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Trying to cope with blood thinners.

Hey guys

I recently had PE. I am on Pradaxa indefinitely.  I have a history of clots in my family.  Iam s stocker at Walmart. My 

Doctor put me on restrictions from anything that will potentially put me in danger of cutting myself.  Walmart offered me another position but there's a chance of cutting.  I am still trying to deal with being very careful. From what I was told Pradaxa has no antidote like warfrin has a K12 shot. So I am tripping about being safe. How are you guys dealing?

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  • charlene85909

    I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties with your employers.  Like you, I have family history with blood clotting and have previously had DVTs twice, so am on lifetime anticoagulants.  I am on warfarin by choice as I have used it in the past and am aware that there is an antidote in case of injury.  Warfarin has its slight inconveniences, care with diet and regular blood monitoring, but once the INR has stabilised this is usually at intervals of up to 3 months.  If you are concerned about your safety, perhaps using warfarin might be an option for you.

    Good luck and kindest wishes, and I hope you find a solution that suits you personally.

  • charlene85909

    I tried new ones and felt awful so went back to good old tried and tested reversible warfarin.

    now not sure that was the riight thing to do.  Is it the warfain making mefeel down and energyless. 

    • ann55375

      I feel that way on Pradaxa. No energy tired all the time.  I'm glad I found this site. I have been trying to find someone to talk to who is in the same boat as me. This change is hard.  I have to remember sometimes be careful.  The thought of no antidote is alot.  Everyone is just where some gloves and long sleeves like it's nothing.  I have to have surgery in January for a Cyst. I will have to stop taking the Pradaxa a couple of days before.  They say there is a chance of clotting. So this is why I'm tripping. I don't need anything to go wrong. Thanks for lislistening It helps talking to someone else taking blood thinners.

    • charlene85909

      I had surgery not long ago.  They stopped my anticoag and used clexane injections for a few days beforehand, then restarted the warfarin.  All went ok and healing was fine.  Dont worry abour surgery, i am more worried about the anticoag and having to use it for life.   I really woncer sometimes what would happen if i stopped it, would i be any worse off, unrealistic but the tiredness is killing me.

    • ann55375

      Thanks for the encouragement. Now I just have to figure out how to cope with taking it for life. What about working how is it going for you? My disability stopped September.  Walmart offered me a spot that has potential to cut myself. I have no income now. Trying to extend disability.  Got doctor to write note. They want me to go for counseling.  I am so paranoid about bleeding to death. I have been calling Walmarts to see if they have door greeter spots. No luck. I don't know what to do. This Pradaxa has me ok one minute then down the next.

    • charlene85909

      Nightmare drugs anticoagulants. I hope if you try to get a better job it may help you.  I dont need to worry about that at my age but it still gets me down i cant do what i used to be able to. Good luck in finding right course in life.

    • ann55375

      Thanks, Ann, for the advice re your surgery.  I'm also a warfarin lifer, and will need cataracts done in both eyes.  It's reassuring to read your experience, hopefully when the time for my cataracts to be done it'll all work out for me too.  

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