Trimalleolar fracture

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Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a while but have been reading to see how everyone is getting on. I have a question I'm hoping people can advise with.

I have a trimalleolar break which I did on 09/15/16. It required surgery on 09/20/16 and I was in a cast until 11/02/16. Once out of the cast I was told to go to physio and was put in a moonboot. I was told to start partial weight bearing when I was comfortable which I did. It has all gone really well since then.

So a couple of questions. Firstly the aching. I know this is normal but sometimes it seems so random. And can be pretty uncomfortable. I just can't seem to pick it. I'm still taking Paracetamol and Diclofenac each day which usually works but some days - like today - I wake up really achy. I'm just really keen to know if this is similar to what others have experienced. I certainly don't feel sore but the aching is annoying.

Secondly I find myself still quite prone to tears. Not sure why. I've read about depression after surgery but not sure it's that. I don't know if it's all wrapped up with the time of year or what. It's not my first surgery or break but I think it's the fact that after doing it, two weeks later I also bruised my ribs. I needed looking after for both so am wondering if it's all tied up with that.

If anyone can share their experiences I'd be really grateful.

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    you have anesthesia to reover from and you are still taking narcotics.

    Your ankle still needs elevation and lot of icing.

    It also needs rest.

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    I'm a tri-mal from mid-Feb. I can tell you that it's a hard road, but it really will get much easier- ankles just heal very slowly (you broke it at a joint and where the bones carry a ton of body weight). If you think about it that way, you realize your body has a lot of work to do to get you back to normal.  I thought the aching would never go away, but it did. It's almost like your whole foot was in a deep freeze for some time, and now has to thaw out slowly and get fired up ligament by ligament, muscle by muscle. Many call the pain a moving target, because when you work through one muscle and ligament, your body moves on to the next. What helped me was thinking that the pain was a positive sign, because it meant that each particular area was firing up and fighting to regain strength. Your muscles and tendons will bounce back, but you have to work at it slowly. I tried to track my progress week by week rather than day by day. Try warm epsom salt baths and doing your foot exercises under the water. I found that a relaxing way to start the morning and the epsom salt helped a lot with the swelling. Boy, I thought I would never sleep again like a normal person, without being on my back with my legs in the air on a ton of pillows, but alas that passed too. I found the 4 month mark a huge turning point. I came out of my cacoon and felt like a normal human being again at that point finally. This time of year is exhausting for most people and I bet it's hard to be going through all this during the holidays. But at least you had your ankle for the summer! smile I never thought about it until now, but maybe I was lucky I broke mine in the middle of February. Well, there is really never a good time for the long recuperation we all have to go through with this. You will most likely feel quite good by month 6 and even better by month 8. I know it is difficult to need people to help you and to not be 100 per cent. We all understand, because many of us are living it currently or even have it worse than you and I. Hang in there! Remember, at least we have our legs- some people don't. I always tried to remember that when I felt a little bummed. I even looked up wounded vet websites my second week, when I wondered if I would ever walk again. That helped me a lot to put all this into perspective, and I stopped feeling sorry for myself after that, and put that energy into healing and trying to be positive to those around who were taking the time and effort to help me. It's hard on them too btw! Just remember, this really is just a temporary problem. We are quite lucky for that. 

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      Thanks for the 10 weeks post ttc open ankle fusion and bone graft 7 weeks in cast 3 weeks in a air walker boot.bin on crutches now for 4 months I'm 50 years young also had major op on my other leg the year before had a very rough 2 years for sure I live alone in my flat and have felt invisable and always in other people's way and a burden to a small group ov people . But like u said and it's true there are so many others far worse of than alive with no major health problems .im on the mend and it's not for ever each week is a bit better my life will come back and I will be seen again. And believe me my time as not been wasted I will never again be in a rush to pass by someone who is struggling to walk .good wishis to all keep smiling smile

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      Hi Patti. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. It's always good to know that other people have struggled too, which sounds odd. I don't like to think of anyone struggling but at least I know that what I am feeling is normal!

      I am feeling much better at the moment but have some days that are better than others. I just need to keep going with pain relief at the moment and then will have a decent break over the Christmas holidays so hopefully that will be really helpful to my recovery.

      I am definitely going to try the warm epsom salt baths. That sounds like such a good idea plus quite enjoyable.

      I am in New Zealand so I didn't have my ankle for summe, I'm just going into summer now! I am hitting three months next week so very much now looking forward to the four month mark. I will still be on summer holidays for most of January which I am hoping will help the aching but probably won't be much help with the swelling! 

      And you are right about there being people that are in far worse situations that me. I keep reminding myself that I am not in Syria so it's really all quite OK.

      Thnk you again for your thoughts. I really do appreciate hearing abou how other people have coped. Never know what suggestions might be perfect!

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      In that case, maybe you can get some swimming in. It saved me from month 2-month 4 and I tried to swim whenever I could. I found it wonderful exercise and very easy to move in the water. I also did water exercises to help strengthen my ankle. Mainly, the ankle injury can make you feel suddenly old, and swimming brings your youthfulness back at a time when it really lifts your spirits I found. It seems that ankles just need time. There really is not much you can do but do all the exercises and wait for your body to do it's magic, and eat right and try to stay positive as much as possible. I remember from month 4-6, I found walking got easier but I had a mild limp for about two months. I went to you tube and found some videos on how to walk with a proper gait, taking longer steps (longer stride), swinging the arms more profoundly as you step, etc. to learn to walk without the limp. I haven't had any limp for several months now. If you want, I can private message you the walking links that helped me a lot from month 4-6. 

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      I think that swimming would probably be a good idea.

      Funny though that since I posted this message last weekend I have felt so much better. My aching is not as bad and today seems to not even be there. I am doign everything I can to walk normally and can even come down the stairs normally now too. The swelling definitely still happens but apart from that I am feeling great.

      The walking links would be great if you are happy to PM them through to me. I would really appreciate that.

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