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  • Anhaga 6

    Strong Bones Support Group

    A few of us have been discussing ways to make our bones stronger without resorting to bisphosphonates.  This seems like a good place to carry on the conversation.  

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  • jane23861 1
  • stella2 M

    Do you think e-cigarettes do more harm than good?

    The results of an online opinion poll we ran on this site in August, revealed that 59 per cent of respondents were opposed to e-cigarettes being classed and regulated in the same way as other nicotine-based products in the UK. Dr Sarah Jarvis recently weighed up the latest medical evidence about e-cigarettes...

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  • looloo37522 1

    have ovarian cycsts and not sure about having the op

    Hi i have been diagnosed with ovarion cysts in 2013 i have been in many treatments and even hormone replacements but nothing helped . been to yht gynae yesterday only to find out thet the cysts is  growing aobut 8cm now on the right ovary and 4cm plus multi cysts on left ovary. havin terrible abdominal...

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  • frustrated61 6
  • sarahannhill 2
  • kathleen65757 6

    List of foods to help with bones

    I will put up some and others please add to the list. 1. Bone broth full of vegetables including leafy greens 2. Avocados 3. Skin of cucumber  4. Jelly 5. Prunes 6. Yoghurt and cheese

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  • dawn82680 4


    I had an hysterectomy 10 yrs ago i was put on hrt and was on them untill jan this yr 2017. My problem is ive gone from size 12 to 18 and put 5st on i want to lose weight and my daughter suggested a diet club . Ive been told i wont lose my weight until i have finished with the menopause is this true...

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  • jelly12 1

    Face worm thing

    Hi, I have a wavy redish line on both sides of my face, kind of resembles a worm under the skin. It has been here for a couple months, but will eventually go away and come back again. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Thank you.

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  • jujufromthebein 2


    So I had my period 5/14/17 to 5/18/17 then I had sex 5/19/17 in about 2 days 5/21/17 I started spotting slightly and cramping a little bit. I've also experienced some diarrhea and sore breasts. I know that implantation bleeding is 9-12 days after you conceive . Is there any reason I could be bleeding...

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  • sarah21804 2

    Constant weird leg pain. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I would really appreciate some advice. Three weeks ago I flew long haul, and a few days later noticed a pain in my legs. Long story short, it hasn't stopped, although it comes and goes it still is here. It's better some days and some its unbearable. Better when I stand...

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  • SteV3 6

    The DWP & PIP Claim with Devastating Consequences!

    Firstly, I must point out that some content of this post has names removed for anonymity, however it is all true. I have heard of many stories like this one in the MSM, but when it happens on your own "doorstep" - it completely shocked me. A friend of ours is disabled, like myself, but I have yet to...

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  • paul175 1

    Electronic prescription service (EPS) - good or bad for you?

    Our village pharmacy which is just 200 yards from the GP surgery, has invited me to sign up for the new NHS paperless electronic prescription service. As far as I can tell this might make life easier for the GP and pharmacist, but I don't see any significant benefit for patients like me. Whenever...

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  • SteV3 6

    DLA Indefinite to PIP?

    Hi, I am on the high Mobility and Care Rates of DLA, but what happens when I am changed to PIP? I have seen many people mention they are on PIP and it has been awarded for 3 years, and spoken to one person and she was granted PIP Award for 10 years. Does this mean the 'Indefinite' period of DLA will...

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  • frustrated61 6

    Disabled, has this "disabled" your self worth?

    Hi, once again, I'm interested in those who are 'disabled' either by a disease or physically, if it's left you feeling a low of self-worth?  And, if so, have you found ways to distract those ideas?  If you feel comfortable enough, would you kindly share with us your experience that left you disabled?...

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  • vonsworld 1

    What happens after a drugs Half Life?

    I understand that the half life is the amount of time it takes for a drug's level to decrease to half in the plasma, but what happens next please? If a drug has a half life of 5 hours, then after that period it will reach half concentration in the plasma, so after 10 hours will it be gone altogether?...

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  • jamie6747 1
  • Susie33 2
  • Susie33 2

    using vibropower plates

    I ewas wondering has anyone been using vibration technology for health and excercise benefits I suffer with M.E and am not able to excercise i have been reading about this form of excercise but am concerned are there any side effects,which i cannot find any info on would be most grateful if any one out...

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  • KaseyMay98 1

    Intense moment of dizziness, crossing of eyes, heavy breathing.

    I am a 19 year old working a 32hr/wk job with Walmart doing 2-11 shifts. I want to say that recently I have undergone allot of stress and not getting the sleep I wanted (up until 2am max, waking up at 9:30/ 10:30) and today I experienced the strangest feeling I have ever felt. Shortly after linch break...

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  • ellie87469 1
  • carl61716 1

    Asbestos exposure

    I recently discovered that a house i spent aproximetly 20 hours in, on 10 different occasions was contaminated with asbestos. The floor was covered in asbestos dust(confimed asbestos dust) and I walked on in, without any protective measures taken. I was hoping someone could present some statistics on...

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  • supriya56850 1

    How to come off long term MST

    Hello I have been on 120mg MST (2x60mg) for a number of years. I take my pills just before I go to bed. Been trying to reduce my intake over the last few weeks but I get really bad shakes the next day etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • nour81 1

    Tomorrow I'll do colonoscopy

    Hi everyone, tomorrow I'll do colonoscopy and I'm so stress, nervous, anxious, and terrified. I'm afraid of the pain and so confused about the sedation and its effect. Anyone did recently colonoscopy??

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  • laura19709 1

    Tired,dizzy, weak hands

    Hello everyone, im 20,the last 4 months have been hell for me and i have no idea what is wrong,everything started from seeing something like a black veil,preassure on my head,not being able to feel my hands, constantly being tired,not being able to concentrate, feeling spacey,dizzy,sometimes even feeling...

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  • caitlin 10927 1
  • robert15527 1

    My heart not working well i think??

    Hi, Im having problem with Heart Palp... sometimes mt puls after i eat go up to 100-110 Sometimes my puls low under 80 I just dont understand im havin iregular heart bit I have go to 5 Different Cardiolog and they check my Heart with EKG and all of them said everything its with your heart but still...

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  • Keira8488 2
  • freddy 16816 2

    Post Concussion

    Hello so it's about to be exactly two weeks since last wednesday when i got hit on the right side of my head with a weight in the gym and i also had a little bump that came up once i had gotten hit on the top right side of it. I was taken to the er that weekend on saturday night because i felt dizzy,...

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  • Isaac123 1

    Brother doesn't eat

    Hey, so my brother is 13 and he barely eats anything. His typical daily consumption of food is a bowl of sugar cereal (cornpops, frosted flakes etc), 2 peices of toast or a bagel with the chemical filled kraft peanut butter (couldn't at least be peanut butter with no preservatives?) and a peice of meat...

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  • victoria65305 1

    Coughing up blood for 3 years

    I'm 40 years old and I have been coughing up small amounts of blood for three years. It's at completely random times and never linked to anything in particular. It tends to be small amounts and maybe 3/4 times every 4/5 months. I have told the doctors many times but they never seem to be too interested....

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  • B1ondie89 2


    Hey everyone, I am 27 years old, 5ft 5' and I currently weight 7stone 3 pound. 2.5 years ago after the birth of my first child my partner and I went to go for a run.... I made it approx 10-20 metres and said mygosh I think I have a stitch! That pain persisted and got worse until at 5 k I just couldn't...

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  • anne 44958 2

    Mobility problems

    I take medication for Atrial fibrillation, heart failure and Acute Arthritis in R Hip. Latter is inoperable I was told 3 years ago because the odds are 56/44% against my surviving the op. Only advice given was I might do better with a walker than usiing a stick. Unfortunately as time passes my Right...

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  • thanks123 1
  • peter78029 1
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