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I am just looking for some advise. One of my crowns fell out today along with the majority of the tooth the tooth is 4th one from my top front tooth.

I went to an emergency dentist today as it's Saturday and my dentist is closed who advised me they didn't think they could save the tooth and they would recommend the tooth was extracted and a tooth put on my partial denture that I already have to fill the space.

My problem is I get married in 4 weeks is it realistic that this can be done in time? Would a private dentist be able to do this quicker?

I could book a tooth extraction for tomorrow (sunday) at the emergency dentist rather than wait for Monday incase my dentist (nhs) can't book me in for that day but I'm worried I won't have the tooth on my partial denture in time for my wedding.

Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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    Oh, fancy having that happen a month before your wedding! You poor love!

    I worked in the NHS for 10 years back in the 60s and 70s but don't know much about how it works these days as I've lived abroad for 42 years. The one thing I do know is that emergency dental clinics aren't to be trusted in my adoptive country. They always go for the most expensive option rather than the best one. However, that may not be true of the UK. What I've heard about the NHS also suggests that your emergency dentist won't be able to book you in at such short notice.

    Is there a dental hospital in your area, or a major university hospital that has a dental teaching department? The last time I needed an emergency addition to my existing dental plate, I went to a major hospital and got the denture back in just over a week. However, I had to wait a couple of weeks for the appointment and, again, I don't know about delays in the NHS.

    It's my understanding that implants can be done in a very short time-frame as well, though this is a more expensive option, of course. Since it's coming up to your wedding I'm even thinking about crowd-funding!

    Is there any chance of a temporary repair? And have you still got the crown? I know they can work wonders with acrylic adhesive and white resin these days. I had a lower molar rebuilt this way when it had broken off down to the gum four years ago and it's still going strong.

    Sorry not to be more helpful. I hope a British poster will have more useful advice. There are a number of good US posters on this forum but it's always clear to me that they know nothing about the British system so could give misleading advice.

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      Oops - the gremlins got in! Last sentence of 2nd para should of course read: "...suggests that your regular dentist won't be able to book you in..."

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      Thank you so much for your response.

      It really couldn't be worse timing especially since I have had no problems prior.

      I think I could get the extraction done tomorrow at the emergency NHS dentist but they won't get involved with the denture therefore I would need to see my usual NHS dentist but from experience it can take weeks for an appointment followed by numerous other appointments before a procedure is completed.

      I am willing to go to a private clinic to have the tooth put on my partial denture instead if it would speed things up, but should I also just wait to book in with them for the extraction but this will add to the costs.

      I did enquire about the implant but the dentist I seen today said I had soft gums and the procedure could take months until it is completed, does this sound correct?

      I do have my crown which I took with me today she said she personally wouldn't refit it as there isnt much tooth left to secure it and there is decay at the root of my tooth from a root canal which wasn't done correctly. I wouldn't mind paying for it to be reattached even if they couldn't promise it would last as I would just be happy to have it see me through until after my wedding.

      I am unsure if I should go for an extraction tomorrow or wait to see if I can get an appointment with my usual dentist or a private dentist Monday to plead with them to reattach the crown.

      You have been really helpful in your response. Thank you

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      Well, actually it could be worse timing, couldn't it? Imagine if it had fallen off on the day of your wedding!eek

      I see you were considering going straight for extraction today. Maybe you've already had it done by now, though I'm an hour ahead of UK time, so maybe not. I don't know how the emergency dentist thing works in the UK. If you don't get it extracted today, does that mean an emergency dentist won't be able to do it during the week? Otherwise, I think I'd wait and call my own dentist. If you do have it extracted now you still won't have a permanent denture for your wedding day. They can give you a temporary one almost immediately but you won't be able to eat with it, and the socket will be painful. You'll only get the permanent one once the socket has completely healed and your gum has finished shrinking.

      I have to say that if it was me I'd probably opt for a temporary repair if at all possible (and just not bite on it before the big day!) Either that or push the boat out and go for an expensive solution if necessary. After all, it is for your wedding day isn't it?

      Make sure you tell any dentist, hospital etc. you contact in the next few days about the wedding. I'm sure you'll get a lot of sympathy and things will get speeded up. Don't forget to come back and tell us all what happened too!

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      That's very true, that would have been awful.

      I decided to wait until tomorrow to see if I can get into my dentist and go from there, I thought it would be best to wait before going for an extraction if there is a small chance they can do a temporary repair until after the wedding and failing getting an appointment with my dentist I will go then go down the private option. I'm happy to pay what ever it costs as I'm considering even moving the wedding if this cannot be sorted.

      Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a positive outcome.

      Thank you for all the information you have given me

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    I had an NHS dentist but he made a couple of mistakes so I started using a private one and believe me, you don't wait but you do pay a lot! I'm sure you'd find a private dentist to do your addition and considering that it only takes a week to make a frown, you should have plenty of time. Maybe ring your own dentist first thing on Monday and explain the situation? If they can't help I'd go down the private route.

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    Some good news! I managed to get an appointment at my dentist and they have put the crown back on, they have said it isn't a permanent solution but it will last for the wedding which is the main thing and I concentrate on a permanent solution after.

    Thank you for all your information, support and advice I really do appreciate it

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