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Lulublu31 Lulublu31

Total left reverse shoulder replacement - please help!!

Hi there, I'm very new to this so please bare with me. My name is laura, I have just turned 32 years Old and just had operation number 17 on my left shoulder, the latest in the long line was a total reverse replacement on 25/05/13, I know some of you will be thinking its too soon to tell if it has worked or not but here are my concerns - ever since the surgery I have been in an awful lot of pain, to the point that walking is painful as my operated shoulder feels very loose and that its moving about, also my shoulder looks like it has dropped more every day, I am wearing the sling as I have been advised but its still feels very painful and loose. I have been put on very strong pain killers (dihydrocodine, oxynorm(immediate release), OxyContin(Slow release), paracetamol and ibuprofen, and after taking them I'm still in pain, and its obviously stopping me from sleeping,

My surgeon has told me that there is only about 5 people of my age that he knows of that has this op as they don't like doing it on "young people".

Has anyone had this operation, and is how and what I am feeling normal?

I look forward to any advice or comments,

Thank you in advance.


P.s I know this is going to sound a little strange, before leaving the hospital, I took a picture of the X-ray of my shoulder post op so I could show my son. I have been told (as previously said) that I had a Total reverse replacement, after looking for forums about shoulders I come across photos, and my replacement does not look like the photos I have seen online. If anyone knows anything about this and would be willing to take a look that would be amazing - just want to check I'm not going mad

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  • Misty57 Misty57

    On the other hand, it could be the weirdest looking reverse prosthesis I have ever seen, and I have done a LOT of research! How are you feeling now?

  • Lulublu31 Lulublu31

    Hi Misty57, thank you so much for replying. What you think are my thoughts exactly - just wish my surgeons were straight with me. As for how I'm feeling? I'm very sad to say that m worse now then when I was when first posted on, since posting I have found out that although the prosthesis was "custom made to fit me from my CT scans" they had trouble fitting the new joint as it was too big so in their words have lengthened my arm to make it fit which has obviously had serious knock on effects and caused sever nerve, muscle ligament etc etc damage. I'm so fed up with it it all. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since the operation and u was hoping to be well on the road to recovery, instead I'm worse now than I have ever been, I can't even cuddle my children without it causing copious amounts of pain and reducing me to tears. How are you after your replacement?

  • Misty57 Misty57

    I will never be great either. I am in my later 50s, and that was my sixth surgery, third replacement. I had a hemicap, then a total shoulder, then the reverse, all within a couple years. So, I have chronic pain, and the range of motion is not great. There were two fractures during surgery, so was immobilized for 6 weeks. PT is very slow. Did you get your operative note? That should give you some idea os what went on.

  • pam24591 pam24591

    Hi Laura, I can't even imagine 17 shoulder surgeries! If you don't mind me asking,what was the original illness or injury to your shoulder? You seem too young to have advanced osteoarthritis, and must have been very young when you had your first repairs done. So I'm assuming it must have been an accident or injury. I can't even think that a Doctor would,or could cut you up in the same area that many times. God love you,you will be in my prayers. I am 60 yrs. old and have been advised that my only option is replacement of both shoulders. After reading your history,I'm thinking NO WAY. I wish you the very best of luck.

  • Misty57 Misty57

    Pam, some people, myself included, have multiple surgeries for very unusual reasons. For the VAST majority, replacements offer a patient an immensely improved life. The problems arise when there are revisions due to highly unusual circumstances. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are in such misery that your enjoyment of life is compromised. I hope you make the right decision for yourself, not based on other's experience. I had three replacements within 2 years due to problems, but know of many people who are thrilled with their new painfree lives!

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    I live in the US and have had 6 surgeries on my left shoulder. My first total replacement had to be revised 4 times resulting in a total reverse replacement 2 years ago. I thought that the pain could not get any worse so I went ahead and had it done. As of this date, I am in so much pain & hardly have any use of my left arm. I too am on strong Class II narcotics and they do not help. Have gone for X-Rays & nothing has loosened so I'm told there are no issues.

    I have copies of all my films and I know I had a reverse replacement. It's very obvious. Not sure what to tell you but if you indeed feel that things do t look correct maybe you can see another surgeon or Family Practitioner. You are very young indeed to have had this. I am now 64 and very active and incredibly frustrated. It seems that no one is listening to me. They want to keep giving me drugs which at this point I've refused any OXY. To make my situation worse my right should has had 3 survives & they are telling me I might need replacement. Now I'm stuck. How would I function with no mobility. Sad to say: take my left shoulder & remove it. The pain is unbearable even when sitting doing nothing. You are not alone. Sad that we are at the mercy of doctors that do not listen and treat us as individuals. But....get your X-ray films rechecked. You really need to see another Physican.

    • Misty57 Misty57 deborah 54645

      My reverse was 2 years ago, and the pain never did decrease.  I finally had an intrathecal pain pump installed.  It is of course invasive, but is much much better than pain pills.  It directly diminishes the pain and has none of those horrible side effects of narcotics.  I have it filled about every 4 months - easy process.  The surgery is a bit of a bear, bit not nearly as bad as any of the shoulder surgeries i have had.  I wish i would have gortn it before reuining my natural noint with 3 replacements in a row.

    • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Misty57

      First. Do t apologize for typos. I like to blame "Apple". Lol. My docs don't want to go the pump route. That was discussed too many times. I'm so glad that you are getting the relief from it. I do know that my body grows adhesions rapidly and all I've been to is "frozen shoulder ". PT is now out of the question and of course more surgery just makes more adhesions.

      I've had to travel at my own expense to other states to get more expert opinions but it's the same everywhere. I agree. I never should have had the initial replacement But such is life and keeping a bit of humor does help

    • Misty57 Misty57 deborah 54645

      I was full of scar as well.  Is that why they will not do the pump?  I love it.  I still need the sling when i hike, and wear a brace at night to keep the arm still.  I also did the East Coast tour and ended up in boston although i live in ohio.   600 miles one way each time for two replacements.j

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    I was thinking about your pump. What medication are you on with it? If you don't mind me asking. Here in the US our government keeps such close tabs on controlled meds that even monthly scripts are getting to be a hassle to fill. They keep reclassifying drugs making it so that my doctor has to write an original script each month and then which ever pharmacy you go to is only allowed to stick a certain # of pills so getting scripts filled is almost a full time job -smile

  • deborah 54645 deborah 54645 Lulublu31

    Was typing response then looked at your X-ray and lost my entire conversation. But I'll rewrite later. Wow. That looks to me like a regular replacement. Mine is a reverse. The ball & socket are reversed.  Maybe they gave you the wrong X-ray 

    s. -sad   Will finish this later. 

  • tyler79013 tyler79013 Lulublu31

    I've had the same problem ive jumped thru so many hoops w/ my surgeon ive probably seen him 30x since ive had it done i had it done @ 22 y.o. and have been in nothing but T-total PAIN.  I even cry myself to sleep some nights, it hurts that bad and has affected my quality of life.  except i had a Total Shoulder Replacement (L)  and no lie its been nothing but excrutiating pain and problems.  

  • rottiemom65 rottiemom65 Lulublu31

    Hello to everyone. I see that i am not the only one suffering after shoulder replacement. I am 50 yrs old and had my right shoulder replaced on August 28th 2015. After suffering for 10 years from the pain of a work related injury and then arthritis in it, I thought I would finally get some much needed relief after the replacement. No such luck. It is worse now then it ever was preop. I had to have some extensive repairs done tomy bicep and bicep tendon during the surgery, and my Dr feels this is probably what is causing me so much pain now. I go back to see my Dr next week, for my  8 week check up. Last month he assumed it should have felt so much better with the replacement, my range should havebeen better, but it isn't. I currently take 4mg of Dilaudid  every 4 hours for the pain, but I think I must be buidling up a tolerence to it, as its not helping much any more.

  • rottiemom65 rottiemom65 Lulublu31

    I forgot to mention, that  early in the New Year, I will also have to have my left shoulder replaced as well. Sleeping isn't an option since the pain in both shoulders prevents me from getting any sleep longer then 2 hours at a time

  • info info Lulublu31

    I had a rTSA in December, 2014.  Everything you say about your experience seems to very clearly indicate that there are major problems that need a GREAT doctor to repair.  The doctor who does the surgery is more important than anything else!  S/he MUST be very experienced, and have a suerlative  percent of terrific outcomes. The issues you are dealing with sound as if they are not going to get better without surgical intervention.  But NOT with the doctor or doctors you have already gone to.

    I don't know anything about English doctors or hospitals, being from the U.S.  But there isn't anything more important than your health.  And it's hard to be healthy when a major joint is not.  If at all possible, going to America would be a really good idea.  The Hospital for Special Surgery, in New York City has been #1 in orthopedics for at least 20 years.  Many of the doctors their have done many rTSA, and they know what they are doing when it comes to correcting the mistakes of others, too.  You can look online at the numerous research papers and presentations these doctors have made.  And read about the doctors various accomplishments.  Even if you can't or won't to go America for help, you can educate yourself about what youo need to know, in order to know if any particular doctor is making sense. 

    My shoulder was in the rTSA than anyone in the U.S.  The ball of my big arm bone (the head of the humeral bone)  had collapsed, so that it had gone from a ball to a "low slung mushroom", as the doctor who had taken the x-ray said.  All the bone shards and debris from the collapse was still inside my shoulder for months before my surgery.  On top of all that, all the muscles of my rotator cuff were retracted, and torn, so not one of them still worked.  Somehow I had managed to keep a full range of motion and considerable strength throughout the 20 or so years since the first shoulder injury I had.  But my  shoulder was a mess.

    I ended up with that shoulder being the best joint in my body.  It doesn't  hurt, it is really strong, and I have a better range of motion than most people who have never had shoulder trouble.  My doctor made ALL the difference.  And all the support personnel at the hospital were terrific.  

    I live near Chicago, Illinois.  And I went to New York City for my surgery because I wanted the very best doctor I could find.  Chicago has an abundance of doctors, and many who do  rTSA.  But I wanted the one who might have taught them to do the surgery.  I wanted the one who created the prostheses these other doctors were using.  I wanted the best.  So I travelled to get the best.  It was a trip totally worth it.  1500 miles is a walk in the park compared to travelling to NYC from England.  I know that.  But how many years of your one life are you willing to suffer through, Lulublu?  You don't have to come to America.  But you really do need to find better doctors.  I know all too well how incredibly painful a shoulder can be.  And how dysfunctional it can be.  And the major impact it has on everything else in your life.  And I know how amazing it can be to have it fixed right!  Waiting won't help.  Educate yourself, and shop diligently for an orthopedist who truly gets it.

    If you can't drop over the pond to America, then mabe you could send your imaging and a letter to a doctor here.  And then you could talk to him or her on the phone. Or email.  Maybe someone there could make recommendations for a good doctor where you are.  They have international connections.  I'm sure they could at the very least give you a good idea about your condition now.  Don't wait, Lulublu.  Your shoulder will not heal itself.  And to get any of the pain to diminish, you will lose function, range of motion, and strength.  No matter what's wrong now, the right doctor can make it better!

    I wish you good fortune, Lulublu31.

    • cathie38426 cathie38426 info

      so glad to hear a positive outcome. We are seeing

      a shoulder specialist re reverse shoulder prosthesis for

      my husband and are having problems getting info re successful

      operations of this type.


    • Ed101682 Ed101682 cathie38426

      Hi Cathie  Im a 63 year old male who has total rotator cuff arithropy in his right dominat shoulder along with heavy duty arthiritis. In short my arm dont work at all much  I dont have alot of pain but the only thing that caan be done for me is a reverse shoulder replacement.

      of  course it doesnt restore strength and may not be successful  high rate of failure. Im Going to see a Top NY Shoulder Doc soon Dr David Dines who has done many and has even devised his own prostheies   Let me know what you guys are planning ok

    • Ed101682 Ed101682 info

      Im a 63 year old male who has total rotator cuff arithropy in his right dominat shoulder along with heavy duty arthiritis. In short my arm dont work at all much  I dont have alot of pain but the only thing that caan be done for me is a reverse shoulder replacement.of  course it doesnt restore strength and may not be successful  high rate of failure. Im Going to see a Top NY Shoulder Doc soon Dr David Dines who has done many and has even devised his own prostheies   Let me know what you guys are planning ok

    • cathie38426 cathie38426 Ed101682

      As I read it if reverse shoulder replacement is done

      as a first shoulder op where there is arthritis in the joint,

      plus rotator cuff 'shredding' the success rate is good in a patient

      who is otherwise healthy. It relieves pain and gives varying

      amounts of movement.

      It is more difficult where there has been surgery already or after

      an accident.

      my husband's op is Thursday next. He is 80 years.


    • Ed101682 Ed101682 cathie38426

      Thanks for your reply Where and by who are you having his surgery done.?  I know the more surgerys you have the worst a reverse shoulder placement works for. Im just concerned of course because the sucess rate is like 50 percent.  Also I have to pay out of pocket as most insurances dont cover it  It is an elective surgery   Im going to meet wit the potential surgeon this Tuesday  By the time you read this ill know more.

    • Ed101682 Ed101682 Misty57

      Hi Misty   Did the reverse shoulder implant work for you   I still have good range of motion but no real strength in my right domiant shoulder. The bone in there is now bone on bone with some loss indicated on recent Xrays.

    • Ed101682 Ed101682 info

      Hi Im in New York City area. HSS is a great hospital for sure. Can you tell me whatr doctor you used there  Id appreciate it.   i will soon need a revers shoulder replacement. Rotator gone full artritic shoulder   Thanks

    • don940 don940 Ed101682

      Hi Ed,

      I'll be a little brief for now, it looks like there is a lot of people with our shoulder problem.

      Feel free to pass this on to those who need it.

      Dr. Gillespie at University Hospital, UH, in cleveland Ohio did my right shoulder July 25 2013, about 2 1/2 yrs ago, it's great!!!

       As a note to others I reviewed, it difintely looks like a reversal, ball on top socket on bottom

      Mine is not arthritise, but a series of accidents. 

      supraspinatus, major rotator cuff, was gone on both shoulders.

      I turned 72 in Oct. Spent nearly 25 years on the national Ski Patrol up to about 1996. Had a few minor sking crashes that involved several parts of my body, one being shoulders.  No brakage but shoulders took a beating. In 1992 feel backwards 18' off roof landing and crushing right side, collaped lung several ribs breaksoff spine, ect. Down for about 3 mo. Still had range of motion but took over 2yrs to throw a ball to my son carfully.

      About 2002 got flated by 7 exterior doors working part time at a home improvment. becarfull there, employee didn't unpack correctly and I was getting one for customer and over they came. Store said I had precondition condition so no coverage, an other story.

      Lost range of motion in right shoulder and left was tromatize but functioning.

      Had trouble finding Doc to fix me. For several years got steroid injections in both shoulders, as much every 3 mo, misstake!!

      But one doctor sad he couldn't do it but Dr Gillespie could.

      Almost done.

      Just before right shoulder surgery, left supraspinatus, major rotator cuff, was gone. Pain was incredable but subsided after couple of weeks. Massive stength loss but still full range of motion. Eventually left will be done also.

      Stength is slowly comeing back. can pick up 35lb gas cans no problem.

      2 days in sling then used it light but freely.

      Feel free to write back. Sorry wasn't that brief.

      Good Luck Ed


    • Misty57 Misty57 don940

      Hi Don. Glad all is working out! I had a humeral head resurfacing done at UH. Unfortunately it was put in too high and created the problems that sent me to Boston for the reverse 3 years ago. I am tied to UH now for maintenance of my pain pump, and Boston for shoulder follow up.

    • don940 don940 Misty57

      Hi Misty,

      Sorry if for future delays in responding my schedule is pretty tight.

      Sorry about your pain level. I would see Dr Gillespie at UH if possible.

      He is young and has experance with this proceedure.

      Reversals have only been approved by FDA in the states for about 10yrs now before it was done in Europe for quite awhile.

      Possible your Dr was new at it. You shouldn't have that much pain.

      He gave me an oxy based pain killer after surgery but only used for couple of days, no real pain since. 

      Prior to 2013 shoulder surgery I had several "trigger point " steroidal injections in both shoulders at various attachments where was generated from over use since about 2002.

      I was told by ortho Dr not my pain control Dr to many injections could soften tissue enough tear more and possibly release as mine did.

      So becareful which you use.   Talk Later, good luck

    • Ed101682 Ed101682 don940

      Hey Hi Don  Thanks so much for getting writing me it was great. My right shoulder started many years ago i guess with various rotator cuffs and tears. I have full and complete rotator cuff tear and osteoarthiritis of the shoulder. There is bone loss as Im riding high in the shoulder no space left. It is my dominat shoulder I have very little real strength but go figure a good rannge of motion. As I write I dont have pain but I do have discomfort joint is fully arthritic. I saw Dr Dines yesterday and he said my only option is to get this procedure done. However, he said my range of motion is better now then it may become after implant. He uses the Biomet device which is supposedly a good one. He doesnt take my insurance so I will have to outlay for it. Im trying to put this off cause Ive seen nothing but problems with these things. Anyway my life is changing rapidlywith this. I have one tendon the teres minor which is still working. So here I am with a prisoners dilema lol

    • Misty57 Misty57 Ed101682

      Ed, if you have good ROM and no pain, it may be a good idea to wait.  There are significant risks, and it does not. It last that long.  The research says that there is deterioration on xray in 5 years and function starts declining by 7-8 years in general.  All I have left is the teres minor too.  Zero internal and minimal external rotation.  I can touch my head, barely. 

      I have a great surgeon in Boston - he did NOT want to do the reverse at all but since the total shoulder had failed completely, and the head wasup and out forward, I had no choice.

    • don940 don940 Ed101682

      Ed, if I'm correct, relating to my case my supraspinatus, which is the major tendon holding the ball in the socket correctly was totally gone making it impossible to raise my arm without assistance. this made a reverse implant for me because it kept the ball and socket in position.

      The supraspinatus didn't have to be reattached because it was no longer needed, make surgery and rehab much easier.

      In your case I'm only guessing that if your supraspinatus is intact and they don't have to detach it for surgery your best bet is a standard inplant not a reversal.

      On the other hand if they have to detatch the supraspinatus for your surgery you'd be better off with a reversal and not reattaching the supraspinatus. repairing it at our age is not easy and 6 weeks in a sling.

      For the most part my surgery was "almost" pain free and 2 days in sling then use it. A couple weeks for incision to heal.

      Oh, i just saw you have only the teres minor left. You'll do great.

      The only ROM I've lost is so small it's hardly noticeable and that's reaching in back pocket for wallet or back loops for belt.

      TSA at airports play hell with the belt thing, LOL

      Don't know what i'm going to do when I have other shoulder done, wear suspenders so i don't lose my pants at TSA

    • don940 don940 debbie36227

      I had a hard time trying to get an ortho doctor to recognize I had a torn supraspinatus. All I knew was I couldn't rise my hand over my head since 2002 when I had a pile of doors fall on me working at Lowes. Their attorney said it was a prexisting condition from a 1992 fall.

      Basiclly they said no pain no surgery, live with it. A little more invloved then that but ok for now.

      Finally after many injections over the years in both shoulder I found a young ortho Dr Parsons East of Cleveland Ohio in a group that I felt swept me under the table.

      He said that it's so far gone he couldn't save it but Dr Gillespie at UH in Cleveland could with a reversal, rest is history. Execpt, the left one let go just before my 2013 right replacement. Have full range of motion but only about 20% strenght. When time comes it's probably easier to have the reversal than 6 weeks in sling and rehab like you.

      good luck debbie

    • joy64336 joy64336 info

      My husband needs a reverse shoulder replacements on both shoulders. Would you please share the name of the doctor you used in New York.We live in U.S.A. and really would appreciate it. joy64336


  • cathie38426 cathie38426 Lulublu31

    Hoje are you doing now, a year later than your post?

    My husband has to have reverse shoulder prosthesis,

    and we know nothing about the outcome of others.


    • Misty57 Misty57 cathie38426

      Cathie, where is your husband having the reverse?  Outcomes vary wildly depending on a number of factors.  There is not a lot of long term data, at least in the US.  It is a salvage, last ditch effort meant for only pain relief.  It is not intended to restore strength or much range of motion - maybe forward elevation only.


    • cathie38426 cathie38426 Misty57

      We are in Portugal, and the surgeon is from Lisbon working

      in a specialist shoulder/elbow unit, and has has some training

      in France. It is a first shoulder operation for my husband, not a revision.


  • cathie38426 cathie38426 Lulublu31

    I have been reading through the posts, and there appears to be

    a lot of confusion between REVISION, when shoulder surgery goes wrong

    the first time, and REVERSE, shoulder replacement, which is not

    usually done before age 70, and is where the shoulder joint has

    arthritis, and the rotator cuff has shredded and no longer works.

    the latter has been performed in France and Europe for many years

    and latterly in USA and Canada.

    do you know which you had?


    • Misty57 Misty57 cathie38426

      Cathie, they are doing the reverse on younger and younger people these days.  Yes, it shoulde only be done on people 70 or older.  I had mine done at 57.  It was also a revision of a total shoulder replacement - and that was a revision of a partial replacment - a humeral head resurfacing.   In fact, as of 2013, more reverse replacements are being done than conventional replacements.

    • debbie36227 debbie36227 Misty57

      Misty, I wonder why so many young people getting total replacement surgery? What made them do that? I have rotator cuff tear surgery and frozen shoulder(adhesive capsulitis) surgery. Now I am still in lot of pain. I dong know how long the pain will go away.

    • cathie38426 cathie38426 Misty57

      I am surprised, you are so young,but as it is a 'last resort' operation you must

      have been very bad. The problem is probably when you have a

      revision followed by Reverse prosthesis, because there will be

      scar tissue.

      Where did you have yours done.. I mean which country?


    • Ed101682 Ed101682 Misty57

      Hi Misty57  Im a 63 year old male who has total rotator cuff arithropy in his right dominat shoulder along with heavy duty arthiritis. In short my arm dont work at all much  I dont have alot of pain but the only thing that caan be done for me is a reverse shoulder replacement.

      of  course it doesnt restore strength and may not be successful  high rate of failure. Im Going to see a Top NY Shoulder Doc soon Dr David Dines who has done many and has even devised his own prostheies   Let me know what you guys are planning ok

    • Ed101682 Ed101682 Misty57

      Im a 63 year old male who has total rotator cuff arithropy in his right dominat shoulder along with heavy duty arthiritis. In short my arm dont work at all much  I dont have alot of pain but the only thing that caan be done for me is a reverse shoulder replacement.of  course it doesnt restore strength and may not be successful  high rate of failure. Im Going to see a Top NY Shoulder Doc soon Dr David Dines who has done many and has even devised his own prostheies   Let me know what you guys are planning ok

  • Sandijo Sandijo Lulublu31

    I have had both shoulder with reverse replacement surgery, the keft one twice.  No problems at all with the right, now pain free unless I tree to sleep on my side.  The left one twice in 2015.  The first in Feb.; four months later it came out of joint.  It continued to come out of joint and in August he replaced it again.  This shoulder had popped out of joint all of my life.   I do not have the flexibility as before and it's tighter than the right.  The same as with the right I can't sleep on my side.  I have a strange pain in my tricep on this left which I don't know if it's coming from the replacement or not.  It's hard to get an appointment.  I believe in my doctor and my hospital.  I believe him to be the best.  UNC in North Carolina.  I was off pain medication within six weeks and do not return until one year. Oct. 16.  I am 73 years old.


  • muriel34224 muriel34224 Lulublu31

    I I had a total reverse shoulder replacement on May 2,2016 was only on pain meds for about 2 weeks. Also I have been able to drive since 2 weeks after the surgery I was in the hospital for 2 days then home.  I had  physical therapist at home for about 6 visits.  Then on to doing the exercises on my own until back to the doctor at 6 weeks.  Also had to wear immobilizer for the first 6 weeks except for showering and doing exercises.  Before surgery I was in terrible pain and was treated by a pain management dr for about 8 years. I had been on oxycodone and OxyContin before surgery but still was in extreme pain.  Since having the total reverse shoulder replacement I am pretty much pain free and now have been going to physical therapy for about 3 weeks and have gained a good amount of my range of motion back. I am 68 years old and live in Florida. I will be going back to the dr in 2 weeks then I have been told I will learn strengthening excercises and be released from physical therapy after 2 more visits at that time.  There are about 8 of us who have had the same surgery within days of each other by the same doctor.  I have been told he is one of the best in the U.S. All but 1 person are doing extremely well. The one who isn't had his done 3 times within a period of 11 months because the first 2 surgeries failed. The third time he changed doctors and so far he says this one is a success.   The reason I had mine done is I had no cartledge and a large tear in the rotator cuff but we do not know why it happened.  This was done on my left shoulder and now I know I will need the right one done also.   In 2004 I had a partial shoulder replacement done on my right shoulder, I did well with it but within 2 years I was in terrible pain again but decided not to do anything because I was afraid that it would not last for long.  After having the left one done I am now going to talk to my doctor about doing a total reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder.  I am in terrible pain and wake up from it.  I am no longer afraid to have my right shoulder done since having such good results with my left shoulder, I am just sorry I waited so long to have it done.  The doctor did say I should have had the surgery at least a year before I did because he said my shoulder was in really bad shape.  

    • rickybob rickybob muriel34224

      hi     my wife is scheduled in florida where we have a home  Dr. frank cannon from ocala ortho group is going to do the reverse   much pain for her and im a little nervous especially when you read some of the negative outcomes   thanks for your positive comments    who is your Doc  that seems to have been so successfull??    thanks Rickybob

    • Misty57 Misty57 rickybob

      It is imperative that your wife's surgeon be specially trained in reverse replacement, and has done many of them.  Ask for his references.  When the reverse was first approved in 2004, surgeons were required to take a training course on how to do it since it is very technically demanding.  Now, any surgeon can do it if they want.  It must be done correctly the first time.  If she is over 70, her expectations of activity are probably not great, but if not, think twice.


    • wendy40324 wendy40324 muriel34224

      Hi Muriel. My dad is in Naples and had reverse shoulder last year and has had nothing but agonizing pain since. He is having shortness of breath and chest pain. Despite being hospitalized and several trips to heart Dr and ER, it's not his heart. He has had several tests including blood separating and re-injecting to check for infection. Bone scan and indium scan but they show nothing. Can you tell me who you used for a Dr?

  • michael 54617 michael 54617 Lulublu31

    I am 32 years old. I just had my 13th surgery. The last one being a total reverse replacement about two weeks ago. The pain is very bad still, just curious when did you guys start feeling better. Where you can sleep through the night. The pain pills aren't really much relief.

    • Misty57 Misty57 michael 54617

      After 13 surgeries, pain relief may be elusive even with a reverse. You are very young to have had this done. It is a salvage procedure and outcomes for younger people are different.  I had a reverse after 6 suregeries and ended up with a intrathecal pain pump. So, finally the pain is under control, but more surgeries are on the horizon.  I sincerely hope it settles down for you - give it time.

    • michael 54617 michael 54617 Misty57

      Thank you, I know he said I was the youngest he had ever done this to. He said my only other option was to fuse it. Just scared the pain won't get much better, it really bad right now. I start physical therapy Thursday. I am glad to hear your pain is under control. Thank you for commenting back to me.

    • Misty57 Misty57 michael 54617

      I had the same discussion - fusion was an option.  Really there are no good options with us.  The next step- it is unthinkable as the complications are a huge problem.  But, what is done is done.  I don't know where you live, but the pain pump gave me my life back.  The shoulder is still a fragile mess, and I was assured of more surgery in the near future.  But thank God I had a wonderful pain management doctor who offered the pump.  It has made a world of difference.  Anyway, give it more time and hopefully the pain will lessen.  I am not sure how long it takes as I never got there, but it is different depending on the issues, how damaged the shoulder was, number of surgeries before the reverse, etc.

    • Lulublu31 Lulublu31 michael 54617

      Hi Michael. I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain. I had my first replacement at 30 and I am now on number 3. I have had a total of 21 operations on my left shoulder since 2008 and to be honest I wish I had never had the first one because the pain is worse than it has ever been and I have virtually no movement in that shoulder anymore :-(. And sleep is still virtually non existent. I really hope that it settles down soon for you! Do you mind me asking where in the world you are? X

    • michael 54617 michael 54617 Lulublu31

      Cincinnati Ohio is where I live. That is crazy I thought having 13 was bad. I truly feel for you that's terrible. I wish I never had my first one either. I played college football and semi pro football and kept having surgerys to go back and they left me a mess. I have had several since I stopped playing and each time the pain gets worse. Reading on here about the replacement has not been encouraging.

    • Lulublu31 Lulublu31 michael 54617

      I am in the U.K. Still struggling to find anyone near my age that has had a TRSR in the U.K. Most of what I have read about them isn't very positive, although there are a rare few. If you are on facebook there is a group that is for people that have had, or considering shoulder replacements and some very knowledgable people in the group, it's a great support to know there are other people out there that know what your going through and from all over the world. There are some success stories in there too :-) x

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    • thechefshat thechefshat Lulublu31

      Where in the UK are you? There are some surgeons now trialling something called a superior capsule reconstruction which is favoured over a reverse replacement in younger patients. It depends on the condition of your GH joint i.e. how much arthritis you have but I'd look into it if I were you.

    • thechefshat thechefshat

      Sorry, I notice you have 3 replacements already. The superior capsule reconstruction is a treatment for a defective supraspinatus - i.e. a massive tear of that part of the rotator cuff.


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