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Total left reverse shoulder replacement - please help!!

Hi there, I'm very new to this so please bare with me. My name is laura, I have just turned 32 years Old and just had operation number 17 on my left shoulder, the latest in the long line was a total reverse replacement on 25/05/13, I know some of you will be thinking its too soon to tell if it has worked or not but here are my concerns - ever since the surgery I have been in an awful lot of pain, to the point that walking is painful as my operated shoulder feels very loose and that its moving about, also my shoulder looks like it has dropped more every day, I am wearing the sling as I have been advised but its still feels very painful and loose. I have been put on very strong pain killers (dihydrocodine, oxynorm(immediate release), OxyContin(Slow release), paracetamol and ibuprofen, and after taking them I'm still in pain, and its obviously stopping me from sleeping,

My surgeon has told me that there is only about 5 people of my age that he knows of that has this op as they don't like doing it on "young people".

Has anyone had this operation, and is how and what I am feeling normal?

I look forward to any advice or comments,

Thank you in advance.


P.s I know this is going to sound a little strange, before leaving the hospital, I took a picture of the X-ray of my shoulder post op so I could show my son. I have been told (as previously said) that I had a Total reverse replacement, after looking for forums about shoulders I come across photos, and my replacement does not look like the photos I have seen online. If anyone knows anything about this and would be willing to take a look that would be amazing - just want to check I'm not going mad

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  • Misty57 Misty57

    On the other hand, it could be the weirdest looking reverse prosthesis I have ever seen, and I have done a LOT of research! How are you feeling now?

  • Lulublu31 Lulublu31

    Hi Misty57, thank you so much for replying. What you think are my thoughts exactly - just wish my surgeons were straight with me. As for how I'm feeling? I'm very sad to say that m worse now then when I was when first posted on, since posting I have found out that although the prosthesis was "custom made to fit me from my CT scans" they had trouble fitting the new joint as it was too big so in their words have lengthened my arm to make it fit which has obviously had serious knock on effects and caused sever nerve, muscle ligament etc etc damage. I'm so fed up with it it all. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since the operation and u was hoping to be well on the road to recovery, instead I'm worse now than I have ever been, I can't even cuddle my children without it causing copious amounts of pain and reducing me to tears. How are you after your replacement?

  • Misty57 Misty57

    I will never be great either. I am in my later 50s, and that was my sixth surgery, third replacement. I had a hemicap, then a total shoulder, then the reverse, all within a couple years. So, I have chronic pain, and the range of motion is not great. There were two fractures during surgery, so was immobilized for 6 weeks. PT is very slow. Did you get your operative note? That should give you some idea os what went on.

  • pam24591 pam24591

    Hi Laura, I can't even imagine 17 shoulder surgeries! If you don't mind me asking,what was the original illness or injury to your shoulder? You seem too young to have advanced osteoarthritis, and must have been very young when you had your first repairs done. So I'm assuming it must have been an accident or injury. I can't even think that a Doctor would,or could cut you up in the same area that many times. God love you,you will be in my prayers. I am 60 yrs. old and have been advised that my only option is replacement of both shoulders. After reading your history,I'm thinking NO WAY. I wish you the very best of luck.

  • Misty57 Misty57

    Pam, some people, myself included, have multiple surgeries for very unusual reasons. For the VAST majority, replacements offer a patient an immensely improved life. The problems arise when there are revisions due to highly unusual circumstances. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are in such misery that your enjoyment of life is compromised. I hope you make the right decision for yourself, not based on other's experience. I had three replacements within 2 years due to problems, but know of many people who are thrilled with their new painfree lives!

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    I live in the US and have had 6 surgeries on my left shoulder. My first total replacement had to be revised 4 times resulting in a total reverse replacement 2 years ago. I thought that the pain could not get any worse so I went ahead and had it done. As of this date, I am in so much pain & hardly have any use of my left arm. I too am on strong Class II narcotics and they do not help. Have gone for X-Rays & nothing has loosened so I'm told there are no issues.

    I have copies of all my films and I know I had a reverse replacement. It's very obvious. Not sure what to tell you but if you indeed feel that things do t look correct maybe you can see another surgeon or Family Practitioner. You are very young indeed to have had this. I am now 64 and very active and incredibly frustrated. It seems that no one is listening to me. They want to keep giving me drugs which at this point I've refused any OXY. To make my situation worse my right should has had 3 survives & they are telling me I might need replacement. Now I'm stuck. How would I function with no mobility. Sad to say: take my left shoulder & remove it. The pain is unbearable even when sitting doing nothing. You are not alone. Sad that we are at the mercy of doctors that do not listen and treat us as individuals. But....get your X-ray films rechecked. You really need to see another Physican.

    • Misty57 Misty57 deborah 54645

      My reverse was 2 years ago, and the pain never did decrease.  I finally had an intrathecal pain pump installed.  It is of course invasive, but is much much better than pain pills.  It directly diminishes the pain and has none of those horrible side effects of narcotics.  I have it filled about every 4 months - easy process.  The surgery is a bit of a bear, bit not nearly as bad as any of the shoulder surgeries i have had.  I wish i would have gortn it before reuining my natural noint with 3 replacements in a row.

    • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Misty57

      First. Do t apologize for typos. I like to blame "Apple". Lol. My docs don't want to go the pump route. That was discussed too many times. I'm so glad that you are getting the relief from it. I do know that my body grows adhesions rapidly and all I've been to is "frozen shoulder ". PT is now out of the question and of course more surgery just makes more adhesions.

      I've had to travel at my own expense to other states to get more expert opinions but it's the same everywhere. I agree. I never should have had the initial replacement But such is life and keeping a bit of humor does help

    • Misty57 Misty57 deborah 54645

      I was full of scar as well.  Is that why they will not do the pump?  I love it.  I still need the sling when i hike, and wear a brace at night to keep the arm still.  I also did the East Coast tour and ended up in boston although i live in ohio.   600 miles one way each time for two replacements.j

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    I was thinking about your pump. What medication are you on with it? If you don't mind me asking. Here in the US our government keeps such close tabs on controlled meds that even monthly scripts are getting to be a hassle to fill. They keep reclassifying drugs making it so that my doctor has to write an original script each month and then which ever pharmacy you go to is only allowed to stick a certain # of pills so getting scripts filled is almost a full time job -smile

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    Was typing response then looked at your X-ray and lost my entire conversation. But I'll rewrite later. Wow. That looks to me like a regular replacement. Mine is a reverse. The ball & socket are reversed.  Maybe they gave you the wrong X-ray 

    s. -sad   Will finish this later. 


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