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  • KaseyMay98 1

    Intense moment of dizziness, crossing of eyes, heavy breathing.

    I am a 19 year old working a 32hr/wk job with Walmart doing 2-11 shifts. I want to say that recently I have undergone allot of stress and not getting the sleep I wanted (up until 2am max, waking up at 9:30/ 10:30) and today I experienced the strangest feeling I have ever felt. Shortly after linch

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  • Les63 6

    DLA Indefinite to PIP?

    Hi, I am on the high Mobility and Care Rates of DLA, but what happens when I am changed to PIP? I have seen many people mention they are on PIP and it has been awarded for 3 years, and spoken to one person and she was granted PIP Award for 10 years. Does this mean the 'Indefinite' period of DLA

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  • ellie87469 1
  • carl61716 1

    Asbestos exposure

    I recently discovered that a house i spent aproximetly 20 hours in, on 10 different occasions was contaminated with asbestos. The floor was covered in asbestos dust(confimed asbestos dust) and I walked on in, without any protective measures taken. I was hoping someone could present some statistics

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  • supriya56850 1

    How to come off long term MST

    Hello I have been on 120mg MST (2x60mg) for a number of years. I take my pills just before I go to bed. Been trying to reduce my intake over the last few weeks but I get really bad shakes the next day etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • nour81 1

    Tomorrow I'll do colonoscopy

    Hi everyone, tomorrow I'll do colonoscopy and I'm so stress, nervous, anxious, and terrified. I'm afraid of the pain and so confused about the sedation and its effect. Anyone did recently colonoscopy??

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  • laura19709 1

    Tired,dizzy, weak hands

    Hello everyone, im 20,the last 4 months have been hell for me and i have no idea what is wrong,everything started from seeing something like a black veil,preassure on my head,not being able to feel my hands, constantly being tired,not being able to concentrate, feeling spacey,dizzy,sometimes even

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  • caitlin 10927 1
  • paul175 1

    Electronic prescription service (EPS) - good or bad for you?

    Our village pharmacy which is just 200 yards from the GP surgery, has invited me to sign up for the new NHS paperless electronic prescription service. As far as I can tell this might make life easier for the GP and pharmacist, but I don't see any significant benefit for patients like me.

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  • robert15527 1

    My heart not working well i think??

    Hi, Im having problem with Heart sometimes mt puls after i eat go up to 100-110 Sometimes my puls low under 80 I just dont understand im havin iregular heart bit I have go to 5 Different Cardiolog and they check my Heart with EKG and all of them said everything its with your heart but

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  • zoey24903 2
  • freddy 16816 2

    Post Concussion

    Hello so it's about to be exactly two weeks since last wednesday when i got hit on the right side of my head with a weight in the gym and i also had a little bump that came up once i had gotten hit on the top right side of it. I was taken to the er that weekend on saturday night because i felt dizzy,...

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  • Isaac123 1

    Brother doesn't eat

    Hey, so my brother is 13 and he barely eats anything. His typical daily consumption of food is a bowl of sugar cereal (cornpops, frosted flakes etc), 2 peices of toast or a bagel with the chemical filled kraft peanut butter (couldn't at least be peanut butter with no preservatives?) and a peice of

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  • victoria65305 1

    Coughing up blood for 3 years

    I'm 40 years old and I have been coughing up small amounts of blood for three years. It's at completely random times and never linked to anything in particular. It tends to be small amounts and maybe 3/4 times every 4/5 months. I have told the doctors many times but they never seem to be too

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  • B1ondie89 2


    Hey everyone, I am 27 years old, 5ft 5' and I currently weight 7stone 3 pound. 2.5 years ago after the birth of my first child my partner and I went to go for a I made it approx 10-20 metres and said mygosh I think I have a stitch! That pain persisted and got worse until at 5 k I just couldn'

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  • anne 44958 2

    Mobility problems

    I take medication for Atrial fibrillation, heart failure and Acute Arthritis in R Hip. Latter is inoperable I was told 3 years ago because the odds are 56/44% against my surviving the op. Only advice given was I might do better with a walker than usiing a stick. Unfortunately as time passes my

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  • thanks123 1
  • peter78029 1
  • teresa65890 2

    Dr and hospital don't know what's wrong

    Three weeks ago I was taken into hospital due to chest pain and hot flushes ecg clear so sent home since then I've had non stop pain in chest hot flushes shaking feeling light headed aches just about every where so I went to dr all she said was acid reflux anxiety and being over tired haven't

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  • Venellope 1

    Possibly colon cancer?? (Please help!)

    for the past few months, (up to a year maybe) I've experienced minor bleeding when I wipe after passing stool. It's never occurred to me that it was ever an issue, I always passed it off as anal fissures, at most, a minor hemorrhoid. But today, when I wiped I noticed a lot of blood on the toilet paper,...

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  • angela192 3

    petrol fumes

    I suppose this post should go to a medical expert, but here goes anyway. Yesterday while filling up with petrol, due to a faulty pump, his trousers got soaked in petrol.     We were travelling for approx 2 hours.  We got off with water and towels some of the petrol and drove with all 4 windows

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  • amy25998 2

    SWOLLEN TONGUE any advice???

    I have had a swollen tongue for 3 months, it started when I was 7 months pregnant, it's swollen with teeth indents on the sides, it is harder to talk as it rubs against teeth now and is making me miserable, because it doesn't block my airway and I'm able to eat it is apparently not a medical

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  • Florin 2

    Private hospital sharing information

    I recently sought help from a consultant in a private hospital for a health issue that was worrying me and my GP seemed unable to sort out. The consultant was actually very good, and with the help of an MRI Scan I now have a diagnosis and treatment plan. The health issue wasn't particularly personal,...

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  • kimberlyrd15 1

    Alcohol tremors

    So first I would like to point out I am not an alcoholic, I rarely drink, I just turned 21. So I have gone out a couple times since my birthday a few weeks ago, I'll have some drinks and I wouldn't say wasted but I wasn't just buzzed either. I can remember the whole night each time, but when I lay

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  • Saram78 1

    Can't get deep tonsil stone out

    Hi. I recently discovered a small white lump on my tonsils and found out it was a tonsil stone. I've been trying to do everything I possibly can to get them out. I got most of them but there is one really small one that is really deep. I'm having such a hard time Getting it out. I have tried

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  • g7doddy 2
  • jujufromthebein 2
  • jack89393 1

    Somewhat symmetric warts

    A few months ago something like a wart grew on my leg, and a few days later one symmetric to it grew. As the months progressed I noticed other spots and warts on me and they all had symmetric warts or spots next to them. What is it?

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  • Gemmarob 2
  • tacobell23 1

    Ear bump and worried about hearing

    Hi. So for the past few days, I have had a pretty big bump in my ear, and I'm not sure if it's an infection or a pimple, but it's really painful, and it's kind of making my hearing muffled. I decided to put acne cream on it, and kind of a lot. The cream is inside of my ear, and now my hearing is

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  • morgan31674 1

    Is my friend going to have a heart attack or stroke soon??

    My friend is obese, weight close to 400 lb age 50.. I have had 2 episodes with here where I should have drove her to the emergency room.. all the signs of a female heart , shoulder, jaw, ear pain , sweats and heartburn but she swore she was fine and just has sinus problems ??? Those two

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  • Lydia1960 2

    Medical records.

    Hi, does anyone know anything about accessing one's medical notes from Your local GP surgery. Don't have a passport or driving license so no photo ID. Any other form of ID I can use? Have had difficulties with communicating my care needs to my doctors as I felt I wasn't being Heard by them, as

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  • kaitlinb24 1


    I dont know if im on the right thread,anyways i take 0.25mg of xanex and 100mg of seroquel (quatipenine ) i lost then both my pills) Last night i took a seroquel i found random only 1 and went without xanex.I am very nervous cause now tonight ill have to go without both.I want to QUIT both of

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  • kass51665 1
  • addie98606 1

    Teen girl dealing with VERY BAD Cellulitis

    I've had cellulitus for a little over a month. Yes I went to the hospital, and got antibiotics for 4 days every 4 hours. My feet burn like hell, feeling pins and needles are stabbing me. And as of right now I can't walk. The left one is 10x worse and has bad ulcers on it that one is kinda dark. Any

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