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Unknown Bowel Issues……….Please Help!

Hello All,

I am reaching out in pure desperation in hopes someone can shed some light on whatever is going on with my body.

I am a 37 year old male who has had GI issues the majority of my life, however the past two years have been a nightmare battling constipation. I know the basics regarding what causes constipation, etc. This is more so an anatomy issue, at least I think.

Basically my body will not allow me to empty out. Gas feces, etc. collects in my lower abdomen- mainly my lower left side or under my bellybutton and just stays there.

No matter what I do I can not get my body to relax and pass things. I’ve taken Linzess, Trulance, Motegrity, etc. and nothing changes the problem, in fact it gives me the urge to go and the pain builds up.

This happens with gas too so I know it’s an issue with my body. It’s as if one part is turned off while the other is on. If I take laxatives before bed I’m able to wake up and go a bit. I have also taken Valium, Xanax, and Lorazepam and they too help a bit. I was also given prednisone for inflammation and that doesn’t help.

I have been to a ton of doctors and no one seems to get what is going on.

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    Research bone broth recipes and how this can help with your issues. I know many people who have had great success just drinking bone broth. Look into stores in your area that sell it already made and then you will understand how its made. Its not best taste but if it gives you relief I don't think you will care. Hope this helps!

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    Google "Massage for constipation relief" - there are several good articles out there. I can't post the link here but there are techniques you can use to self massage your abdomen

    I like the natural approach with ground flaxseed (1 tablespoon) over old fashioned oatmeal in the morning with about 4 or 5 prunes.

    Also, are you exercising? If you can walk briskly for an hour every day out in a park it will be good for your 'innards" and mental health, too.

    An apple a day is excellent, also,

    Drinking water is a huge issue. 6-8 glasses a day (8 oz glass) sip slowly as the day goes on.

    Something here should work. Have you had a colonosopy, been to a gastroenterologist, etc?

    My Chinese Medicine doctor gives me peach kernals which I take when I'm constipated - very gentle.

    Hope you feel better!

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      As you can see, I am a somewhat fit person, and exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

      This sometimes works against me because when Dr. seen me, they think I appear healthy and there is nothing wrong with me it is all mental.

      I do notice though on the days I do exercise, mainly cardio, I tend to feel better. I am a teacher, and during the school year my days are more scheduled, I wake up at 5 AM and exercise before work, I noticed when I do that, my body is more on track, almost like the “kinks “get worked out during the work out LOL, and when I am ready to shower and prepare for work, my body is up and running.

      I do notice that diet Please a small role in how I feel. But what I think it is, it is the last please a small role in how I feel. But what I think it is, is the less food in my system and the less my body has to process, the less issues I have.

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    thank you for this. i am going to have to look into professional massages. i have had several colonoscopies, ct. scans....

    eating and social habits do affect the condition, in either a positive or negative way. AN HOUR run in the morning does help to get things moving but the problem is always there.

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    I had similar symptoms which turned out to be distal colitis. Have you seen a Consultant?

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      distal colitis? I will definitely have to look into that. there have been a few doctors that thought I either had colitis or Crohn’s. I personally think colitis could be a possibility, even if it’s not a traditional form. I wanted to try some of the medications for colitis, but they gave me prednisone instead.

      I also went to a motility specialist a month ago, he did some tests, but was more focused on the actual opening of my anus (sorry to be graphic) than the internal aspect.

      I did have a colonoscopy last summer, and it did reveal diverticuli pockets and some weakening muscles in the intestines I believe or bowel. The doctor joked and told me I have "an old lady's colon."

      I also went to a motility specialist a month ago, he did some tests, but was more focused on the actual opening of my anus than the internal aspect. He gave me nitroglycerin cream to use before trying to go to the bathroom, he said it will open things up. He told me it was so strong I would get dizzy, but I didn’t feel a thing and used almost a whole jar already.

      I am a teacher and try to Handle these problems during summer vacation or during my other days off. What ends up happening is I consume my time with so many doctors, and get nowhere, that I end up being so frustrated I give up for a while.

      Today I am going to a medical marijuana doctor. People have been telling me to do this for years, I do not do any kind of street drugs nor have I ever enjoyed marijuana whatsoever! I have obviously tried it as many people have, and have friends and family that do it on a daily basis, but I actually quite despise it, however I was told the medical marijuana is different, we will see.

      sorry for the long response, but I truly appreciate the information. I am going to google distal colitis right now!

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    i have been in your situation for years and spent a lot of money going from one consultant to another. one of them referred me to a dietitian who put me on the LOW FODMAP diet. i have UC but never suffer from diarrhea . i am on mezalazine for UC but after 2 weeksof following this diet, the bloating, gas and constipation stopped. Good luck.

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      Thank you so much, I do see how that probably would work, as I know depending on what I eat the bloating and gas lessons or gets worse. However, I think whatever is obstructing my bowls from emptying Out of my system, is what truly causes the gas and bloating etc.

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    Do you have one of those "potty foot stools" or whatever they call them?

    We have one as I have UC and my husband has Crohn's. (Aren't we a matched pair!!)

    You just place it in front of the toilet and prop your feet up there when you feel the need to "go."I used to work with some ethnic women and they would climb on top of the toilet and perch up there when they were having a BM. Supposed to be the most natural way to do it.

    Be sure never try to force things down there - it can make you faint or worse.

    Look up valsalva manuver.

    While regular massages are great for relaxation I was referring to a self massage where you place your hands on your abdomen and slowly massage the area in a clockwise pattern.

    Good luck!

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