TV Adverts for" Vaginal Itching Creams" make me Cross

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I am tired of seeing TV adverts by the drug companies for creams to treat vaginal itching.  They make it sound normal and minor.  I didn't seek professional help until I was actually bleeding quite severely, because I thought it was something I should be able to deal with myself with some over-the-counter cream.  We may not be able to find the perfect solution for our LS problem but perhaps we could help other women get diagnosed sooner if we all complained about these misleading adverts.   

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    I agree with you. I had same experience, I thought it was a common ailment and was using Canestan cream for many months. Like you, it was only when I had bleeding and in my case also what looked likes a lesion (due to scratching I think) that I got help.
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      I’ve seen the ads.  I used cannesten for years and got very swollen as well.  I’d never heard of L S and last summer thought I had thrush on the clitoris so put thrush cream on there.  I googled the symptoms and fast forward I am now on near regularly reading threads for information and support.  Where the l S started is now melted away.  You are right who knows how many ladies suffer with thrush bu actually have started with LS.  Gps though and nurses a lot of the time fail to recognise LS which is worrying.  My gp even admitted she has never heard of it.  
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    I totally agree, since I was diagnosed two of my friends complained of itching and I advised a trip to GP, one was diagnosed with LS, the other with Dermatitis & Eczema. We need to keep raising awareness so more people get the right treatment.

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    They make it sound normal and minor.  Yes. I used Canestan for decades before menopause, with intervals of about 3 months in between.  At first it was available on prescription and then it became an over the counter medication thus normalizing the problem. When that happens, doctors are not as aware of what's going on because you're not going to their offices for prescriptions. I often wonder whether all those yeast infections were a lead-up to my LS. Yeast infections, like LS, are also triggered by sugar, as is Irritable Bowel Syndrome which I also have had since menopause. Hmmm....confused  Maybe the problem originates with not linking certain diets with disease, and not linking 'minor' diseases like yeast infections with less minor ones like LS.


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    Well I was being treated for yeast Infection for a.year

    Until I seen my regular Dr. She said LS

    And now went back last week thinking Hemerhoids

    But no apparently it is LP in my anus. sucks

    I was doing good....thinking I had it under control

    Going back tomy regular Dr in 2 weeks will see what she says

    This is what my regular Dr gave me

    2x a week vaginal pill Hormone started bleeding so I do it once a week now

    Replenish cream 2 x a week

    And the cortisone cream as needed (But not good)

    What really kept me going was what I read on the net

    Grab a spray bottle fill it Half with peroxide 3% only and half of sterilized water to clean wounds sold in pharmacy every time you go to washroom when done ... spray water bottle .....wipe delicately

    You will see a big difference ....

    Eventually you will use it only a few time a day

    Then go 3/4 of sterilized water and 1/4 of peroxide

    I will now more next week if really LP or Hemerhoids

    I just taught to sharere this with you it is so scary when we start read about this...

    This is my experience

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    Does anyone have any ideas on how we force the advertising companies to point sufferers towards their doctors and at least mention that there could be a more underlying serious condition.  


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    Totally agree suffered for years and spent a fortune on Lanacane to relieve the itching for a couple of hours . More should be advertised telling the truth.
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    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who determines treatments for disease, the doctors or the drug companies? The clean answer is doctors, but in our country at least, drug companies fund medical schools so there is a lot of pressure for doctors to conform to what the drug companies promote.  In response to your question, Fran, the advertising companies are paid by the drug companies. So who to you talk to? Good question!!
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      I'm trying to think of a way out of the loophole but the solution escapes me at the moment.  There are some good doctors out there who try not to be influenced but at the moment I just want to stop the misleading adverts.  Vaginal itching can be serious don't self-medicate - find the cause.


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      I think we should start our own campaign using 38 Degrees people power change 

      Regarding getting through to pharmaceutical companies 

      It is a truly powerful medium methinks 

      Check it out ladies 🙏🏻

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    The over the counter creams always made my itching and pain worse, which is how I knew it was something more than just regular irritation.  The thing is, many women do just experience harmless but irritating itching, so it's not necessarily that the companies are wrong to advertise their products for those lucky women who can get rid of their symptoms in a few days with an OTC cream.  Women just need to know that if their symptoms continue or worsen with the use of an OTC medication, then they need to see a doctor.  


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      Hi viv

      I used the over the counter meds for what i thought was thrush. And it did settle the problem down the itching was intense and distressing. I even went to dr and sent away a swab came back clear foe thrush but still told to use creams for thrush. It wasn't until menopause that the LS stept up a gear and started to change skin. So i feel its unacceptable under given sircumstances to give our thrush cream unless accompanied by medical proof of thrush.

      tweet! tweet!

      Kay xx

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      I understand what you're saying, and it was wrong for your doctor to tell you to continue using the cream when you tested negative for thrush.  I agree that the doctor should not have given you that cream without knowing that you were actually dealing with thrush.  My point is that some women genuinely have simple problems that can be solved easily with OTC creams and it wouldn't seem fair to deprive them of an easy solution that works for them just because it doesn't work for us.  If you use the cream and it clears up your problem, great.  If you use the cream and your symptoms continue or worsen, then you should see a doctor.  That's common sense.  I don't see any reason to force women with simple conditions that can be treated with OTC creams to pay to see a doctor rather than walking into a store to buy something that works fine for them.  

      And I would point out that most OTC medications clearly indicate that you should see a doctor if your condition does not improve.  Removing advertisements for yeast infection medications is not the answer.  An information campaign about rare but serious conditions like LS would be a more productive solution.  

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