Twisted Ankle, Still not recovered after 5 months

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On september 11 2016 i twisted my ankle pretty badly, My entire ankle was swollen..

i followed RICE therapy for first 2 months, it reduced the swelling, but not the pain and stiffness, Doctor told to rest and take meds..

Went to doc for 2nd time last week, He said to do MRI scan..

And the scan revealed these:

1) Fluid collection in antero lateral and posteior aspect of ankle, particularly  in lower posterior fibular groove at the site of posterior talofibular ligament..

2) Focal bone marrow edema in talus

3) Cartilage contusion of talus, mostly in lateral aspect..

4) Cyctic lesion measuring 15x22 mm is seen at lateral aspect of right calcaneus...

He told to take more rest and surgery might be needed incase the cyst gets bigger.. This is getting me worried, how long do i have to rest for my ankle to recover completely?

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    Hi Tyler,

    So sorry to hear all the complications of your ankle. I was in a cast from a bad sprain and torn ligaments. After 3 months cast was removed and pain ensued. The best thing that helped me was walking in sand to help,strengthen mucsles and gentle recovery also with PT and gentle resistance water therapy. 

    Every case is different and healing muscles and tendons can take longer than break in bone. I hope you get this worked out soon and get your mobility back.

    Many healing blessings sent you way. 


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    Hi there,

    I have had weak ankles most of my adult life and have twisted them badly, all medical professionals have told me that ankles never really fully recover and the damage is likely to last for ever. The pain if a twisted ankle is dreadful but I will add that they do strengthen over time, pain lessons and full mobility can be had. At one time it took a full year to recover fully from a twisted ankle so can take ages.

    I do hope it works out for you, persevere and rest it sometimes

    Emmie x

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    Hi Tyler,

    First off sorry to hear about your injury! I read your post and it freaked me out how identical (down to the date) my injuries is to yours. I also injured myself September 11, 2016. My ankle swelled up massively and after an X-ray showed no fractures I got an MRI. The MRI showed I had torn two ligaments, partially tore another 1, and sprained another. I also had very bad bone bruising in my talus area. (The doctors think I actually dislocated it and it went back into place). I have done physical therapy at least 4 times a week since my injury, and I am still in pain. The pain got to the point where when walking I would have to stop and rest then walk again (the pain would flare up) then stop and rest. This would happen every few steps.(Not sure if your pain is similar, would love to know) (I also get a dull achy pain in the front of my ankle) After seeing the doctor, I got prescribed naproxens and more physical therapy rolleyes. This didn't help at all. Finally I was sent to get an MRI at the end of January. My MRI showed that I had subchondral bone marrow edema and a cyst in my talus! As well I had a loss of fluid in the talar joint. Lastly, I had scar tissue around my ligaments even one that wasn't damaged and scar tissue that enclosed my perineal tendon. What kind of surgery would your doctor want to do? My doctor doesn't believe that my MRI showed anything that correlates back to the pain I'm having, so I'd like to know what kind of pain you are having.

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      No. My doctor doesn't believe that my pain correlates to anything in the MRI. I recently had a cortisone shot and that help some aspects but overall I'm still having pain. The doctor said if that didn't fix it that he believes I may have complex regional pain syndrome which I have done some research and I understand how with some of my symptoms he could think that, but I don't believe I have that. Do you have an idea of a surgery my doctor should be recommending?


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    I feel sorry for you. I sprained my ankle twice, once Dec 15 and then Jan 15. Thought it would just get better but would take a while so carried on. Went to doctors in April but he said it was normal to still hace pain. Pain increased to extent I had to go to A&E in June where an X ray revealed nothing. Referred to specialist who sent me for physio. After couple months of physio, nothing much had changed and physio told me to continue with excercises at home. I was still walking at this stage but could only wear flat shoes. Pain went so bad one I returned to specialist in October who ordered MRI scan. This revealed 2.5 mm fracture of cartilage in talus dome. He told me it was so small that it would hopefully heal itself and put me on medication to help heal. I ended up limping and went back within 2 weeks. He gave me crutches and told me not to put any weight on it and sent me for physio 3 times per week. The pain started to get better when 7 weeks ago a new physio, who read my notes, started to press and massage the affected area. I was in so much pain again I returned to specialist who said she had aggravated injury causing acute inflammation. Now on strong anti inflammatories, and pain just started to improve. However, I go back to the specialist in weeks. I hope he will give me another MRI scan to see if this is all working. I am sick of being non weight bearing all this time. The specialist said it can be a long time for this type of injury to heal. I will let you know what the outcome is after my next visit. I think you have to be patient. I am currently going to physio MonWed and Fri and I have magnetic treatment, ultrasound, and tens machine and ice treatment. It helps to place ice pack on at home for 10 minutes and then place foot in hot water with epsom salts and apple cider vinegar. Do this a few times a day. I wish you well but after reading this and others you will realise every injury is different and takes different times to heal. I just pray this conservative treatment will work and I won't need an operation after all this! Good luck!

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    Sorry to hear that

    Have you read about plasma to ligiaments and cartilage?

    May be a good option in your case


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