Total hip replacement

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I had a TKR 5+weeks ago and although l have noted a vast improvement find l am still in pain and need to take regular analgesics.

l attend physiotherapy weekly which has helped with the added benefit of discussing my progress.

l can now walk without crutches in the home but not confident going outside the home without support.

l find as before surgery when l stand l have to stand momentarily to balance myself before walking. 

Sleeping since surgery is difficult due to the pain and feel l am suffering from sleep deprivation and although l have spoken to my GP he is very unsupportive. 

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    Hi I had my TKR 6 months ago.  I found it better to take regular pain killers to keep the pain at bay. Just paracetamol or ibuprofen.  I didn't have physio after I'd left hospital and just did some exercises myself. Went back to work after 8 weeks. Was fine but it took me a while to cope with stairs. 6 months on and I feel great. My knee is still slightly numb but much better than the pain I was in pre op.  In my case I'd left it so long that my leg muscles were quite wasted so still building them up. You'll find it was ell worth it in no time at all.


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    Thanks l feel reassured..

    l had been in pain for so long that l naively thought there would be an immediate improvement with walking and pain but happy to make the slow improvement.

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    Hi Melodi, I had TKR 6 weeks ago and your symptoms are very familiar. I am in the same position. Although I know I am improving I am still in pain and reluctantly taking painkillers. I wake several times during the night to find my leg is stiff and aching. I do the exercises given by my physio regularly 3 times a day. I find them very painful but know they must be done. I see my consultant on Wednesday so looking forward to find out what his verdict is. From other people's comments on this site I think what we're going through is normal. Everyone says to be patient and that it takes a long time. I hope it's some reassurance to know you're not on your own. I just hope I can be like others in a few months time and say it was all worth it. Keep positive 😊


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      Hi Jennifer

      thanks for your positive comments.

      l will also be seeing my consultant next Monday and like you can't wait to see what he thinks of my progress.

      thanks again.

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      Keep in mind you have had a very invasive attack on your body. In essence you have had an integral, weight bearing part of your anatomy forceably removed and replaced by steel and plastic, glued together with a powerful adhesive. With that in mind, you aren't recovering from a tooth extraction. Nighttime pain and disruption of sleep pattern seems to be the biggest complaint, across the board. Pain meds, ice and anything you can do to find comfort is important. Most post op patients find their recliner is their best nighttime friend. Be patient and be kind to yourself. You are an individually and will heal differently than the last 12 or the next 12. Steady workouts and a lot self indulgence will help. You deserve a little extra, you've been through a lot. Blessings
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      Hi Melodi, just thought I'd let you know I had a good report at the hospital this afternoon. Dr said I was making "exceptional" progress for 6 weeks post op! My bend was about 100 degrees and leg is straight. I was really pleased.  He said the pain down the leg was quite normal. It's the muscles readjusting after I'd been walking badly for so long before. He reassured me it would improve in time. He told me again it could take 6 to 12 months to be fully normal. Even though I'm still stiff and uncomfortable it did make me feel better. At least the exercises must be having some effect. Hope you get encouragement too when you go next week.

      Jen x

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      Hi Jennifer

      wonderful news from your consultant and everything you have said about your progress is what l am going through.

      The pain down my leg has worried me today as it worsened after my morning exercises and then further exercises with my physiotherapist but your comments have reassured me.

      Keep me updated on your progress.

      Thanks again x

      Today l stopped using my crutches and now use a walking stick and even though l still feel  l'm far from being back to normal l think back to my first few days after surgery and realise the improvement l have made.


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       Hi Jennifer

      How have you been during the last few weeks?

      my operated knee is improving well but have problems with standing from a sitting position and climbing stairs which is further aggravated by a deterioration of my good knee.

      still not sleeping throughout the night and often restless with discomfort..

      Analgesics stopped during the day but need them at night unfortunately. 

      I know it's only been 9 weeks post operation but l feel during the last 2 weeks l see no further improvement and the lethargy is worrying. 

      X fingers for a further improvement in the next few weeks. 

      Hope you feel well xxxxx

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      Hi Melodi, good to hear from you. We all have different problems eh? I'm not too bad climbing stairs or getting up from chair (though I always hold on to something) but I'm still suffering from that muscle pain at the back of my leg. It makes walking uncomfortable and I still find I can't stand for any length of time. Mind you, I went for a walk today and after awful discomfort going downhill I actually found myself enjoying the walk on the flat. The sun was shining and although I wasn't pain free I could feel my knee was strong and without the arthritic pain I used to get. So I felt quite optimistic 😊

      It's a shame you're suffering with your other knee. I have a slight problem with mine and also my hip on that side but it's nowhere near as bad as my "bad" knee was so I'm hoping to keep going for a while with them. I still take paracetamol during the day and cocodamol at night. I'm sleeping a lot better and am less tired during the day. Your restless nights are probably contributing to your lethargy. It's only very recently I've felt better though and I'm a bit further on than you - 10 weeks now. I've actually become a bit more positive over the last few days. I too felt I just wasn't improving. I decided I'd just have to accept that I am going to be in discomfort for a good while yet and so just to get on with trying to do "normal" things without overdoing it. Not sure if I'll keep it up, but, as I say, I do feel a bit better. 

      Are you keeping up with your exercises? I think they're key to strengthening the muscles but I've actually cut mine down a bit, particularly as I'm trying to walk more. 

      Hope you begin to see more improvement. I know just how you feel. The slow progress can really get you down. Try to keep your chin up😊 

      Jen xx

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      Thanks Jen for the positive comments l now realise perhaps what l'm going through is normal at this stage l think l want to run before l can walk😒

      I am exercising but not as much and l feel l should start going for walks on a daily basis so that's my plan from tomorrow. 

      I agree my lethargy is probably due to my disturbed sleep patterns at the moment although l am sleeping for longer periods at night (2-3hrs)

      take care xx


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    Hi, melody,

    sounds very familiar . When I stand up , I also need to balance before I can move .i am  almost 8 weeks , but I am still using crutches if I need to walk lng distances . The walkng is not too bad , but if I have to stand still I have a real problem with aching . Sleeping is a big problem, but has been for years for me . GP , just doesn't  seem interested . I am needing hardly any pain relief , unless I have been walking a lot . Good luck 

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      Thanks Pam it's reassuring that what l'm experiencing seems to be the norm let's hope we improve soon can't wait to have some normality once again in my life. 

      All the best 

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    Hi melodi. I am 31/2 weeks post total knee replacement. I am still in moderate knee pain.but have been walking without crutches since the day I came only pain relief is paracetomal which are doing nothing for me. Like you my night times are horrendous cant get comfortable, hot, in pain and very weepy. No one told me it would be like this at night. I've you I feel I would be feeling so much better if I could only get to sleep.have been out shopping just for a short while with my daughter in law. And only used one crutch for pretty confident there. Also I bought my self a reconditioned stairlift. What an absolute godsend this has been it has eliminated the dread of claiming the stairs and I can go up and down as I wish.i am an 82year old widow and with hindsight I would not of had this done, maybe these feelings will go when I eventually get some sleep take care
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      Hi Tucks, I sympathise with you. The pain is bad in the first few weeks and it's very early days for you yet. I used 2 crutches at home at first then 1. It was only after 3 or 4 weeks I went without at home. I still use 1 when walking outside. Have you been given exercises to do? Although they hurt  I think it helps in the long run to do them. I took strong cocodamol 4 times a day at first when I got home then cut down to the lower dosage ones (8/500mg). I still take these night and morning then paracetamol twice during the day. I am now 6 weeks post op. Perhaps you need some stronger painkillers than just paracetamol. I spoke to my GP to ask for more after I got home. They might help you sleep a bit better. Hope this helps. 

      Jen x

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      Hi Jen thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Ii am doing excersises daily and although they hurt a lot I know they have to be done. In hospital I was put on morphine at first the paracetomal and low dose codeine. After several days they also gave me a sleeping tablet unfortunately this cocktail of drugs started me off hallucinating, absolutely horrendous.third night after I had apparently slapped a nurse with my crutch they found me unconscious on thr floor. Had to have 2brain scans.incidently I knew nothing of these days until my son told now my gp is very wary of giving me anything stronger than paracetomal . Keeps telling me things will get a tough old bird usually but I'm in floods of tears constantly it is so nice to talk to you Jen, you speak a lot of sence and it is after all early days, but I just wish I could sleep it all away. Take care my friend xx
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      Aaww, Tucks, I'm so sorry about your bad reaction to the drugs. It's so awful to be in pain. I am younger than you (64) and I have struggled. Have you tried using ice? I did quite a lot in the early days when the leg was more swollen and lots of people seem to find it helps a lot. Since the swelling has gone down I've been using a heat pad under the knee which soothes it a bit.  I sleep with a pillow between my knees (not under the knee) which, again, helps a bit. There's no magic answer I'm afraid but everyone says it gets better so we must look forward. I really hope you can get some rest soon.

      Jen xx

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      You are doing so well congratulations,  and taking only mild pain relief. 

      Like you l had weepy periods but now feel much happier in myself. 

      If only l could have a good night sleep l think that would help recovery. 

      All the best x

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