Turp Op after kidney damage due to bladder retention..

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I am 61 years old and had a urinary ,prostate   situation which  I experienced but had Turp op a few weeks ago .  Initially I was put into ER after I retained over 1 litre of urine in my bladder that I couldn't pee out, after an ultrasound result after referral from my GP.

They drained me and put catheter in which I had in for 2 months all together .Went on to using a Bard Tap Valve after 1 month which was a god send and got rid of the bag and was  able to  fill my bladder again. I had to make sure I emptied out every 3 hours and disinfected the valve every day although I used 3 alternating. I did get a couple of infections along the way which was treated with antibiotics and anti fungal medicines. After a few weeks I had a camera put through my penis into my bladder to check for cancer and look for blockage and prostate enlargement.

Had the op all went well and was let out of hospital after 2 days once I proved I had a low retention in my bladder.

The surgeon told me after a blood test on day one my GFR was down to 29 and before the the op it was at 40 .

This was a bit of a concern, as previously because I had the BPE for some time (5years) I was told that I had damaged my kidneys because of having a fullish bladder for such a long time.

The renal specialist said because my case was so extreme I had lost about 30% of my kidney function because of the back pressure from the retention of so much urine in my bladder.My urine was not being expelled from the kidneys and basically it was poisoning me. He told me I was on a downward spiral and some kidney function once lost is gone forever,so luckily I was having the op to fix my problems.

Anyway after a CT scan and other test at the hospital they worked out I had a infection from the op and that  op trauma  were to blame . Also want to mention the hospital experience was quite good abeit lack of sleep and lots of drips and testing .Met some nice nurses and staff and was treated very well.

Eventually after a couple of weeks of rest  my  kidneys went back to normal and are as good as they probably will ever be which they say is ok as long as I be kind to them.

Still after 3 weeks have a bit of blood in my urine which seems worse at night but at least I can pee freely and only get up a of couple of times to pee during the night. Since being in ED I have had nearly 3months off work but luckily covered by work insurance.

Honestly though I am glad I have had an op as having a catheter in  all the time is crap  and basically very irritating even though it can be managed quite well as I found out .

But the main reason for having the op for me anyway was to get my peeing right again (forgot to mention I was wetting the bed beforehand ) which has happened and to stop anymore kidney damage . 

Hope my experience helps others to make up their mind about  what to do and if anyone has got  any questions let us know.


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    Thank you for taking the time to write that Des . I’m glad that your problems appear to be behind you , sounds like you have had a rough ride . 

    All the best


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      Thanks Darren for the good wishes .

      Yes had a bit of a rough ride but basically caused my own demise by ignoring the tell tale signs of BPH even after told that was probably my problem years earlier .Being  suddenly put into  ED in a hospital is not what you want to happen !

      That's why I wanted to post here to let others know not to be as stupid as I was and let things go for too long before seeing the GP and getting things sorted. .

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    blood in urine after TURP is normal for couple of weeks.. some have this problem for months.  Urine gradually became clear by 3rd week after my operation.


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    I had TURP 5 weeks ago and still can’t empty my bladder.

    I have a SPC in place at the moment but it’s capped off and I pee normally and have a good stream now , but the doctor said to try opening the SPC after I pee and measure the amount of urine that comes out, and it’s still 400-500 cc even after I pee normally, I’m worried I might have more surgery ahead of me .

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      Hi Kenneth

      Yes 400-500mls is a lot to retain in a  normal pee. A normal bladder volume usually is about 400-600mls in volume.

      My bladder volume was measured at 680mls after it was stretched due to large  retention rate before my op. The urologist told me I  should be peeing after about 150-200mls stored in my  bladder.

      Also they said that your bladder may have to get used to having the feeling of being relatively full and needing to pee again  especially after being catharized for as long as I was .That is why the urologist put me on the tap valve after a month instead of a bag  so at least my bladder will get used to having a certain amount of urine  in it .

      I had to promise I would empty my bladder every 3hours or less so that it didn't fill up again and cause kidney problems again.

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    What’s a tap valve ?

    Is that the same as a super pubic catheter?

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      Hi Kenneth

      I had a Bard Flip Flo Valve .

      "The Flip-Flo valve is a tap-like device which fits into the end of our catheter (urethral or suprapubic). The Flip-Flo offers you an alternative to using urinary drainage bags. Your bladder then continues to store urine and can be emptied intermittently by releasing Flip-Flo. "

      That definition is out of google but basically instead of a bag which the catheter empties into you  just have a valve that connects to the catheter opening and you can empty it at any time .At night I used to connect a small bag to the valve and keep the valve open that way I could just put the bag in the bed unattached to my leg .This gave me freedom to roll around from side to side at night as I usually do. The valve is so much more convenient and  easier to conceal as well especially in the public domain. Just use strap same as one from the bag  to attach it to your leg and away you go.

      Definitely not same as a super pubic catheter which has to be inserted through a cut in your tummy.

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      Hi Hank

      They actually called it  an indwelling catheter here but yes it is the same and it is attached to the open end of the catheter.t did change the ballgame for me as because of the convenience and lot less irritations.

      They are pretty cheap with the  Bard Flip Flo  valve costing me about $8.00 each and used  3 alternatively, easy to clean as well.

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    I have a SPC in at the moment because I had TURP 4 weeks ago.

    I am retaining up to 400cc after I pee , I’m wondering if I’m retaining because of the oxybutynin I’m taking for bladder spasms?

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