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nicola56900 nicola56900

Unbearable pain:(

Hi it's my first post I was wondering if anyone can advise me how to get a second opinion about an ongoing problem I've had since November. I'm in constant pain it's getting me really down thank you.

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  • derek76 nicola56900

    If you are in the UK get your doctor to refer you to a pain clinic.

    • derek76 nicola56900

      I was going to suggest a guided ultrasound steroid injection as that helped my wife's shoulder. Mind you even sitting outside I heard her yelp of pain as he did it. I hope that the second one deals with it.

    • nicola56900 derek76

      Thanks Derek me too if not I'm going to hopefully see a different doctor to ask if I can have a second opinion as I know myself it's definitely not wear and tear I think everyone knows their own body to a certain degree.

    • nicola56900 derek76

      No Derek it's my shoulder and arm been like this since November one doctor said frozen shoulder the other said the rotator cuff. Had an ultrasound and it came back wear and tear so had a steroid injection yesterday have another in 2 weeks my arm is totally locked can't go on much longer but I'm not getting anywhere sad

    • derek76 Peonygirl1

      The problem I find nowadays is that they rely on Scans and tests for diagnosis. If that does not show what they first thought of they are stumped as nowadays they are not trained to diagnose or examine as were older doctors. So many tests fail to give a definite diagnosis or even give false positives.  

    • Peonygirl1 nicola56900

      When trying to find answers from some drs they fluff over your issues because they do not know the answers or how to help you. Be very assertive, persistent with as many questions as you can think of for him to share what knowledge he has. Also ask him for what kind if specialist he recommends! Do not feel guilty, you are fighting for the quality of your life. Remember you are paying for their knowledge of the human body and if they do not know how to help you they are obliged to help you find help. They are just people with a learned skill and knowledge and they owe you every attention and professional courtesy!! If you feel it, it is!!! Keep on fighting Nicola it may be a long journey. Best wishes are with you. 🍀☘️🌹

  • Jaguar nicola56900

    What were you doing prior to this happening?. It may not be immediately prior but something happened to cause this. Apart from the pain clinic, which i recommend, you could also go to a good sports physiotherapist - sports because they have more experience of painful injuries.

    • nicola56900 Jaguar

      I've never had any trauma to my arm or anything that I can think. I just woke one morning and i was unable to move my arm properly when getting dressed. I just can't understand how they think I can live with my arm locked the way it is I've never cried as much this past few months sad I did consider a sports massage but was waiting for the scan results to come back

    • derek76 nicola56900

      The first time my wife had a shoulder problem she tried acupuncture and it helped.

      By coincidence she is having acupuncture at the moment from maxilla facial department at the local hospital for facial/jaw pain and numbness. 


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