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​Just got out of hospital after my first Diverticular attack in sigmoid colon.For perhaps a week before,i was producing way too much acid in tummy, and im wondering whether that caused my bowel to contract.Then the bloating started, so i tried a couple of laxatives.Bad move,the next day it was emergency dept.

So now im attempting to work out a diet.So far, the only thing i can tell would be ok is cabbage and porridge LOL.Im assuming fast foods,fatty foods,seeded fruits and veges are bad.

​Chicken? Pasta?Spicy foods?Curries?

Sorry if this sounds abit disjointed but im a bit freaked out .

​Does this disease stop people from working and travelling?I mean, I cant work remote locations knowing this may flare up, similarly, should I defer vacations to Thailand because they wouldnt know how to deal with it in their hospitals, as they dont have the disease there..

​I have a wish to just get it over and done with, and get a bowel resection.Bad idea?

Is there any links to dietary advice?

​Once again, sorry for the panicky approach , as life proves what a bitch it can be.Any advice on how to psychologically approach this with respect to attitude.?


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    Sorry to hear Justin, I had surgery to remove bad section in my colon. I tried to do it without surgery by eating light and taking probiotics. I still would get flare ups. Everyone is different and certain things work for certain people. I'm now 2 weeks recovering and things are getting better. I had to have 18 inches removed so mine was really infected. Hopefully in a month this will be a thing of the past and my life will be back to normal. As far as attitude it's gonna be hard because you could control it and not be a problem or its bad and need surgery because you keep getting flare ups. Best of wishes

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    I take Pariet 20mg to ward off reflux which may possibly help with acid. I do have porridge which I think is very good. I avoid all spicy food and am happy with bland but tasty foods which comes from fresh ingredients.

    We have slow cooked soups with lots of veggies.

    Avoid getting constipated if you can. Have fresh fruit to combat this.

    Avoid seeds and nuts altogether.

    Alcohol should be limited as well.

    Basically, eat well but avoid processed and empty calories as much as possible.

    Hope this helps and that you have no more flare ups.

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    Welcome to the cantankerous colon society Justin, We all start here in the

    centre of whirlpool. I started a forum for the very same reason. You  could do

    no worse than browse throughit It's called   Divi Diners, masses of info 

    If you can't access it through here .Google has it on line 



    DON'T have all your body parts removed

    You might find that a herbal product will greatly help ,most of us take it,it's

    called Acidophilus with pectin H&B supply it 

    good luck

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      thanks Jacqueline,

      Im so glad to be able to get the benefit of others experience through this.

      ​Most people agree that resection of bowel is not the way to go, i assume complications etc.Im wondering why they cant patch and strengthen the diseased bowel section like fixing a bicycle tube ?Or fit a elastic sleeve over it?

      ​Are you Kiwi. Manuka honey!.

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      No to Kiwi, tiny seeds, Manuka is O K if you use the real thing, but it is very expensive Your best and most reliable help is the ACIDOPHILUS

      GET SOME. 

      I have been down the ""WHy can't you sew the pouches ?? etc etc etc.

      It's too easy to remove the whole thing. 

      Look at the DIVI DINERS forum   !!!!!!!!

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    HI Justin, I agree with Jacqueline, give your body time to heal.  Liquids only for a few days and then start back with a very simple and plain diet - a little at a time.  I think we've all started using probiotics and you can also get prebiotics as well.  I've found they really help as I think have many others on the forum.  Definitely no spicy food for the time being.  Remember lots of liquids to keep you hydrated and lots of rest as no doubt you'll be exhausted too.  Hope this helps a little

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    Hi Justin, like you I just was released after my first attack. Looking back, I did have some unusual - for me - reflux happen a couple times which I never get. I've ordered two new books on diverticulitis, one doesn't even publish for another week. I too want the latest and best info on diet and life changes. So that's not panicky on your part. I believe knowledge is power so I will be doing a ton of reading and research too. Now I'm only eating yoplait, small amounts of rosemary chicken breast, soft potatoes, jello and smoothies. I'm only 1 wk post op. Good luck and God speed.

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    If you read my episode with this desease you will see what I've been through. I have had a very difficult time but would do it all over again.

    Most people who have a resection don't have my issues. As for diet, I'm still trying to figure mine out but again I say most people dont have my issues.

    If you only have a resection I dont think you will have many problems healing and when its all said and done you can eat anything you want. Thats what my doc told me and I eat anything I want to. Some things I find aren't compatible with my system so I don't eat them any longer. I will, however, try them again later on to see if my body has changed.

    Actually Justin, your diet is all trial and error and if you are patient you will figure it out. If you start having an attack, go on a liquid diet for a couple of days till it passes. This lets your bowel rest. Main thing, try to keep your stress at a minimum. That will help tremendously.

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      Hi Lucy.

      ​You should be commended on your positive attitude .Thanks,it helps a lot.

      ​My infection was a large one around my sigmoid and along the bowel, a nurse friend is trying to get me ready to face a resection.

      ​Having just turned 50, 3 years ago I was indestructable.Since then, I have had 2 hip replacements, a nasty boating accident, and my back has gone out in sympathy.

      ​Buddhist meditation is helping keeping me clear and realising its just the natural decline of body.Im anticipating taking a manic delight in discussing my bowel movements with all and sundry.

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      Justin, it will all be fine.  You will do well I'm sure.  I am 68 and am 17 weeks out from my last surgery.  My body is contankerous.  Getting old isn't want it wants to do so it fights everything new.  LOL

      I lost 10.5" of my sigmoid colon.  My resection leaked and I had to have an emergency surgery 6 days later and an ileostomy (bag) for 8 weeks. I wouldn't keep it any longer because I was afraid if I kept it any longer I would either get used to it or I wouldn't be a candidate for having it taken down.  Eight weeks later they took it down, had a slight blockage but it passed then a major blockage and one more surgery (the last one).  

      I didn't tell you this to scare you but to let you know you can come back from anything.  Stay positive and laugh as much as you can.  Even about your bowel.  

      I dealt with my stoma (the exit of the ileostomy) by naming it "The little a**hole".  Please excuse my language but I needed to name him something that would always bring a smile to my face and the face of others as well.  It was my way of dealing with it and it worked.  I stayed positive and my doctor and his nurses loved it.  

      I'm positive because the only other option is to sit down and feel sorry for myself.  Don't misunderstand me, I did my share of doing that and when you are trying to heal from several surgeries in just weeks of one another it's difficult not to.  But the relief from the pain was worth all of the suffering.  Always think when you are healing, this too shall pass.  And it will and just be a faded memory.  Right now mine is still pretty vivid but it fades a little more every day.  

      I know about discussing my bowel habits is not the most flattering thing but if I can help you or anyone else just look past the right now and into tomorrow when you are healed and in no pain then I'll talk about them all day.  Besides it helps me to know that I'm not alone in this quest.  

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