Trying to survive seven more days to see Dr. House

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I am 50. Had stomach problems all my life. IBS when my nerves kicked in. Bad migraines. Other than that up to eight years ago I was the most laid back 6/6 225 pound person there was.

Eight years ago...I was working in the yard for about 5 hours. My back started to cramp in two distinct areas. Left and right sides just above my kidneys. Got to a point were I decided to go inside and take a break. Sat down and 5 minutes later I felt like I was passing out. That night as I was going from conscious to unconscious I would get a jolt of anxiety. Happened over a hundred times that night. Before i finally made it to sleep my intire body had pins and needles.

This went on for three days. I went into my doctor at the time and told him listen... I have anxiety that is with me all during the day and what had happened. I hardly ever took medicine for any reason. He put me on Xanax. Had no clue what the drug was. Three years later my wife looked at me and said honey... your anxiety is really not being controlled. I agreed and took a full year on my own to get off the meds. Worse year of my life.  In the meantime I got another doctor and told him I needed to sleep or I would be a mess. He put me on a medicine called Temazepam 15mg. Ended up taking two a night and are still taking them. After I got off the Xanax my muscles and tendons hurt and felt like they were ripping. Also got a new type of headache known as an aura migraine. So for the next 4 years got MRI of my entire body. They found that I have diverticulitis. They went into my throat found a hiatal hernia and used a bubble to widen my esophagus because I had some problems with food going down.

Have that coughthat comes with the so called gerd so they threw me on Rhinidine 150mg once at night and once in the morning. Got on a gluten free diet. I actually stopped having the migraines that I had all my life. Wish I had known that years ago could have saved me hundreds of hours laying on the couch with a heating pad on my face. So here I am ..trying to keep enough calories in me and exercising but the muscle pain, the shortness of breath, the anxiety, the constant ringing in my ears, sensitivity to light and sounds, and those two areas on my back cramping up and hurting not to mention I have gone from 225 pounds down to 160 and being 6'6 thats pretty skinny. I believe I am loosing muscle and my mind all at the same time. So a friend of mine got me an appointment with a doctor in town who is in his 70s and specializes in determining what is wrong with you. He is like the Dr. House of my town. Today I feel as if I am not going to make it. I am not going to make it seven more days til my appointment. On top of it all I have had 4 deaths in the family in a month and a half and my 90 year old mother I take care of got sick and is in the hospital. I feel as if I am missing something. That there a virus or infection or chemical I am missing that is doing this to me. I have tried to figure it out for so long that it has beat me. I have never written anything on the internet before and have no idea why I am now other than when I was reading some of the discussions and I related to some of the things other people were going through it made me feel better. I feel as if I am waisting away. Guess I was wondering if anyone had this extreme of an experience with the muscle pain and weight loss and is there any hope of getting back to some normality. The things I am going to bring up to check for that I have learned is: Thyroid, adrenal glands, diverticulitis, hiatal hernia. I feel for anyone who is going through this type of illness. 

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    That is one bad story, though I suspect not unusual.

    Obviously you are under stress and vulnerable at the moment. Ok you can survive. A good and determined dr can help. You might also have to do some homework yourself.

    It sounds like the onset was sudden. If you were in the states it could be lyme disease.

    However for years you have had malabsorbtion due to your glutem intolerance. That would upset a number of things including B12. The hard work may just have pushed you over a threshold.

    I am starting to become increasingly aware of the influence of genetic variations. Believe it or not there are cheap gene analyses available although the interpretation involves another site and some work.

    I doubt that there is a single simple explanation and treatment that will work but yes hang in there and  with some trial and error you can feel much better. Hopefully Dr House will help but you may have to do some homework yourself, while remaining sceptical about advice received both from drs and on the internet.

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    Hi Jerz, so sorry to hear about all your medical issues, and stress levels, do hope your doctor will be helpful. Only other thing I would suggest, is ask if he'll check your B12, ferritin, folate and Vit D levels. These can be badly depleted by any digestive and stress problems. If they are very low, they cause a lot of symptoms, and can make you feel awful. Best of luck for your appointment. Marion
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    Hi Jerz, just like to say I agree with Marion get them bloods done,as some medications deplete your body of vitamins and minerals . I myself take Temazapam for sleep and have done for years, I think it's one of the best for sleep as long as you don't abuse it. That's when it don't do the job.  As for the thyroid that can ply a massive part in your health.  I feel the same as you in respect of I feel if I could just join the dots up Id feel better,but it does take a lot of research,it's also hard to understand such a lot of stuff example thyroid.  Anyway in the meantime I hope you get the answers you need and just try and relax    Take care.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. It helps just to have someone to bounce things off of. I wish I could go in to see the doctor today but as we all know you are on thier clock. And I am sure he is a busy as well. Trying to focus on the other things to take my mind off of all the problems. Its hard.

    I did have a lyme desease test and it came up negative. The thyroid test was just the usual TSH test and I really need to break it down to the T3 and the T4 from what  I have read.

    I also went to a nutritionist just to see what she may come up with. She said I was not digeting vitamin D and selenium. With my digestive problems any variation in my food throws my system off and appears to make my anxiety worse. I have read that when you are in the fetus stage that your brain splits into two parts. One goes to your head the other to your intestines. They are connected with a nerve known as the vegus.

    After years of dealing with these problems does seem that when my digestion is off my anxiety changes as well.

    So cannot digest milk (imagine that) and with the diverticuli cannot eat nuts. So what I did was found that brazil nuts have good amounts of selenium and I chop them up in my nutri bullet to a point of powder. Then a bit of water and it turns into what looks like milk. I believe it has helped some with my sleep and the extra colories is good as well. As far as vitamin D is concerned thats a different story. Seems as if you have to have magnesium along with the vitamin in order to obsorb. Magnesium tears my stomach up so I have not been able to figure that one out.

    I tried some b12 liquid that had not just the b12 but other Bs as well. I got energy and was a bit cleared headed but the energy ended up turning into anxiety. Tried to read up on it and got mixed reviews. Some say that you need the b12 without the other Bs then others say the b12 alone will cause the anxiety.

    Chris I believe you are correct. I pushed myself over a threshold. I probably had a deficiency of some sort and it broke. Wish the doctor I went to had thought that way and not thrown me on Xanax.

    Marion thanks for the extra things to ask about when I see the doctor. I will write it down and take it with me.

    Norma I have thought for awhile now that I may have what is known as Hyperthyroidism. All my symptoms point to it. I even went as far as to do a strange test. I made a 3 by 3 inch patch of iodine on the inside upper part of my arm. Suppose to stay there at least 12 hours if you are getting the amount of iodine your body requires. The patch was almost gone after 4. May not prove anything. But I did try and see what was being used to help the condition. I find that the Lemon Balm tea helps my anxiety. I also just started taking an enzyme to help break down my food so that I can digest better since I don't have much acid in my system from the blockers. Just hope that this doctor does not get overwhelmed with the issues. Everyone says he is the man. Thanks again for the responses I did not expect to get any response at all. And I must apologies for I did not realize that this site was overseas. I am in the US. My brain not working well and did not realize.

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      hi Jerz. just read your post. it feels that your being incredibly strong & courageous with your health challanges. in respect of the anxiety. if you have yhe presence of mind to look up ''EFT'' - Emotional freedom Therapy''. it's easily learned and applied and can have amazing effects on stress & anxiety and other emotions. the instructions are v. accessible.

      all good luck for ypur appoinment.


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    Well that is all very complicated. So sortng it out will take sometime and effort.

    I know the US health system has its issues.

    I would be inclined initially to wait for the Dr who hopefully will take a full history, and then run some tests to try to clarify the picture.

    Thst is better than dosing you up for symptoms eg tranquillisers  and if I take it right H2 antagonists for a hiatus hernia???.

    On basics. Gluten intolerance would inflame your intestines and lead to malabsorption particularly of fats and thus fat soluble vitamins and B12. You can pretty easy test this by a no fat day versus a fatty meal eg smoked chicken sour cream etc etc. Do this 2-3 times and you will know.

    As I understood it diverticulae do not give dairy intolerance, rather they are likely to result from lack of fibre ie vegetables. Dairy intolerance is usually to lactose, you may be at a guess reacting to the fat.

    You might have what they call leaky guts that might lead to issues.

    Me I would want to avoid drugs influencing acid - look at  the long term effects. You need it for digestion.

    Yes anxiety effects digestion.

    To some extent B12 and other bs are independent. However it works with folates and other bs can be required for other things. Like it worked for you but increased anxiety.

    That suggesst to me that the anxiety is another path. B6 is involved in converting arousal neurotransmitters to calming ones, as is Picamilon which also is said to fix tinnitus.

    I wonder if previously you were say somewhat introverted and say of more nervy disposition than plegmatic. It could make a difference if the anxiety is all new or just increased. Take a look at GABA and picamilon.

    Never heard of vit D absorption requiring Mg. However it is important and can be required as a relaxant. Any gut issues may be from the type. One is a laxative. Mg alginate is good and there are chelated forms.

    Once you are on the right path some other things improve over months with some trial and error.

    In the meantime you are under stress and need to deal with that as much as possible via meditation etc.

    However the knowledge that things can improve will also help.

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the info. This form almost feels like a doubled adged sword at times. You need to reach out and gather as much knowledge as you can to help oneself at the same time you learn more avenues that you may never have even concidered which can be a bit stressful in itself.

      I am lactose intolerable. Well I have not tried since I have been on the gluten free diet because the dairy gave me those migraines I use to get.

      I am on Rhinidine 150mg twice a day and agree 100% I would love not to be on them. The fact is that when I don't take them the cough I get supposibly from the gerd is ongoing and affects the  hiatus hernia which affects everything. But I am going to do my best to get a few of the things under control and will definitley attack the acid blocker and the sleep med issue. I hate drugs. Thats one of the reasons I took a fool year of suffering to get off the xanax.

      I am going to look into the GABA and thepicamilon. And I have thought much about the leaky gut as well. I believe there may be a test for the leaky gut. At least I hope so.

      Supposidley this new doctor I am going to go to is in his 70's. He is great at finding out what is wrong with people. Have heard many wonderful stories about him.

      Life can be tuff. And I know it is for alot of people not just myself. And I also know it can always be worse. Just seems like in the past few years between deaths in the family, health issues and money issues combined with trying to to care of a 90 year old mom, think its taken its toll.

      My two hopes are...the doctor does alot of research and testing on me before he comes to any conclusions (putting me on meds) and that I do not overwhelm him with all this crap. Once again thanks for the input.

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