Two bulging discs

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i know how it happened. I sneezed and felt like my back broke. I sneezed again and the same thing happened.

This is not recent. It happened about two years ago.

i tried three things:

physiotherapy...the physio said she could fix it easily and it would take theee weeks

i tried a Tens machine

lastly, a course of Bowen treatments

none of these things fixed it.

What I do now is avoid setting it off.

luckily I am 72 and retired

I have other issues with my back too. I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and fairly mild scoliosis.

The nerve involved with mine is the one that leads to the area of the sacroiliac.

I cannot sit on hard, straight chairs. I cannot stand for long in one place. I cannot walk far.

I am limited but because I do not have to go to work and I have a husband who is my carer I get by.

It affects my quality of life and stops me from doing much.

Is anyone similar to me?

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    Hi kathleen 

            Allthough only 51 ( in 12 days ) i have a thorasic bulging disc ( doctor said it was slipped ) and as a ex soldier and a physical training instructor this has changed my life completely .. not only cant i run ( which i used to all the time ) i find it hard to walk far due to the weakness in my left leg ( caused by the bulging disc ) 

            currently im on 900mg gabapentin ( 3 x 3 daily ) ,physio and also congentive behaviour therapy ... but my problem is it took 14 months to diagnose the bulging disc so no quick fixes will work ....however im keen to try any other treatments .. does tens machines actually work and what is the bowen treatments ... i would give anything a go 

             i beleive the hardest part of any disc problems ( and many acute health conditions for that matter ) is the mental side day were ok and the next day were unable to walk and do the things we normally like to do ....

           and thats were cognetive behaviour therapy comes in ... this helps you understand your health conditions and how to interpret pain in a positive way ... but as with many therapys you need to go into this with a positive attitude ... and wanting it to work 

           painkillers and NSAID,s are ok but actually just mask the symptoms and painkillers such as codeine and morphine can produce dependance which is then another problem alltogether 

            it obviously sounds like your disc is in the thorasic area ( mine is T6/T7) as coughing expands the ribs and affects the problem intercostal nerves ( which are all around the thorasic area ) 

            have you had another MRI to investigate the current state of the discs ... this is allways recommended as it can see if the discs are improving or getting worse 

           anyway i wish you all the best kathleen 

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      I will know if has improved as I willbe able to sit on a hard chair etc. I won't have a MRI as I have a problem with the enclosed space.

      I read that there are three nerves and one of them leads to where my issue is, another leads down the leg, etc.

      I avoid the painkillers because I can as I do not work.

      Cognive brain training does not seem to be needed by me.

      the Bowen helped a bit for a while but then did not. The Tens

      machine did not work either but it did for another lady so that is worth a try for you.

      The physio helped only with the massage she did but nothing lasted.

      I think the difference in age makes a big difference. I also have other things wrong with my back.

      I hope you are able to solve your disc issue.


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    Hi Kathleen I have to say something happened to me very similar to what you are saying. We were walking down by the river enjoying ourselves and I had this terrible pain and my partner had to go and get the car to take me home. Can you ever remember something like falling downstairs having a car accident because that was initially what happened to me. It was years before too

    I am also the same age. I think my back was caused by me falling downstair many years before.

    .what happened to the physio and was it NHS or private. I think I had 3 sessions which did absolutely nothing which when the report went back to the Dr it was all about they couldn't find anything wrong and maybe I was "putting it on"

    You dont say why you didn't have another session.

    You'd think we were twins I have exactly the same problems and spinal stenosis

    My partner too looks after me but as I live in Spain I dont get any of the

    Carers allowance etc . although I let it run out I found the disabled badge was great and it would have helped here but not sure whether I would get it. Have to see. Has anyone given you an xray or MRI? Where did they say the problem is. Is it a level called L4\L5 ?

    Yes I had a tens machine but haven't used it in years since the leads fell down a toilet!!! I depend on medication and a hot water bottle !! My medication is lyrica and a tablet called pazital but a chemist would tell you the English equiv but then you might need a prescription for the latter. There again you might not have the same pain level as me. I couldn't do pain now is in my buttock, my groin and my thigh the sciatic nerve. I have never has such awful pain. They say its nothing to do with discs impinging on the nerve but for me I think it is. I cannot see beyond the pain . my friend who I was at school with is the same ASME and takes oh I dont know something really strong but I would rather just try and tackle it myself. I can actually tell the time when I need a tablet and need something to go with it to get them down

    Otherwise I have just finished a 2 yr course of cortisone injections which were great but you can only have 3 a year so I now have to gave physio like you. I believe it may help me but I do exercise too. Just a bit of yoga to stretch my thigh. I can sit for hours, but its the getting up that does me. My partner has to pull me up!!! So long as I had the ckrtison I could walk for half an hour and up hills but must admit I am the same weigh hard chairs.

    Now I know exactly how far I can go. Your Dr can give you injections or at least they used to be able to. There is really nothing that I can't do but I have to adn

    MIT that I have been in situations where I could be so annoyed with the pain I could knock anyone's block off. Like so much pain I left my handbag on a park hence 60euros in there to the car park and no bag so I am not always OK. One of the exercises that helps me is sitting with my head between my knees. Its not a permanent pain stopper but good to relieve it. I do think that you should have an xray if you haven't already had one and... You shoukd really ask ykur doctor for a bone scan so that if your bones are not too good he can give you medication. Its just a glass of orange tasting liquid. It appears that I have 2 prolapsed discs and another one near the end of my back which the surgeon has said was dangerous. Trouble with me is that I have had 2 surgeons already made a mess with my back and I did a lot of research beforehand too. So I am afraid I have to live with it. If you want to ask me anything please do

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      I have had an X-ray and also a DEXA scan to diagnose osteoporosis and tscore in the back is -4.3. I won't take the drugs as they are dangerous. I take vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 as well as other supplements and a diet with leafy greens, both broth, etc.

      I won't have surgery on my back as we know someone who ended up with drop foot from the op.

      I saw a physio for quite a few visits and three visits for the Bowen.

      I manage mine by sitting on a recliner with pillows under my legs. I can't sit  on hard straight chairs or walk far or stand in one spot so I don't.

      If I avoid all those things I am ok. It is very limiting but I get by.

      What are your tscores for your osteoporosis? What is the name of the drug you are taking for osteoporosis? There are groups on here with lots of information to help and support you.

      If there was a magic cure for my back I would do it but there does not seem to be.

      I know a lady that the Tens machine worked for.

      All the best.

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