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tranexamic acid

I have just been to see my Gynea consultant today who has perscribed me tranexamic acid tablets 2 , 3 times a day for 10 days each month. Does anyone else take them for that long and if so do you know why? I am suffereing with heavey periods and very bad pain which I take mefenamic acid for - are the two ok to take. I'm 39 and too young for any kind of surgerey but very down about my situation which has been like this for 3 years with no real explanaition apaprt from \" disfunctional Hormaones \" i.e. I have no fibroids or endemetrioses. Any advice would be really helpful


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    i have the same problem i am 46 years old and have started to bleed very heavily. the doctor prescribed me bothe mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid. i have decided to take the tablets until the bleeding has stop i refuse to take both these tablets continuously why would i do that once the bleeding has stopped

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    Hi Guys! I'm in the same situation - 42 and started to have very very heavy, prolonged periods. More like a haemorhage than a period. Affects quality of life, work etc as have to change sanitary protection every 20 minutes. Doctor has prescribed Tranexamic Acid but only as a short-term measure while I have bloods and ultra sound to try to get to root cause. Doc says that if nothing found during tests, we need to discuss hormone treatments to control bleeding - she was very clear that Tranexamic Acid is not a long term solution. If your doctors say it is, I'd seek a 2nd opinion.

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    I ve been bleeding super heavily for about 5 yrs,. Doctors said i was a candidate for womb removal. Maybe I should ve listened to the doc.I am 51 and ve since regretted not going thru surgery. Have been prescribed mefanemic acid and tranexamic acid to be taken 3 times daily for the first 3 days. Sometimes i take more, at 5 or 6 hourly intervals on heavy days otherwise i need the toilet every 20 to 30 minutes. Maybe the other way out is to take hormonal medication. Would appreciate any advice from anyone.

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    [i:a02a85aeae]Hi, I am 51 and am also being treated for painful heavy periods. I dont find the mefamic acid helps with the pain very much but the tramexamic acid certainly helps with the blood loss! I was prescribed it 2x3 times daily for 4 days but I find if I take one every 3 - 4 hours it works better. It used to be that I was in the loo every 30 mins for the second and third day of my period and I used to worry about everything just coming away suddenly! it was affecting my work and home life as I never wanted to be to far away from a loo! Since taking Tramexamic I find that my period lasts longer by a day or so but I dont have to worry about anything nasty happening!! :roll: [/i:a02a85aeae]

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    I have been taking Cyclokapron during heavy bleeding for about 6 months. I am 48. It is an absolute godsend, the difference between being able to work on heavy days and having to stay at home. I had been on the Pill for years, which reduced my bleeding, but had to go off it after I started getting migraines. My dr doesn't seem to think that Cyclokapron is a long term thing though, he's recommended I get a Mirena, which I am considering. But as a short term solution to heavy bleeding it is absolutely fantastic.

    I must say I came across this site looking for reasons why it isn't something I should do long term (I like the fact you can take it or not, depending on what's going on in life). So far I haven't found any suggestion of negative consequences from long term use but perhaps it hasn't been used for this purpose for long enough for the studies to be done. (I see the FDA in the US only approved it for menstrual bleeding this month).

    All the best to everyone.

  • Mishy Mishy

    So nice to find this site, and find there are other people going through, the same thing as me.

    I am 47 years old and have been noticing changes in my periods over the last 2 - 3 years. I always got my period every 30 days and they were always bang on time. Then things started to change and they became more frequent and lighter but only lasted a few days, then they changed and I was getting a period every couple of weeks. I never knew where I was up to. !!! Then they kinda went back to every 30 ish days for a bit,

    I got my period on queue on the 30th January this year and I have been bleeding continuously ever since !!!!! It has been a mixture of fairly heavy to just light but continuous bleeding. Then oh my god they just got heavier and heavier with clots and me needing to wear Super Tampax and a pad and I had to change every 45 mins and I was already leaking through. I have felt so awful !! my iron has been low so I am now on Iron supplements, my blood pressure has been low too and it has been a struggle just to function on a day to day basis.

    I have recentley had an ultrasound scan which showed a biggish cyst on my right ovary and a small fybroid. I have been referred to a gynaechologist, but in the meantime had to go to my Doctor today as bleeding was horrendous and I had to go home from work, my appt with Gynae is on 25th April, so the Doctor has put me on TA and signed ne off work for 10 days. I am also not keen on taking tablets would rather let things take their course naturally, but this is affecting my life and everything so much that I am willing to give it a go. :-) Sorry this is such a long post but hope other people out there can relate to it. Why do we have to go through all this its not NORMAL to bleed continually, its almost 3 months for me now and enough is enough evil :D

    • linda33333 linda33333 Mishy

      i no how you feel im the same it gets you down ive had TA didnt do anything for me asked doc to be refered to gyn but was refused then my daughter told me to go back for 2nd op which i did after a nasty bleed lasting 35 days thought i was dying got refered now see one in two weeks cant wait ive had a internal scan which showed i have fybriods but wasnt explained anything thing so hope to get some answers now im 48 but feel more like 88 so tired and drained

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