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I had my knee replaced 8 months ago, i expected to be back at work after 3 months max as so many guys from my work returned to work after about ten weeks after there tkr.

Ive Have nothing but pain and swelling. At night the pain keeps me awake its a deep aching pain on the inside of my knee.Ive just started the pain managment course which runs for 8 weeks.The surgeon operated again doing a scope and no infection or rejection could be found.As its not a private hospital ive only been able to see the surgeon twice for about 5 mins each time.He said it looks ok!

I only get to see the hospitals doctor for reviews who tells me its just patience!

I do hydro therapy 4 times a week plus physio at the hospital.

My question is is this normal ??? As im starting to believe there is no recovery. I have sleepless nights over this.

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    Hi, it doesn't sound normal to me but I don't know what to suggest as you seem to be doing everything you can. I have had further problems since my op but my knee itself doesn't hurt too much but is still stiff and swollen 5 months on. I would love to have a discussion with my consultant too but like you I have had 2 short appointments since the op but I wasn't getting the problems then and now I am waiting for a physio appointment. I was also told that it can take up to a year to heal properly but I would have thought you would be in less pain by now.

    Perhaps make an appointment with your GP?

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    I had my left knee done 14 months ago and my right 8 weeks ago. I still get some pain and swelling from my left, which the surgeon says could take 18 months, but will scan if I'm still having problems at 2 years. It's been worse since I had the right done, but might be due to a further alteration in gait. By contrast my right knee has been a doddle, hardly any pain, although the whole leg is still swollen, but it feels like a normal knee already, whereas the left doesn't.

    To help with pain at night I wrap it in clingfilm (saranwrap). It creates a moist heat and for some strange reason helps with the pain and I get a good night's sleep. I've no idea how it works, but it might be worth trying.

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    hi there x wont say its normal but im also 9 months post op and still inpain and stiff x told it would take up to 18 months before i start to feel a bit normal x still at physio and getting so frustrated now x pain and swelling and stiffness are all part of our recovery im afraid

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    I empathise. I had a partial knee replacement 10 months ago and am in more pain and discomfort than i was before the op. I am very frustrated as I am only 46 and was very active (hillwalking, running) before the op, despite the pain from my congenital arthritis. Since the op I have had nothing but pain and discomfort, often accompanied by swelling. It took 12 weeks before i was able to work again and took me ages to get my bend back. I worked really, really hard on the physio and have got my ROM back 100%, but not without pain and a weird digging tightness across my knee, intermittent flaring pain to the medial and lateral sides, constant pain to the back of the knee, shooting pains into my shins all accompanied by an awful loud clicking and crunching. I now also have awful hip and groin pain, possibly due to limping.

    Like you, I was told that my x-rays are fine and it's a mystery and I was pretty much waved away. I wouldn't accept this and went through the PALs complaint service (this is NHS UK). Suddenly, they offered to see me again (surprise) and did an arthroscope in November to rule out infection, but to be honest that op just seems to have made things worse. They can only put it down to nerve pain and I have been prescribed gabapentin. I have had acupuncture, laser therapy, and use a tens machine, all to no avail. I go swimming (painfully) and do as much exercise as i can but it makes my knee symptoms flare. I am beyond frustrated.

    I have sought a second opinion and finally they are going to do an MRI but the general feeling is it's nerve pain and I'll have to live with this and it's just bad luck. If anyone had EVER said to me that there was a chance I could wind up in more pain due to the op, I'd have thought twice. I feel my life has been destroyed by this operation and I wasn't given enough info about potential risks. I was only told about infection and possible loosening of the joint in 10-15 years. I now have more knee pain and hip and groin pain as well.

    My route forward now is: continue exercises to strengthen depleted muscle; Walk, cycle, swim as much as my knee will bear; have a chilli capiscium patch applied for the nerve pain next month; continue with the gabapentin (have been advised to increase dose but i hate taking meds); have MRI scans to knee and hip in coming weeks; continue to see my physio for acupuncture and laser therapy; try a higher grade TENs machine. I will NOT give up.

    I wish you all the best. Fight for answers and for help. I did research into MRI on replacement joints (my consultant had previously argued they don't always give clear results so no point) and went in with evidence they can show extremely clear results and now i have been offered one. On top of this I have tried (and stuck at) ANY suggestions or advice offered to me. I am not going to accept that this pain is forever and I am the only one who can make sure it isn't.

    Good luck to you!

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      Hi, I too seem to be having a lot of nerve pain which is why I am waiting for further physio and pain management. My knee seems a lot better than before the op but in the last couple of months I have been suffering terribly with hip pain, pain in my lower back and pain and tightness in the back of my thigh. Because of all these pains I still use a stick when walking any distance but I can walk further than I could pre-op at least.

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    People recover at different rates we are all so different.

    I had TKR 7 years ago and was told it would be about a year before I really began to feel the benefit.

    For me I reckon that was about right so you have a while to go yet.

    Sounds as if you might be overdoing it. Take it a bit more slowly and gently.

    Yes be patient. If consultant can see nothing wrong then that is good.

    Take care and keep in touch


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