Trying to give up the booze - I strong then soon give in

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i have just registered on this site as I want to quit the booze and be happy

i have not had a drink since last Thursday night

the day after I stop drinking (on this occasion last Wed and Thursday) I felt really nervous and shaky,  it was a horrible feeling

the problem is as I feel better I normally start thinking about a drink and when I feel ok / to happy I feel like I should reward myself with the very thing that put me in this 'situation and and cycle '

I'm 42, single and run my own success business so I sometimes feel I deserve a drink and go on a bender which results in missing work

this time (despite it being Xmas). I want to quit as I don't appear to be able to just be a 'normal social drinker '

I wonder is it possible to control the drink once the drink has controlled me'

anyone got any advice 

not a merry Xmas but a sober Xmas is all I want 

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    Again, I have to say that if you stop drinking and you feel shaky, you are taking real risk because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can kill you. I think that this government is really irresponsible for not making that public knowledge.

    Having said that, you are now past the worst of it. You have done really well and your will power should be congratulated. You are no longer at risk if you haven't had a drink since Thursday and you will feel better and better as time goes by.

    One thing you will have to face is cravings for alcohol. It may be worth you seeing your GP and asking him/her to prescribe Acamprosate (Google it if you want to know more about it). It helps to prevent alcohol cravings and is also known as 'Campral.'

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    Hi there, never give up hope, you can change your life.... I have been well for ten years, I was such a bad alcoholic I was sectioned four times and at one point only two weeks away from death.....

    I was dried out and I felt well and had self esteem again after so many

    Years it was amazing... it took me ten years, ( with many, many slips

    Along the way )..but I learnt to pick myself up and start again.... your

    Whole life will change for the better.... I consider myself very, very, very

    Fortunate that I have lost all my tolerance to alcohol, if I have three drinks now ( which is only once a week or fortnight ) I fall asleep... the main thing is never give up trying, no matter how many slips you have.... what

    Helped me and still does, is to keep half a bottle.... I can then think that if

    I really need a drink.. I could have one..... I wish you luck, you can do it... I

    Was so bad that all my doctors thought that I would die.. but they and my


    . Never ever gave up on me... sincere regards to you.... Dee ..x

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      Many thanks Dee

      sorry I been very slow in thanking you 

      i was doing ok and for that reason I wanted to forget I had a problem 

      I have had a slip, back to square 1 as such 



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    Deirdre's story is quite compelling and actually quite the norm before most find sobriety. Some never do.

    She has found a system that works for her. Other have a mantra that work for them. Whenever they crave a drink they have anchored themselves to a saying in their mind taking control over the cravings as one friend here uses , "Not one more drink".

    Others have used drugs designed to help quiet down the cravings . The mind of a alcoholic can easily undermine good intentions to drink. Learn UR triggers and stay away from those friends who don't support u.

    There in not a one system fits all when it comes to stopping the cravings &'the madness. Everyone is different. Paul is a professional knows many ways to help and personalize each system to fit the individual person and their lifestyle.. That's the best way. Knowing all the many intricate personality traits of each person, this can be extremely successful in unlocking the mind from addiction. I would encourage you to look for a good professional who works for the individual as needed thru the many available techniques used in modern medicine available today . 

    My son has been a alcoholic since he was a teen. A compulsive addictive personality as well as anxiety and PTSD. Over the years he has been thru so much see my story if u have time to read how he lost everything. Wife family, business drivers liscence and jail many times. He has no home, no job,no one will hire him. He was almost killed one day while passed out he was covered in bleach from head to toe soaked heavily and from the bleach heavy odor it covered his lungs with infection.He was on life support then faught his way back to life. God had given him a second chance.

    the sad part is that he threw it away.  Yet all I could see in his eyes while he was in the hospital was I want out ASAP and get a drink.

    He has been injured many times seriously by the police. Yet he is still a alcoholic. 

    Thats only a smal portion of how my beautiful talented son is now either in jail or on the streets. Or finds someone to talk into to live with using the women's faith in him that will keep him from the drink. It always ends horribly. The things he does for survival breaks my heart. Because I know what he is truly capable of and his talents r all wasted on drink.

    I will never give up on him. There is a science to a relapse and is normal. That is what many DONOT understand. New studies on addiction & relapse helps us understand this disease so much better.

    I send you many many prayers to let God help u and give u all that u need to sustain u thru this path to a new life & sobriety. 

    You may have many set backs but don't step back because God is preparing you for a comback.


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    Hi Mr Sober, I'm very much like you, I binge but haven't since September when had relapse in anxiety disorder.

    I visited my local alcohol and drug dependency service to help, the support and advise you get is fantastic, I said I didn't want to be t total but have a healthy relationship with alcohol which so far I have.

    I buy Bavaria a non alcoholic lager which I mix with low alcohol beers 1-2%, Morrisons do a 1% cider and it's great. 

    When im out I drink bitter but slowly drink it, have non alcoholic in between and happy to get tipsy but that's it..... It's funny to watch others get sh-t faced and talk bo&&sock. N 

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    What makes you believe that you deserve a drink? Working even harder at the gym would build your endorphins and make you even stronger.

    As a drinker you have a massive imbalance of vitamins and proteins so you need to fix that first so that you desire alcohol less. These tend to help with alcoholics:

    - glutamine

    - krill oil

    - sesamine oil

    - inositol

    - multivitamin

    - protein

    Also join a gym and do heavy cardio.

    Do some self imaging for motivation by imagining how you wish to be and what wonderful things you could be doing like that. It builds up your motivation.

    Prayer and meditation also helps to focus your inner strength.

    Remember that most of your problem is mental and that physical stuff like supplements can help you only as much as your will power is set to achieve.

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    HI. PaulTurner1964 said it. Go careful and slowly but do try to abstain.Not easy for certain but at least you are admitting that you have a problem and you trying to deal with it. Well done for certain. How did Christmas go for you?
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