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About 10 months ago, at the age of 58, I had a heart attack right out of the blue with no prior warnings. 2 weeks later I was back home recovering having had a triple heart bypass-pretty scary stuff. Along with asprin I was prescribed Bisoprolol and have been taking it ever since. Like many others on this site I get tired and most days my bones ache (maybe a little more that I care to admit). But so what, at least I am still around to spend time with my wife and kids. If I feel too tired I have a 15-20 minute snooze-hardly a big deal. As for my aching bones they don't incapacitate me and it is a very small price to pay for still being alive. I cannot alter what has happened to me but I can alter my attitude to it. I am far more concerned that my travel insurance has now doubled than a few aches and pains.

Of course I have days when I get depressed but I just look at my family and the depression soon goes.

The above are just my views/experiences; everyone is different. Don't let this site scare you. Although many people do have bad experiences with this drug there are even more who do not. Keep smiling javascript:emoticon(':D')

Very Happy

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    Well 8 weeks ago i had a mild heart attack, triple heart bypass.

    5 foot 9 & 12 1/2 stone, used to run marathons & now @ 48 after popping into hospital with what i thought was heart burn turns out to be something a little more serious.

    Nether been a couch potato & always ate well without putting on weight, every one that knows me, can not believe the diagnosis given. Still awaiting a date for the operation (fingers crossed it'll be within the next 4 weeks). Looking forward to having the operation so i can get on with life as presently i am working but i do get stinging like pains (mild) that feels like they are in the same area of the heart. Thses are random pains that last no longer than 10 seconds & come on any time of day/evening. 

    Hope you are well Geoff & enjoying life confused

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      Hi Dean,

      As you will see I am still alive and kicking. Still glad to be alive and enjoying my family.

      Make no mistake a triple bypass is pretty scary stuff to you as a patient. However, to the surgeons it is just another day in the office. To these guys you're  nothing they haven't seen and dealt with many times before.

      Once you've had your successful operation you will be surprised how quickly you recover physically  once you get back home. However, it took me a bit longer to get over it mentally. I wasn't sure just how much I could push my "new" heart so I was very worried for quite a while when I did any exercise. Needn't have worried though.

      it will take you a few weeks for your body to adjust to the tablets they will prescribe as they tend to slow you down. The statins I was initially taking gave me bad headaches so my GP changed me to some different ones and all was good.

      By the way my surgeons said that my bypass came with a lifetime guarantee.

      Let me know how you get on and if you have any queries just drop me a mail.


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      Thank you Geoff,

      yeah it's a procedure that seems to be common. Guess we are the lucky ones that life has given us forewarning.

      A week prior to finding what was wrong my wife & 11 year old son were scalling a mountain. Met with the doctors/surgeon & cardiac teams last week for a consultation. Has my GT spay should i start getting any discomfort ;-). Thank you for your reply & info regarding the tablets it's very much appreciated.    

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      I have an annual checkup where my blood pressure/heart rate are taken. I also have an annual blood test. This is carried out by the practice nurse.I would only expect to see the GP if any of the results were cause for concern. 
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    Hi Geoff,

    Like yourself,Im 44 years old now,but 43 at the time it happened,ive been a runner since being 17 years old,ive never smoked,and tried to eat the best i could,then out of the blue in december 2013,i noticed a small but strange feeling in my chest while running,it stopped when i stopped running.I visited the doctors,who basically said there nothing wrong with you,youve got pluerisy,i pushed him until he send me to the rapid chest pain clinic,i failed a trend mill ecg test.

    2 weeks later had a angiogram,and found a 95% blockage ,35% and 45% on my coranary ateries,and ive had no heart attack,the cardiac doctor had told me that if id had an heart attack,i would not have got up.

    Anyways to cut a long story short,had an emergency double heart bypass at glenfield hospital,back to work after 8 weeks,been running six days a week since march 2014.

    My meds are simvastin 40mg,bisoprolol 2.5mg,aspirin 75mg and ramipril 1.25mg,

    Ive not seen at cardiologist since march 2013,however i did see one last week,who wanted to know why ive been left on a starter dose of ramipril,as cardiologist like heart patients to be on 10mg as secondary preventative.Ive now increased my dose even though my blood pressure is at rest 110/60 and cholestrol 2.4.My doctor will be happy if i can take 5mg.But since christmas ive suffered at least 5 panic attacks or possible AF,which they are looking into ,but the doctor thinks its panic attacks,and had a few days last week when my head felt really foggy and i lacked motivation,and felf like crying for two days,this is strange for me,as ive been so positive since the op.

    Ive been reading lots of posts relating to ramipril causing depression,but its possible thats its not the drugs and more my own depression caused by what ive gone through as its a big thing.And like yourself im alive,and thats the main thing

    kind regards



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      Hi Mark

      Almost 10 years after my triple bypass I am still on my starter dose of lisinopril and I'm still around. Don't forget you are taking ramipril as a secondary preventative not a primary one. Provided the medics got it right you will never need the secondary. 

      A heart bypass is pretty heavy stuff and as I said previously in this thread it took me quite a while to get over it mentally. You've got a second chance. A second chance to see your football team knocked out of the cup, a second chance to elect another load of politicians and a second chance for your car to fail its MOT.

      Seriously though, talk to your GP and don't let scary stories online worry you. 

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