Trouble with unknown antibodies in blood since pkr

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when I had my first half knee replaced , they said I had Unknown antibodies in my blood, they asked if I had a  transfusion in previous surgeries to which I replied no. So they sent it off to get matched and that was that, . 8/9 weeks latter I had pre op for second knee, same thing, antibodies, sent bloods off got it matched. Had surgery, end of. Then up to now , 11 weeks on , I have to have my jaw washed out, because of  osteoarthritis , really could do with out it to be honest have had enough, . But anyway I had my pre op , and again they saying about antibodies apparently rare have taken bloods 4 times over the last 3 weeks as they can't find what they are, . What I am hoping is that somebody on here will be able to tell me what all the fuss is about, as I keep asking but can't get a strait answer , they took four more files of blood yesturday and are sending up to London, as can't find what they are, and I have to say I am now getting quite worried. My surgery is on Friday, they have told me that it should go ahead, depending what comes back, What does that mean? Should I be worried? 

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    You need to get copies of the lab reports to see which antibodies have been tested for.

    Where in  the UK are you based?

    I do not know what to say in respect of the surgery going ahead.

    Do you know if they intend to give you a blood transfusion?

    In the meantime let the hospital do the worrying. Just fry to focus on positive things.


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      Sussex, and no not expecting to have transfusion , . I don't have a clue about what they are doing or testining just no they need to match it up, . Was sent to a private hospital for both knees, and they seemed satisfied to be able to match me should it have been needed, yet NHS are struggling, I did ask why they couldn't just go with what the privat hospital did, but  apparently not. I have had m.r.s.a. 8 yrs ago, and I had my thiriod removed 5 years ago, I don't no if that can make a difference but surly they are fully aware of all that. I just don't understand😟 The big think that does worry me, is that my uncle last year had a rare form of blood cancer, but I don't even no what it was called. He had radio therapy for it, and seems ok now. But I would think the chances of me getting that were pretty slim, it's just all very worrying, it's bad enough having yet more surgery. They have to start on my shoulders and elbows next year, I'm getting  arthritis every where. God nows what I'll be like by the time I get to 60, I hate to think.😔
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      Could they not have taken blood from you a few weeks ago in case you needed a transfusion? I know that is done in some cases. . .they didn't for me, and I wish they had. I needed two transfusions, and I would certainly have preferred to have my own blood rather than someone else's although, of course, I am very grateful that there are people who have donated blood . . 


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    Difficult not to be worried when you have something the doctors can't diagnose, but I hope they can soon tell you what the situation is!  I had the antibodies which are common in rhesus negative, although I am rhesus positive . . and the doc said he hadn't seen it before . . .(of course, this was 50 years ago!) but it was no problem at all, except that they told me babies might need incubators when they were born.  they didn't  . . so let's hope that your situaiton is also no problem at all!
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    Hi Mandy

    Sorry to hear all this.

    It sounds as though the hospital is being ultra cautious which cannot be a bad thing and makes a change!

    They are obviously concerned about these antibodies and are trying to find out what they are or due to. I would try to find out which antibody tests have actually been done and then you may be able to rule out some conditions.

    Have your thyroid antibodies been checked out.

    The fact that you have had MRSA may be relevant in this.

    It sounds as though the hospital is saying that depending on the findings in connection with the anti bodies that the surgery wil either go ahead or it will not!

    Sadly this is not good as there is uncertainty now however it may just mean a slight delay in the surgery going ahead.

    It sounds as though the hospital is acting in your best interests though which is a very positive thing.

    Try to take heart in that thought.

    Jean xx


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    Mandy, I wonder if there are any naturopaths or functional/integrative medicine doctors in your area.  If so, you might talk to them about a regimen of anti-inflamatory supplements and foods.  From our family's experience, it has really helped.  I am 79, have pretty severe osteoarthritis, left TKR, but right knee is so much better that I won't need surgery.  Don't think this is quakery because the younger doctors are beginning to accept the whole body approach.


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      I've heard that the PAELO auto immune diet is all the rage even amongst drs. Please google Gluten Syndrome and Gluten ataxia as well. Jean x
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      We do a modified Paelo along with curcumin supplemens and a few others.   We've also had food sensitivity tests.  Or in lieu of the tests, one could just eliminate the most common foods that cause allergies or inflamation.
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    My wife is a manager of a major hospital here is the U.S. Her specialty for past 30years has been in blood banking. I will run your question by her. 
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      Thankyou, that would be great, I don't understand HOW I got these rare antibodies , I didn't have them when I had my thiriod removed which was 5 years ago, and the MRSA incident was about 9 years ago. I really don't have a clue what's going on. So would really appreciate it if your wife has any ideas, thank you. And thanks to every body else that's come back to me .😏
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      If it was the rh factor it would not be relevant in this context. There is hesus negative antibody D but as far as I  know that is only relevant during pregnancy.

      It would not affect an operation at this stage anyway.


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      My anas -anti nuclear antibodies were postive 1 in 80 suggesting sle. My EBV was positive  showing exposure to glandular fever. 

      Perhaps your thyroid antibodies are abnormal. Hard to tell.


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      Will do as suggested and get the report, I just remembered that the blood bank said I will be seeing them again after surgery as well so I can ask them for report, although they might again tell me to go through gp . I will be doing that one way or another anyway., thank you.
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      I'm now wondering if the fact that I am apparently developing  osteoarthritis in my shoulder and elbows,although unconfirmed as yet , I'm having  x-rays again after this next surgery, but may that might produce these antibodies . ? Just a thought, 😏
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      Mandy re arthritis. Did you read the other day that Pomegranate juice is recommended for the pain of arthriti? I get a Daily HealthAlert e mail. Today s is about the Dangers of Statins there is an iten written by dr Michael kndrick  GP from Macclesfield Cheshire in which he condems Statins big time. They badly affected me.
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      I don't know Mandy but will try to find out. I know that scans affect the thyroid gland. Look up Sjogrens syndrome, The Gluten Syndrome, Floxiehope, antibiotic toxicity. A lot of medicines can produce joint and muscle pain. For example the statins, ppi's , antibiotics etc.

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