Two years on and symptoms worse

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i saw my fp last week and explIned again i was still having nausea and loose motions with now pain in back where it was before surgery.

she was very nice about it and said we could get a scan after xmas.  I feel so horrible with this has anyone else used anything that helped alleviate symptoms until you can get a scan?  My nerves are on edge and i feel there is no help.   I know you dont rush into,these things but has anyone had worse symptoms as the months go by?

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    sorry Ann but telling you you can get a scan after Christmas to me isn’t being very nice hun, it’s being fobbed off as usual so the nhs that you pay for you built you the people of this country own and subsidies while they sit in their nice warm offices drinking tea eating cakes taking life nice and easy .

    a scan takes minutes to perform and is non invasive it all makes me sick I’m so sorry to rant but in Europe they send you for that scan you need the same day yes the very same day !!

    gosh that was so nice of yr nice gp to say we can get you scanned after Christmas bet she never said when she was being so nice not taking your health seriously !! That next year probably means in March or April !!

    how many people have to die in this country before we the people do something about it !!

    all of us !!!

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      I agree with what you say entirely.  I could ask for a scan privately before xmas but theres only six working days till,then and i dont know if she will approve that.  Meantime i struggle on with these symptoms and can hardly eat. I am a stone overweight but this is not how i would address it.  I have been diagnosed with anxiety over all the things going wrong with my health and i often wonder if that makes gps in less of a hurry when you present with physical,symptoms.
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      they diagnose everyone with anxiety these days Ann. Because that’s right their, is their easiest cop out and fob off and their biggest cover !!

      so when people drop dead ,and questions get asked , ie , why wasn’t this test done, why wasn’t that test done he / she had this symptom and that symptom etc ,

      cop out number one !

      she / he had anxiety! 

      Because I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but anxiety symptoms cover just about everything illness and symptom wise !!

      well the patient suffered anxiety and was on treatment for it and I thought those symptoms were anxiety!!

      oh did you oh that’s ok then, copped out !!!!

      for 3 years I have had doctors telling me you worry to much you have extreme anxiety you need to go on this and that anti depressants,try these citalapram you will feel so much better !!

      with my reply always being ,give them to your mother doc I think she needs them more than I.

      stop talking about anxiety and worry and anti depressants please. And do your job and find out what’s wrong with me.

      everyone worry’s about their health when they are ill, everyone suffers some degree of anxiety in life these days it’s the way the world has become.

      i have suffered from anxiety since I was 15 years old I’m now 53 strangely enough my anxiety has been the mildest it’s ever been the last year or so .

      i even paid 800 to go to a top mental health clinic in Windsor called the cardinal clinic, to have a private mental health evaluation done.

      which came out as .

      sound mind ,well hinged, no signs of psychosis or any other serious mental health issues.

      then dropped a copy on my previous doctors desk .

      then changed my doctors surgery.

      for the worst it turned out.

      The doctors give you anxiety lol they created it they love that one lol

      did you know 1 in four women in this country are on Prozac everyday ?

      one quarter of all women in this country are on Prozac wow !!!

      thats just Prozac!!

      how many in total one has to ask when you take into account all the other antidepressants that are out their and prescribed!!!!

      ad I ask you to consider why are all these wonderful women on antidepressants?

      answer easy !!

      women are far more in touch with their health than men .

      women are far more in touch with their doctors than men.


      its scandalous!!

      doctors convincing our women they need Prozac for their own self gain financially as they all have interests and shares in the pharmaceutical industries. It’s simply disgraceful and disgusting and criminal as far as I’m concerned.

      we are all just human Ginipigs as far as the nhs is concerned.

      its a very sad state of affairs .

      our public serve rents have turned the table around and made us public slaves and we pay them to do it !!

      i hope you remain well Ann. Sincerely x

      and I hope you get an answer for your ills .

      stay as strong as you can.

      worrying is normal by the way when you know your not well it’s quite normal x

      look after yourself and push for answers please and do not be fobbed offf.


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    oh by the way !

    how about make her approve it !!

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    how convenient lol they have a tendency to disappear these doctors lol they do seem to have such a wonderful life don’t they !

    and may I ask , why have they put you on that ?

    thats for ulcers , do you have an ulcer ?

    if not or if unsure , why would you put it in yr body may I ask ?

    and more importantly why would you give yr liver more problems ,when you clearly have problems with yr liver already !!

    makes no sense to me Ann ?

    if you have a confirmed ulcer, then fine ide take it , otherwise not a chance would I be putting more problems into my temple on the word of a gp !

    their not specialists and for me that’s just mental .

    but of course it’s your choice and I of course respect yr decision.

    just remember someone dies every 19 mins from taking a prescription drug !!!

    and that is a FACT !!

    take care.

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    Ann did your FPS give you the gallbladder diet to use after your surgery?  Even though it doesn’t totally alleviate your symptoms does help a little. I am 3 months post-surgery and every meal I eat I continue to have explosive diarrhea and terrible low abdomen pain. I saw my gastrointestinal doctor 2 weeks ago and she gave me a prescription for Questran 4 grams.  I is a packet of an orange flavored powder you mix in water or really anything you want.  I mix it in OJ, 5 oz, and drink it in the morning and evening. It will totally stop the nausea and diarrhea BUT they forget to mention it will make you so constipated you’ll be sure it has turned into concrete. After 2 very miserable days I got that problem resolved and my daughter measured out how much powder was in 1 packet and take half a packet twice a day. It seems to help but I am still on a gallbladder diet and my gastro doctor said there is no way to tell when my body will adjust to the gallbladder being gone and the liver figuring out how to adjust itself to the fact that it can’t just dump all bile straight bile into my intestines. She called last week to see if the Questran was working and I explained what I was going through so I am having a CT scan with contrast the first of next week and will see her the day after. Everyone I spoke with has had the same problems with Questran that I had so if she gives it to you be prepared for horrible constipation. You might want to go to the website WEBMD and get the gallbladder diet plus it also has great suggestions as to preparing certain dishes. My heart goes out to you because I know hoe depressing this whole thing can be. Let me know what your go says about Questran 
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      Thanks for the great information.  My main problem is the nausea, thr diahorrea aftery meal each day is just accepted now.   I am not sure about the omeprazole she has given me as i am feeling worse now and unfortunately have what seems like flu.  Temp high, hacking cough, pain in back.  Hard to know whats what as i had pulmonary embolisms a few years ago and on warfarin so i am very careful with lung pain.  Saw gp locum yesterday, he said no crackling in chest, may just be a virus. Now  waiting to see how it goes.

      i certainly dont want constipation but am interested that the questran has helped you.

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    I have been taking probiotics and milk thistle everyday for the past 3 weeks. It makes a huge difference to me. I suggest giving it a try. I too had dumping and right side back and abdominal pain ever since i removed my gallbladder. I also occasionally go anxiety. The cause of everything I was feeling, I guess was the upset intestine chemistry. Imagine what the constant dumping does to the balance of good vs bad bacteria in the digestive system. Flooding the system with good bacteria by using probiotics really helped me
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      Probiotics - are they things like actimel or are they from holland and barrett.  I know about milk thistle.  I am very restricted about what i can take due to the warfarin i take for a p.e.  I am not sure if i can take these supplements but i would like to.  Warfarin is so restrictive, all the good things for digestion are restricted, like green veg, grapefruit, beetroot, broccoli and lots of others.
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