Trying to withdraw from Mirtazapine, when I only took it this time for 2 weeks

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Was only on Mirtazapine for 2 weeks, and started to withdraw, as i then remembered why I withdrew the last time, never felt good on them made me sleep when i was already sleeping, then just had anxiety all day for the whole time and cried a lot.... Thought this would be easy this time, with not being on it long, I am a bit low, but wasn't this bad before i took them this time again, I got down to about 2.5 ml, then I thought i would go every other day, but today just feel like hell, have taken 1 diazapam, that has made me feel worse, wasn't so bad yesterday, and i hadn't had, any meds the night before, and even thought maybe i could stop all together, but last night I went into a terrible state, realized I had to take the med, 2ml, but i had the night from hell, so very anxious all night long, took half Diazapam, slept for about 3 hours total, I can't understand how i could go from feeling not bad yesterday to feling like hell today, when i haven't been on them long.... All i wanted last year was counseling for late bereavement, and i am worse than ever after all these tablets...... Has anyone else experienced this, so desperate to know....

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    U will feel alot worse b4 u feel better on most of these meds hard when u just want to b u again u need to stick with a drug at lest 4-8 weeks b4 u can tell its working or not b4 that ur just dealing with crappy side effects. Its a roller coaster id swing between ok an not in hrs at the start hang in there
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    I'm not familiar with your recent AD history.  So you've been on Mirt for 2 weeks - what dosage did you start at, and you said you tapered - how?  (can you give mg please).  When you say you took Mirt' in the past how long ago was it?  I wonder how yo tapered that time - sorry for all the questions, just trying to see whats been going on, in the nicest possible way of course.

    Also are you taking any other meds, or recently stopped any other meds - if so how did you stop?

    I'll try and help I can at all ... I do know that withdrawal/or discontinuation comes in windows and waves .... Mirt' is unkind to stop suddenly.

    Wishing you well Hilary

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    No I'm sry to hear your feeling so bad and having such a hard time. I do feel tired in the morn but have never been a morn person. usually once I have a coffee I'm OK sometimes 2 cups. I have been on mirt for a few yrs at least. I can take up to 45 MG but I try to just take 15mg ND increase an additional half tab at a time. usually if 15 doesn't work 30 does. most ppl don't know the lower the dose the more sedating and the higher the dose is suppose to help better with depression and less sedating. I also take 2mg of klonopin a night. I can take .5 in the day ND 1.5 at night but usually just take 2 MG at night and ambien 10 MG as needed but my doc only allows 20 pills a month on the ambien so I have to take a break cuz he doesn't want it to stop working. I have read that the side effects of mirt when starting can mimic withdrawal symptoms when stopping. I've read many ppl have a hard time on mirt. and many ppl have bad withdrawals stopping it. I read to decrease bout 10 % every 2-3 wks and longer if needed. you can get liquid form or disolve yo ur pill in water and measure with a dropper. I use a pill cutter so you can also try cutting it in 4 pieces. I'm 5'1 and was down to 76 lbs so I needed it for weight gain depression and severe insomnia. which it has helped with all as long as I take my klon with it. I feel it could help more with depression but when my doc added wellbutrin my sleep stopped completely and my heart was racing. but everyone is different and has different reactions to any meds. my doc said mirt is suppose to help with anxiety and nausea as well but not so sure on that. From reading other ppls experiences either they do well with mirt or they don't do well. it doesn't seem to be a mediocre in between. I wish I could b more helpful and hope you start to feel better soon. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 25. so I truly know how you feel in regards to bereavement and I have tried so many meds and had a difficult time with so many. I do know klonopin helps me the most. it is a 12 hr acting med and stops my mind from racing. But it's a benzo and been on it or so long if I try 2 stop it. I get real sick and have a melt down and my sleep is shut off instantly. just keep researching and try getting in with a counselor as that might be helpful and if it's an APRN they can oversee meds as well. my best regards moma s

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      YW and sry if I write a book at times. I have bipolar disorder along with others so I think a lot which makes me write a lot. It kinda gets things off my mind at the same time of trying to be helpful

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