Total knee replacement

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I had a tkr on 11/28/2016 it has been 4 weeks and two days today and i am so depressed and i cant sleep. During my recovery i had a kidney stone and i had double pain i also got constipated from all the meds. The laxatives made me nausea so i quit taking the laxatives and the pain pills. I have lost 20 lbs because i cant eat or slerp and i am feeling jittery. I am in physical therapy but some days i am too sick to go. The pt finally got my leg to go around after breaking up some scar tissue. Oh my that hurted so bad but it did go completely around on the bike

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    I had same stuff. Just tuff it out. It will get better. I am18 weeks and doing fine
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    Dear Irma

    I know what youre going through because Ive been there and am still there!

    The only consolation is that youve lost weiight which should help when you start walking again.

    Unfortunately I have put on nearly two stone and this does not help my mobility.

    I am going to really try and change things in the new year.

    Its been the worst experience of my life. However, I am going to definitely try and get better some way or other.

    Mine was done on the 13th February, 2016 and i am so aware of it all the time. Some days it drags the very life blood out of me.


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      Hi mary we spoke a few times but not for a while as i had my tkr on 11 feb 2016 just same as you. I know where you are comming from love i feel heavy stiff and painful knee everyday! Iv done all physio lots of bending strengthening swimming walking etc! Its a shame we are stil suffering but at least we are not alone! X
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    Take it slowly, the knee needs to heal, I could only just ride a bike with the saddle really high and not really riding correctly at 8 weeks.

    When the knee stops burning and is not hot to touch you are halfway there.

    Look at Chico's posts

    Good healing

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    We've all been through EVERYTHING you've said...well, maybe except for the simulanteous kidney stones.  I've had four of those...luckily not at the same time as the TKR.

    - At one month, you've barely started your recovery.  This will take a loooong time.  Get used to that fact and stop expecting to be better overnight.  Will not happen.

    - Read the section on Depression in the above link.  Very common.  Once you know what it is, you can simply discard it and move on to getting better.

    - If you're taking hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco), you can get very constipated.  It's the result of those drugs using a codeine molecule as their base.  Try switching to Percocet (oxycodone); same pain killing effects without the constipation.  Ask your doc to make the change.

    - PT will hurt.  I could swear that my guy wore a dungeon master's cowl and there was an Iron Maiden in the corner of the room. Lots of people take a painkiller an hour before a session to make it go easier.  PT is not fun...but necessary to get to 0 / +120 ROM.

    Plus, here's some tips for sleeping...

    Lots of disagreement about a pillow under or between the knees.  My doc said no under the knee but I did it anyway...only way I could get to sleep.  Everyone's gotta find their own way.

    Most of all: Don't compare your recovery to any one else's.  This is YOUR journey.  Expect advances, setbacks and plateaus.  I thought I was done at 9 months...WRONG!  For me, this will take a year...maybe a bit longer.  After PT, you have to rebuild your quads, glutes and core (Exercise Section in the post) so this can take a while.

    Stay strong, eat healthy, hydrate, take your meds, do your exercises, depression is an illusion, hit the gym.  Typically, we get past the worst of it within 90 days...then the real work begins...

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    The first three or four months are really horrible.  Sleep seems to  evade nearly all of us, and depression is also common to loads of us.  Anything with codeine is terrible for constipation, but I found tramadol didn't have that effect. . however, everyone is different. As well as helping with the pain, it also helped with the depression . . . One day you will stop counting the weeks and days and suddenly thing to yourself. . . OH I wonder how long ago it was.  for me, I think it was around about 23 weeks. . . It means that finally it is not the centre of all your thoughts . . and it's a wonderful moment and it WILL come eventually . . 

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    Wow! You have been through the wringer. I am 3 weeks no 4 days from a revision and a manipulation. So, basically, I'm going through it twice. I feel for you because none of this is easy. I take Colase which is a stool softener and eat some fiber for every meal and snack such as, Raisin Bran, mini wheat cereal, fresh veggies with dinner and some raw veggies for lunch. This has helped me with the constipation. I ont know stopping the pain mess is a good idea. I would stay ahead of the pain by taking the pain meds regularly, ice at least 3 times per day and elevate your knee above your heart. The ice helps me a lot. So does walking around every 2 hours. Not a lot just some. It helps with the stiffness and pain. If this doesn't help I would pester the doctor about it. You are doing great with PT if you can the pedals the way around on the bike. I haven't. PT is hard and painful. I tell my family that it wouldn't be PT if it didn't hurt. Anyway, hope this helps. Hang in there and let us how you are doing. We're here!

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    Hi Irma , I am a 50 yr old woman who had a TKR on Nov 2, just stick it out i swear  it gets easier. 

    the first two weeks i felt like doom and gloom, but about week 4 for me thinks started  to feel better. keep working hard  at Pt. that is the toughest part., I also had a hard time sleeping but now i get a few extra hours in.. Its hard work, i did not expext it to be so tough but i enjoy reading everyones posts here so i am not alone. Unfortunaltly for me I have another knee to do Jan 24, and the thought of going thru this again is hard but i know the outcome will be good , i just have to be patient, and stay positifve of luck to you it will get better!


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      Fyi second knee is not as bad as the first. You know what you have to

      do already. With me I went for my first walk with Pt and made him

      stop to begin therapy. Also I used no assistance with a walker crutches

      or cane. I pretty much got up and have not stopped. I am 7 weeks out and go back

      to full LE duty on the 5th.

      Right now I feel like I did 20 years ago and i turned 49 last month.

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    Hi Irma

    we have been there 4 weeks is just the start of your recovery the constipation part i get i struggled for 3 weeks its all part of the process take a lot of notice of Chicos advice he knows very well how it all works stay strong you will recover

    good luck.

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