Ultrasound results back, mention of a gallstone, need further scan?

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Been having some issues lately with my stomach, had several tests and everything was clear, had an ultrasound last week. Headed to the doctors today and asked the lady at the desk if my results had arrived, they had and she gave me a quick summary and said theres mention of a gallstone and that i'd need another ultrascan in a few weeks but have to see doctor tomorrow so he can explain it all

Should i be worried? Could she just be saying gallstones to calm me down till tomorrow because im unsure why i would need another scan in a few weeks if they know the problem?

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    Pease don't worry a lot of people can go through their full life not even knowing they have them, if I remember it's just small balls mainly of cholesterol, you can have more than one. It only becomes a problem if you start getting pain due to them, and then follow up would be necessary. So please don't be alarmed. Xx

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    It is highly unlikely that the receptionist would tell you you had a gallstone if you did not.  This would be unprofessional behaviour if she did.  The most logical explanation for needing another scan is to check to see if you have passed the gallstone.  So, no you should not be worried.
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    What have your stomach issues been? Depending on how they present, the gallstone might just be a coincidence. Like Trisha said - there are a LOT of people who go through their lives with gallstones and never have an issue. When they start getting in the way of the bile getting out, that's when they become a problem. I wouldn't be worried at all. Even if that is your problem, it would warrant removal of the gallbladder which is one of the simplest procedures they do nowadays.

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      I've been experiencing Acid reflux, Indigestion, Chronic burping, occasional nausea and bloating.. Was put on PPI medication but hasn't helped with anything but the acidic taste. 

      Had a few months of bowel issues but seemed to have control that through dietry changes 

      Im not at all convinced the gallstone is causing any of these issues because they tend to show no symptoms rolleyes the lady did mention something about Gallstone and Pallet but i didn't hear her fully 


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      Half of that sounds like a gallstone problem to me - Burping, nausea and bloating are gallstone symptoms, but not so much acid reflux and indigestion. Granted people do have a TON of different symptoms that have to do with the gallbladder. Mine were nausea in the morning, loss of appetite, change in stool (color and consistency) and mild upper right quandrant discomfort, now radiating to my back. I have had a few bouts of sour stomach/heartburn that I couldn't relate to anything I ate. I do not have stones according to the ultrasounds I've had, but I do have an overactive gallbladder (ejection fraction of 98%). Maybe you need to ask for a HIDA scan - on top of the gallstone, your gallbladder may not be functioning properly. An endoscopy should also rule out gastritis/acid reflux. Have you also tried more than one PPI? Not all of them have the same effects on everyone - you might have to try a few different ones to help.

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      Currently waiting an Endoscopy appointment.. Was referred for one 8 weeks ago, still not heard anything sad 

      I'll ask my doctor tomorrow about trying a different PPI medication smile 

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    No, she wouldn't say it was a gallstone just to calm you down.  That would be malpractice.  Wait to see what the doctor advises.  Maybe it's small and they can treat it without removing the gallbladder.  Doctors love to send patients for scans. It's what they do.  Try not to worry.  Hope everything works out for you and you feel better soon.

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    Please don't worry about this. If gallstones have been spotted on a scan they will re-scan in a few weeks to seeif they/it has moved. My gastroenterologist said "If it's just gravel (?) we can remove via laparotomy but if actual stones we'll take out your gall bladder". Nothing to worry about!. Best of luck, you'll be fine x

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    I had the same results a month ago, they thought I had a gallstone.  Do you have fulless and almost a cramping feeling just under ribs on left side?  I've had no right side pain at all.

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