TVT and Anterior bladder repair

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Am 66 years old, in very good Heath , and 11 days after my operation, was feeling good, resting completely, no lifting etc, had stopped the pain relief. Dressed 2 days ago and yesterday to go and see my sister who is in hospital. Today, I have pain on both sides of my lower abdomen, and I am scared that something is wrong. Haven't had a bath only shower / wash, but the smell down there is not v. nice. Only spots of light coloured blood. Am going to re-start the pain relief, totally relax etc - but can anyone reassure me that things are ok?

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    Hi Celia,

    There is a thread called...I am living with a prolapse and so are many others...on this forum. It is very good and the people will have lots of advice. It is started by a lady called Llyne who is very knowledgable, Hope they can help..



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    Hi Celia,

    The pain is usually a sign that you have been doing too much. 11 days is very early days. I would get the smell checked out though just in case you have an infection.

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    Hi Celia, you've probably just overdone it. It really doesn't take much only 11 days post-op. But, as you mention an unpleasant smell, I would phone and ask to speak to your GP, who will probably want to see you, just to check for an infection. This seems to be quite common, but is easily dealt with. Meanwhile, put these feet back up!
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    Hi Celia,it sounds like you need to see GP in case you have an infection,I am just over 2wks since second anterior repair with biological mesh and perinorophery(stitching between vagina and perineum)and have not long finished a course of antibiotics for infection,it seems to be common to get an infection along the line.I have learnt not to do too much too early even if you feel you can, your body is still repairing and will object if you overdo things too soon,so take a step back and build up gradually,it will be worth it in the end,take care.
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      Hello Diane,

      Hoping all goes well with your recovery.

      Was your surgery sacropexy.

      Lifting the womb and bladder with mesh?

      I am interested that you mentioned biological mesh as the op has been mentioned as a way forward at Oxford to me not with biological mesh though.

      Where did you have the op and with whom?

      Sorry to ask as you are in recovery mode.

      What were your symptoms prior to surgery?

      I also have prolapse issues too.

      Thank you and I hope you get this sorted sounds like you need some antibiotics.



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      Hi Sandra,the first anterior repair was Sacrocolpopexy which involved lifting the bladder using synthetic mesh(done over 3 yes ago)however it was discovered synthetic mesh was causing pain problems with a lot of patients including many even in the USA,so after having a bowel posteria prolapse a year later fixed with the samesort of mesh,I had can lot of lower back pain,they then decided to remove both the synthetic meshes a few months later.Please do not consider any synthetic mesh being used the biological ones are much safer and more successful.This last anterior repair has been done using biological mesh with sacrospinous fixation.My gynae surgeon here in Plymouth, Dr Dua(female)did the op on the NHS at Derriford hospital.My symptoms before the op were pressure pain in lower back,pressure and heaviness internally and problems not being able to empty my bowel properly which gives you feeling of pressure inside your bottom(TMI I know )no other way of explaining really.Talk things over with your consultant and looking online about the operation they recommend is really helpful,also this site has lots of info and support from lovely ladies who are in the same position.Hope this helps,regards,Do.

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      Thank you for replying to this forum.

      Have prolpase in all 3 compartments.

      The anal compartment is where I get my symptoms though.

      This has been a 5 year haul, as I did not know what my symptoms were due to at first.  Also top London NHS hosptal more or less discharged me for pain management. Said my reasults were not bad enough for prolapse surgery and many hosptials do not specialise in the rectal surgeries.(These are newer operations)

      My symtoms though sound a little like yours were prior to surgery.

      I have though put my low back pain on waking down due to my discs.

      I can empty my bowels but sometimes I am wiping for ages.

      Or possibly incomplete evacuation.

      Also now some anal incontinence not pleaseant as my muscles are not holding things in now.

      It looks like I have this internal anal prolapse. (intususception)

      Discomfort in anal area, sitting very bad, waking up in the morning bad, walking in fact helps withouth the pressure on my bottom, but discomfort still there 24/7.

      My quality of life is somewhat limited.

      Although to see me you would never know I try to put a smile on my face.

      However have also been recommend gyni surgery, hysterectomy, or sarolpexy also now on the colorectal side ventro-rectopexy.

      Both surgeries either sacrolcolpopexy or Ventro rectopexy I have been told they use Non biological mesh.

      I have been told that the biological mesh does not hold well, and hence you may need a subsequent operation.

      Was your second surgery this anterior repair a rectopexy.

      I am nearly 60 yrs and I do not want loads of ops.

      Finally after a long haul I have been offered ventral rectopexy.

      Which I think is the best surgery now.

      I believe I need to forget the uterine surgeries.

      However surgeon does not recomment biological mesh for me as he feels it will not hold.  He is an expert doctor and will see if he will use a biological mesh instead. 

      He mentioned he felt non biological mesh would be better as it would hold better.  However I am now having second thoughts.

      I believe there have been more incidents with uterine surgery mesh than rectum surgery mesh though. I have researched and it has been a nightmare out there for many patients you included.

      Thanks for all you help,

      I am hoping for a ventral- rectopexy operation not sure when it will be scheduled. 

      This all began 5 years ago with a pressure feeling in my anus, wierdly whilst sleeping.

      The anxiety led to so many tests, and so many opinions. 

      I am not sure what will happen with surgery however I do not want this to get into a worse state.

      Thank you for your feedback and good luck with your last surgery.


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    Hi Celia, the pain is your body telling you you have done too much. See your GP because smell may be UTI or thrush, both of which are pretty common postop. Don't think this is anymore than normal recovery process. 😊
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      Think I paniced when I felt pain, but am back on pain relief  and back off my feet, so hopefully it will settle. Have been to my GP and left a sample just in case  I have an infection. Thanks everyone.
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