,sleepless nights& don't even mention the therapy! On the 4TH of this month i had a manipulation&arthroscopic surgery done bc just like u,i was so frustrated and angry bc i didn't feel like therapy wasn't helping,the swelling wouldn't go away &the pain of it all was so overwhelming!!!! I slowed down with the therapy,when that happened the scar tissue came where i couldn't bend pass 75d! so after this 3rd surgery i finally got it thru my head that this is a very slowwww healing process & no matter what I fo i can't rush it!!!! during this round of therapy,my therapist did acupuncture and I immediately felt the difference! so maybe it will help with ur stiffness and soreness,it help me! Good luck& i hope u get some relif soon! Peace and blessings🙏 sorry it's so long

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    Thank you all for your encouraging support-the outcome of my physio session was the same-my bend remains at 55 so I've some way to go yet, on the plus side I've managed some new movements and pushing myself on in the hope the the bend will follow.

    I continue with my exercises, and ice pack, which is heaven, also medication which has only ever been Paracetamol as I'm opiate intolerant, apparently this could be a cause of my delayed progress as the pain being so intense that my brain didn't allow me to push myself through this enough, or so the med folk say. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Watty.

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