Uncomfortable, Heavy Feeling in Chest with Heart Palpitations- What is This?

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Hi, So I'll start off by saying I'm 280lbs and 5f8, female, 27years old. I've been big like this for over six years, weight gain brought on from Binge Eating Disorder. It's under control now, I'm starting to lose weight, anyway my issue now is my heart.

?About a year or two ago, I began noticing it felt hard to lie down. I'd be watching tv, laying down and my heart would feel heavy. No pain, just discomfort. Being the idiot that I was, I just put up with it until very recently, only now the problems gotten worse. These are my symptoms:

?1. Heart palpitations. My heart beats fast sometimes, but slow and steady other times. It beats harder too, if that makes sense, like I can see it beating. This goes on for a few minutes, ten max, and usually lying down, doing some kind of strenuous activity and stress/anxiety bring it on.


?2. It is so uncomfortable to lie down. I'll lie down on my back and then I feel this uncomfortable sensation in my heart (it's much worse than how I felt lying down a year ago. In fact, it's almost painful). So I move to my left side, same thing. Then the right, and again, same thing. It doesn't happen every time I lie down, but when it does it has all my attention.

?3. Sometimes I'll get this strange pain by my heart, but near my throat, and occasionally, but not as much, other parts of my heart.

?I went to the cardiologist, did an EKG and ultrasound and it was "fine", so what is this? I have to wear a moniter for a few weeks and then go back for a stress test. My biggest fear is years of leading an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle have ruined my heart and I'm so scared at any time I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke from this. I can't relax and I'm anxious all the time, which only makes the problem worse. I just don't feel like I used to, I feel different. I know somethings wrong, but I don't know what and because of that I don't know how serious this is.

?Things I should mention: My mom had a stroke early this year due to atrial fibrillation. From what I've read online, that is an "abnormal heart rhythm" and etc, is that what this could be? I don't know, I'm so scared.

?It's scared me so bad that I've started eating a heart healthy diet, and walking in order to be healthier. What other things can I do to ward off having a heart attack or to make these symptoms better?

One more thing. I don't know if this is related, my doctor thinks it's just a muscle, but I've been getting this pain in my boob/chest area that's made worse whenever I'm anxious. I have social anxiety, and ever since this year, a feeling of panic wherever I go. I had my first panic attack one month ago.

?Thank you for your time.

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    lily sorry to hear about you symptoms,

    i have the some symptoms like you i am also over weight and 30 year old male---i feel heaviness in my left side chest and i have lot of burps with it-----some time hot senstion in my chest i have some time palpitation of heart-------i have done 16 ecgs in which on is abnormal for the confirmation doc keep me on 24 hours holter ecg and alo have echo done 2 times-----my cardilogist say to me that i didnot need any medicine he sy some time my heart beat become slow but i am not alone every person will have like that-----i have panic attacks and feel scared when ever i think about travelling in plane and if some one hs heart attack or cancer my gp and cardiologist think i have the problem because of anxiety and acid reflux------i have endoscopy done 4 months ago didnot show any problem in that now i am taking propranolol 10 mg 3 times a day,lexapro 10 mg 1 tablet at night time for anxiety,and also one tablet 10 mg for my acid reflux------i am using medicine from one week no doubt i feel little bit better but not totaly still feel heaviness in my chest what i am trying now to relax my mind ------i have done alot of test till now blood work etc etc no thing shows any problem  well keep praying from God that one day we all will feel well--------your tests are clear don,t think alot just think one think if you have heart problem believe me you will have a heart attack till now but some time its cause by anxiety ,acid reflux ,gas etc etc==========heart attack dinot wait for any thing it will kill person in seconds i m fcing  panic attacks heart escape beat palpitation tightness in chest from last 4 years it sucks som time i cry when i am alone--------if its possible that i can buy heart from super market and replace it with mine i will do it but heart is not available in super markets--------sad but accept the reality we don,t have problem i am facing it from 4 years(((((((16 ecgs +  24 hour holter ecg + 2 echo + endoscopy+ colonscopy + stool tests 2 times + ulta sound  times + tyroid test + chest x ray 2 times + all body functions test 3 times included every thing cbc,liver function test ,cholestrol test,kidneys and many others )))no things wrong------just be brave and try to not think to much i know its hard i am still thinking some times but not like before that every time i think keep praying for u that every thing will become fine soon

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    First take in a slow deep breath...you have made very constructive lifestyle changes...good for you.

    Walking is a fabulous exercise for the heart. As you gain strength, go a bit faster, go a bit further.

    I have mitral valve prolapse diagnosed late seventies...take Inderal LA 160 mg daily and do great.

    When your heart races, it is called tachycardia.

    Atrial fibrillation is a quivering of the atria rather than a beating. It is as though the hesrt can not complete the beat.


    A holtzer monitor is great...it showed on graph paper what was difficult for me to put into understandable words.

    Perhaps you will request a cholesterol level.

    Wr have an anxiety discussion group...

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    I have been dealing with the same thing. Doc checked all heart possibilities and all is normal. Im 37 had a hysterectomy so im thinking my hormones are all out of wack. Prob menopause, in my case. I hope u get some answers. Honestly the only thing that has gotten me thru is my faith in God, praying, and eliminating anything that stresses me. Oh and those deep breathing exercises really help!
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    Lily, sorry to hear you're having such anxiety and panic attacks, it can't be easy for

    you, you are so young,  First thing I'm going to say to you is, you've made the right

    choice to start eating healthier and exercising.  Secondly, if you' ve already seen a

    doctor and they've determined your tests were normal, chances are you're not going to have a heart attack.  You are young, it can take decades for coronary artery disease to develop in the firstt place, and secondly unless you've gone through an early menopause the hormone estrogen protects women, that is why

    they lag behind men as faf as heart attacks are concerned.  I don't know how old

    your mum was when she had her stroke, but it's not common for people to have

    atrial fibrillation before 60 years of age, of course they can, but that's not the norm.

    Chances are, you won't have a heart attack, you are too young.  Hopefully, you 

    don't smoke or use cocaine, because they can cause heart attacks in younger people, but again, it's not common.  I didn't realize how old this post was, I hope

    you're continuing to eat healthy foods and exercise, and I hope your panic attacks have become less frequent.  Take care of yourself.

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    Hey lily my name is matt im 27 yrs old and im suffering from very similar feelings although not while laying down some times i get a pain on the top left part of. My chest... Its great you started eating heart healthy. But i do believe you should follow up with your primary care provider atleast every 3 months so you can atleast track your health.
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    I'm going through the same thing as well and I'm only 21! It's really scary I've had EKG, Echocardiogram, Stress Test, Chest X-ray, 24HR Heart Monitor, CT Scan, MRI etc. and everything has came back normal . It a good thing nothing is wrong but the chest pains won't subside sometimes and that's the part that's upsetting. I pray to God that you we will defeat this and come out stronger tab ever! Good luck Hun

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    HI, I have the same, cardiologist says paroxysmal AF, which is occasional AF and not dangerous, he said when it happens feel your pulse and you will notice it is really steady.  He also said lying on left hand side can cause uncomfortable symptoms as this is the side nearest to your heart.  Turn over to right and the feeling goes.  I have GERD and this is also connected to AF, mine always happens after food, I get a flip, flutter and sometimes a hot sensation which goes either straight away or after a couple of hours.  I am female and post menopausal so have noticed mine come in waves, I have several of the flops and flutters for a couple of days, then for several weeks nothing.  I do understand it is scary, I am scared now typing as my chest is banging and I feel heavy in the middle, but my pulse is steady so feel happy that nothing serious will happen.  
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    Hi Lily, do you have an update? When I read your post, it sounds exactly like me. I have not heard anyone describe it exactly like that before. I would love to know how you are doing now. I pray you are doing great!
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    I've been experience similar symptoms, the palpitations are WORSE in the morning when I rise and it's making my life unbearable. I have a very stressful career and I do smoke (trying to quit) haven't been to gym in 2 months as I'm just too busy. I also notice circulation is terrible in my arms and I get pins and needles just by leaning against something. And I'm sweating a lot lately, just behind my neck. Anyone else experience the same thing? oh and it's worse JUST before my period

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    For anyone suffering with something with palpitations and pain in their chest when lying down. Think about getting a D-dimer blood test.

    I was on and off a strong contraceptive pill for a hormone imbalance (pcos) and the last time I was on it, every time I lay down, It felt like something was leaning on my chest. I came off it immediately because I knew it was high risk. I started getting palpitations, sweating, pins and needles in my hands and crushing chest pains. This was at any time mainly at rest. I went to my GP who sent me to a&e I had an ecg by which time my heart had slowed down and they told me it was anxiety. It kept happening I went to a&e a couple of times more, both times my heart had slowed down and I was told anxiety. I got an echocardiogram which was normal. I started taking beta blockers for the palpitations and was told it was probably my hormones. I started to develop a grainy feeling in my right side of my chest which got worse every time I had a cough. I also felt it was often an effort to take a deep breath in. My symptoms became intolerant recently so I paid to get a CT scan after a chest X-ray came back clear. I had multiple pulmonary emboli. I had these symptoms for 10 years and it is probably down to the beta blockers I am still alive. If I could have had a D-dimer blood test originally I could have saved myself years of pain and anxiety. Even being treated now, I am in a lot of pain. I get breathless just walking 5 minutes.

    If you get the D-dimer don’t take aspirin before hand. Good luck!

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    Hi lily, 

    I'm just reading your thread in the quest to find up what's up with me. I experience pressure that makes me feel like have to sit up or i won't be able to breathe when i lay on my back or side. Not all the time but pretty much every time i lay back on our pillows to read our kids a bedtime story or laying on my left side watching tv at the end of the day. I've had all the tests too and best we can figure out is i might have costchondritis...which maybe makes sense as there is swelling in that area so it feels more weighty? Am also looking in to Tietze syndrome just now. But i feel like the sensation of not being able to breathe properly and all the fear that accompanies that makes thing heaps worse. It honestly feels like I am going to take my last breath although logic tells me I have felt like that many times before. Just sharing in case any of this info helps you.

    I'd love to know how you're going? Will keep you posted if I get any breakthrough info!

    All thebest

    Radhika smile

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    Hi guys,

    I know this is quite old but wanted to share my experience. I currently have similar symptoms which started 5 months ago with intense pressure in my heart area. So bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I was also burping huge crazy burps (and ive never been a burper!!) I had intense fatigue on and off and I started to be unable to lie on my side or stomach in bed as my breathing would become shallower and then my heart would do these huge beats and I would literally jump out of my skin in fear. I also get weird 'nervous tension' in my whole stomach / chest area which I think is muscle spasms. After chest x-ray / echo / ECG etc came back clear I was so, so depressed and anxious. Then I went for a massage and the masseuse told me that a vertebrae was out in my back in the thoracic spine area. So I went to a highly recommended Chiro and she said that sure enough, the areas of T6 / T7 in my spine were so restricted and I had limited movement. And as the nerves in this particular area of the spine relates directly to your chest and stomach area - it can mimic a heart attack and can also cause burping! It made sense because I had been breastfeeding my son for over 2 yrs and I was hunched over continuously throughout the day and I'd said to my husband that I felt like my body was just about to give up. (And it kinda did...) Please, if you are having these symptoms research thoracic spine issues and chest pressure. I had NO pain in my back, just referred pain to my chest. Since finding this out, I have been seeing my Chiro weekly, going to myotherapy sessions (these have been particularly good as the dry needling releases so much tension in my muscles) and I have also started clinical Pilates with a physio to strengthen my spine. I am slowly starting to heal and the pressure in my chest is much less than it was previously. It is an area that can take a long time to heal unfortunately. I hope this is of help to some of you x

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